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I started this blog to share thoughts, experiences and knowledge with English teachers from around the world. The blog is mainly directed towards English Teachers in Indonesia but I'm sure English Teachers from around the world are bound to find one or two of the articles interesting.
Pak .Guru posted on the thread Reason to love monday, anyone? on the Indonesia forum

I used to like Mondays because I could watch everybody else dragging themselves to work where as I managed to negotiate a contract with only three days a week work. Now I have a client on Monday mornings as well so am part of the pack :(

I hate Mondays! :lol:

naa seriously. It's all about attitude and routine. If you don't sleep too late on the weekend. Enjoy the mornings and enjoy what you do, Mondays can be great.

Pak .Guru posted on the thread A new blog for English teachers in Indonesia on the Jakarta forum

All the more business for English courses I guess. Whether they scrap it from the national curriculum or not it still doesn't change the importance of learning English.

It is sad to see they are giving up on it; but not too surprising considering the progress national primary schools have been making in teaching English over the years (which is very little progress at all).

There was talk of replacing English with some subject called 'Attitude' or the like. My colleagues and I feel 'attitude' should be integrated into every subject anyway.

It would definitely be a loss for the poorer class whose only chance of learning English is in school; but to make English acquisition effective in poorer areas serious professional development and salary assistance needs to be given to the teachers anyway (perhaps that's why they are talking about scraping it?).

An interesting topic though. Considering the situation above do you guys think they are right to give up on English?

Personally I think if things are going to keep going as they are, with teachers teaching a language they can't speak themselves and students learning about a language instead of actually acquiring it. Perhaps it's all for the best?

Keep the conversation rolling anyway :)

Pak .Guru posted on the thread Do you go to gym? on the Jakarta forum

1. Which gym & location -->

An 80s style gym close to my place.

2. Frequency & timing -->

Once a week for Power Training + LA Threshold (Mike Mentzer style) and a lot of basic movement during the week.

3. Do you engage in classes or self-training?

I was a Personal Trainer in Australia and am training a couple of Americans each week just for fun. They are jumping up weights like monkeys on speed :P.

Pak .Guru posted on the thread Teacher? on the Indonesia forum

Hi BritBoy,

I blog about teaching in Indonesia. You can check it out at:
Good luck! ^_^

-Pak. Guru

Pak .Guru posted on the thread Travel to Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

I know a very safe hotel. Where you can get your own room for 180,000 a night. Air Conditioning and a short walk from transportation to Lebak Bulus which can get you into the city. The name is 'Syahida Inn' and it's on the UIN campus. Has a nice gym as well which is free for guests to use. Probably a bit far out for you though.

Best of luck!

Pak .Guru created a new thread on the Jakarta forum

A new blog for English teachers in Indonesia

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to introduce any English teachers here to my new blog.

It's Change Lives Together!

It's a resource for EFL teaching methods, techniques and issues relating to Indonesian Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any requests for new articles or write ups then just send me an email (my email is on my blog banner).

Enjoy your time in Indonesia anyway and never stop shining and sharing, it's the greatest adventure of them all! :)

Kindest Regards,