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AmiraAlmani posted on the thread European Community on the Riyadh forum

realy funny in the toppic is written european community
ut there are people all around the world inside :-)

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Ladies!! on the Riyadh forum

i cant go out :(
the university is not finish the iqama
i still only have the entracevisa .......

so it will be boring in summer?

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread new to expat blog on the Riyadh forum

yhere is a good swimmingpool in hospital ubayid(malaz)
there are some more hospitals they have swimming for women ...
i dont here about some gym who have a swimmingpool
I only know abaout the gym curves there are a lot in riyadh....

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread fiancee visa for saudi on the Saudi Arabia forum

you can come as student ? but your age schould be under 25....
ask in the saudi embessy in your country

i come as student to saud  arab  but my husband didn't become a visa ....
it is realy difficult here without a mahram... at the time my husband is with me in saudi arab... that we find a flat and perhaps he find a place for work that he become also a visa ......not only a visa for 1 month....

in  europe it is possible to make ummrah without a mahram but i think it is not good...  there a mosque the go as group....

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Ladies!! on the Riyadh forum

some one in hayat mall or sahara mall today ????

i will be there in 1 or 2 hours...

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Ladies!! on the Riyadh forum


i live in a disdrict 40min or somtimes more from the center :-(
but i like it here...

so i stay the most time in the house ...

i like the nature not the malls :-)

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Kingdom City pictures on the Riyadh forum

KINGDOM CITY Tel: 275 0275 (Chuck Collins) (Next to Kingdom Hospital, Airport Road)
Duplex 2 bed 110 000SAR
2 bed 120 000SAR
3bed standard villa 170000SAR

what are this for prices ????
per year  :O
or you buy the villa ???????????

outside a compound you find a big flat for 25 000 per year...

i found only this picture but i dont know the compound... … fCQ&zoom=1

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Kingdom City pictures on the Riyadh forum

what for picture are you serching ???
you serching of pictures of the compount ...
have you neighbours ? ask them for some pictures...

or try it with the online page of the compount when there is one...

i have a yashica it is cheap (300|Sr) and it is enough for me...
you can find cheap cameras in Batha disdrict (there is a mall nemed MANILA-MALL)
you will find there old one used one new one....

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread MALAYSIAN FOOD - Where is it at, yo? on the Riyadh forum

our you go  to play at skittles (bowl)
and than you go eat :p

i eat there near Manila Mall
yeast dumpling  inside whith meat... it taste sweet that surpriced me.....

you can find also there offers for classes in martial arts...

when you are finish whith eating you can make sports to burning calorie

AmiraAlmani created a new thread on the Riyadh forum

Iqama for husband ???????

I'm a female student here in riadh
and i will that my husband  lives with me because
i non't become a room in the university ... and so i need a flat
my husband is still here but he has to go in 1 or 2 month out of saudia :-(

i start in september and the child will be arive in november

Please can some one help with iqama?????

AmiraAlmani posted on the thread Why many cats in the street? on the Riyadh forum

It gives too much cats in saudi arabia ...
the cats to proliferate inadvertent

and you know the driving stil of saudis...

And there are a lot of  medical condition
and other thinks... :-(  (FIP, Cats-Flu ...)

the peopel here buy a cat whe they is small .. than the cat becomes big and the peopel let them to the street

there is no one who stop the population ......

and it is normal that cat who are ill will die :-(
this is the nature only the strongest animail will be longer on live,...

i Like saudi arabia because noone hates that you are  covered
noone  rail against you while you are muslim

I can live here better than in europe
but i misse the forest and the greenplaces
and the animal of the small village i lived
i misse the taste of an fresch europeen apple
and the clear fresch water of the  rivulet and the taste of the water (spring) ...

but i dont like it to see people who becomes without any difficulty
a visa and they are no muslims
there are a lot of muslims they want to work in saudia and they have no chance ... WHY
I see uncovered women in the center of riadh :-(
i'm deeply disappointed

I want that my husband come to saudi arabia too
but i have a student visa .. Why the saudi coverment gives visa for female students whithout a visa for the husbad

the university will give me a room inside but whe i'm pregnant i have to leave ... what is that for a confusion ??????????

AmiraAlmani created a new thread on the Riyadh forum

thyroid hypofunction, Hashimoto .... Medical care search

Can some one help

I have a problem with my thyriod (Hashimoto and hypofunction )
and i need proffesional care,
Found a doctor in a privat hospital and i'm not lucky whit it...

I have at next week a card so i can go to the normal hospital

Do some one know a specialist in RIYADH ???????????????????