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Never fixed the exact umber of rakats for the tarawih salah,we are convinced the sunnah is twenty rakats because it was introduced by hadrat Umar(r.a) and RasuAllah (s.w.s)had commanded us to follow the khulafa-e-rashedeen. Considering this fact and taking Hazrath Umar's advice to the companions of the Prophet, some schools of thought advocate that 20 is the normal number of rakats of Taraweeh.
but the Prophet's own practice was not to exceed 11 or 13 rakats including Witr, on any night after he had finished the obligatory prayer of Isha.
It is different due to mazhab, as i know, in hanafi mazhab(like in KSA), it is 20.Here in my country the imam pray only 11 rakats including Witr, we follow Maliki mazhab.Allah knows better.:)

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Sandman6 escribió:

So, let me ask the bigots out there - why is a muslim man allowed to marry a non-muslim and not a woman?

Islam says that a muslim man is allowed to marry only devout christian or jewish women, as they're among the people of the book and they worship the same God as us. a muslim woman, however, cannot marry a non muslim man because when it comes to raising the children as muslims, shes going to need the support of her husband, and its not always likely that hes going to give it to her. a muslim woman can't raise the children all by herself and teach them her religion on her own. the children are going to look up to their father, and will obey and listen to him afterall. the non muslim husband may also do things which tend to go against our religion, and the children, even the wife, could be influenced by that. raising children as muslims is an important task, one that is to be taken very seriously. the non muslim husband may also tell his wife to do things which could go against her religion, and we're taught in islam that the wife should always obey her husband. such marriages could put her in difficult situations..

islam always tries to make life as easy as possible for muslims and avoids things that can bring any kind of harm to us, physically or spiritually. it recognizes all the problems that are bound to occur if marriages between non muslim men and muslim women take place, so its forbidden it completely. when marrying only a muslim man, the muslim woman can be guaranteed that she'll be safe to practice her religion with no problems whatsoever, for she has the support of her husband when raising her children, and she won't worry about the possibility of having to compromise her beliefs. she wouldn't have any trouble practicing her own religion in her own room amongst her own family. thats why islam encourages muslim women to only marry muslim men..

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Emman Lopez escribió:

well thats just the start, at married couple they should'nt mate. if they want to sleep they must sleep alone or separate to each other in order to ignore mating. alhamdullilah

That is just at day of Ramadan, but at night(from Maghreeb till Fajer) they can enjoy everything :)

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thank you hannah, I hope i can go there, I  hesitate a lot, I am worried to regret my work here. To leave your own country and work is not that a easy decision. Have a nice holiday in Morocco.

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thank you hannah for  the reply, really  it sounds too nice !! I heard that about UK but i wanted to be sure about it .Many different people live there peacefully .Great !