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Im Interested . Say for me the place you organised  club. I 'd like join.
My phone: 0973831872

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im anna  a local in ha noi welcome you to ha noi.
  we can friend if you dont mind . i love english chanting share some culture  traveling......
my email:annadoan8888[at]

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i  know a international shool kindergarden for baby in  20 hang chuoi in hoan kiem. kindergadern  P & p school

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yeah. im phuong  im local in  hnoi. we can be friend if you dont  mind  now  im astaff at newway real estate provinf house office and room aprtment for rent   . so  if you have need i can help you!

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WElcome you to Hanoi. Ok We can be friend.if you dont mind
im Phuong  you also call me as Anna. Im  a local in HA nOi  Sothat i can become  a free giude  for you on sun day. 
My phone:01657256083

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My name  Phuong  .  A taff  at newway real estate. I love English.  I'd like making  friend with you and  other  foreigners  ?  Are you ok?  My  phone :01657256083. E mail:info[at]
i  hope we can Usually meeting , chatting, drinking  some things  and together   visit some  nice  place in Ha Noi.
   Please reply for me if you dont mind
Thank you!

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hello. I want have some friends foreigners to exchange language

Hello,  all

My name Phuong . I Love English. Im A local in Hanoi. Now Im have been  Admin Offices At Newwayreal estate.  I'd  Like some friends to exchange languages about everythings. I will A volunteer guide  for  you when  i free time . I  hope  we  can meeting and chatting,  together  drink some  things   , visit  some nice place . I live  Near Hoan kiem lake.

Welcome everybody