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Expat Input Required


how are you?

I am Naveen Living  in New Delhi

I am working on a research of expat living in India

I would request you for your help in the same regard

Hope you would help

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You can meet some locals if you wish. But it would be your choice and criteria to choose whom to be friend with.

I am Naveen live and works as a software engineer in New delhi. If you wish you can be my friend. I would also suggest before getting in touch with me have a bit conversation to find out if I am right person for you friendship or not.


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Hey Disha,

you can suggest some good place if you know. I think central Delhi would be a good choice near CP.

hope we get more people to meet by Saturday.

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Weekend Meet Up Buddy's

Hey Friends,

I guess we should start a group and schedule a meeting where we all can meet and get to know about each other. We can help expat to find there queries and requirement over all these meeting. We can meet for a coffee & drink. May be sometime this meeting can be for a dinner. I hope this would be good Idea to know more about people over here and will take us to a new world of friends.

I guess every weekend either Saturday or Sunday would be a good Idea to meet. Your suggestion would be appreciated.

So come on buddy's start suggesting place's and time for coming Saturday.


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Anyone Going Varanasi

Hey Friends,

I am going Varanasi on 27th feb and would like to know if anyone else going and can join me on my trip it would be very nice of you people.


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Hey Camelli,

You can check where you may get people from France to offer you stay with them.

Have a pleasent stay in India.

Naveen Verma

Hello Lanenita,

Don't worry for anything when you are coming to India, Because Indian People are very Jolly & Friendly by nature and language is not a problem at all over may find some Indian Speaking Spanish, French and other Language then Hindi. Even Indian People are very Good in English so even if you don't find Spanish Speaker, you will get an English Speaker. So Don't worry , Come to India and Enjoy your Stay.

Feel Free to contact for any Help.

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Hey its good i think..

Can please tell me the company from where you got as i have an exp. of 3+ yrs in Software development. nd if that company still looking for more Software Engineer or that i can apply...

Please send me the link of that where i need to apply.


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Looking for some Russian Friends in New Delhi

Hi Friends,

I am looking for some Russian friends in New Delhi. I am not Russian but i had some Russian friends some day ago before the go back to Russia.

They are really good in Nature, Friendly and i really enjoyed 6 months with them. I hope i will find again friends like them from Russia. Hope to meet new Friends soon.

I am working as a Software Engineer here in New Delhi.

Contact me at naveenbnars11[at]