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desertlifestyle posted on the thread hi everyone, well wishes for all on the Khobar forum

lol brother its khobar and having  walk around city is just a day dreaming . better to have multipal and go to bahrian at weekend to kill this loneliness... inbox ur details

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Thing to do In khobar on the Khobar forum

infect i spend 6 years in Riyadh and now since 3 years im living in khobar ... with many other  drawbacks .. there is nothing to do in KHOBAR except going Bahrain ... or ARMCO AREA FOR MOVIE .. if u have any friend living inside the camp.... khobar cornice is one of the pathetic place starting from dammam to half moon beach... always crowded ... dirty and  lots of noise with smelly sea as western expats its better for u guys to make some social circle with ppl who r living in compounds , there are usually hings are available for ... whole family like bowling , swimming, squish courts etc.......

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Things to do in Khobar at weekends?? on the Khobar forum

we are a family ( couple) and would like have meeting with u guys just plan a meeting and we all can meet some where in mall or at any one,s home. i can offer my place for this.

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Dana / Nada Compound on the Khobar forum

@Abdullah as this unfortunate for Saudis to get a place in compound .. but ..... i thing as u describe ur both r educated .... cultured ...and liberal .... n also working in armco ..... ... at least  you can create  this sort of environment in your private place ( as Saudis got big villas) by creating a social circle with western and other .... just a suggestion.... hope u can get a place in compound....thanks

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Housemaid on the Khobar forum

its hard to have house keeper in this region.. im also finding one full time or part time... specially on weekends .... if get to know some one let me know we r also looking  and .. will give u contact if we find any.

desertlifestyle created a new thread on the Riyadh forum

safest country

let me tell u one thing Saudi Arabia is most safest country on earth for child and ladies............... even in night 2 am u can visit alone any where and no buddy will think to stare you.................. the best country for ladies and kids is only KSA all around the glob.

desertlifestyle posted on the thread For all the ladies in Al-Khobar/INFO. Needed PLEASE !! on the Khobar forum

Every thing depends on your budget..................... if u have enough money to afford living in nice compound every thing u can feel like west and u can have bars and parties in some nice compounds...... and u can also have spa and gyms in these compounds,,, rest of the thins in city like malls restaurants... just matter of time killing .. nothing good in khobar... Also good schools are highly expensive.. until your company is not paying ur kids fee....but only n only one advantage of khobar is this that u can have  exit reentry visa ..then u can visit BAHRAIN at weekends for parties and night life. .its just and 20 mints drive .. excluding immigration time at causeway...only u have nice time when ur living in nice compound and u have nice social circle.for any further details u can in box

desertlifestyle created a new thread on the Dammam forum

new year gettogather

how many couples  are ready for a small in house party in last week of dec ... all of the sweet couples can inbox if they don't to post in forum.............................also couple can join a FB page party couples khobar.

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Hockey inside the Oasis Compound on the Khobar forum

After this post i called the compound and they said non residents are not allowed. then i start searching contacts inside the compound and found one relative living there last weekend i was there in his home an di played bowling as well ...but it is damn sure that non resident even cant go inside the compound with out any referance from management and residents.

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Learning Arabic in Dammam (Help Needed) on the Dammam forum

OMG ... Again peak of frustration and  desperate ppl .. once a lady just post some thing all of u don't waste a single moment to reply her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and there and many posts by male member are reply less on this forum....

desertlifestyle posted on the thread New world international school khobar on the Khobar forum

As compare to ASIA and GULF schools new world is totally different.... highly . standardize building . child and parents care, hygiene , activities teaching standards and educations system... its is bit expensive than both others, and also academic course  is  Cambridge  affiliated.  kids have to be sharp in English and studies.while gulf and asia are .. just ..... sucks.. any ways choice is yours and it dependents what style  u like and what u can afford.

desertlifestyle posted on the thread Learning Arabic in Dammam (Help Needed) on the Dammam forum

hahahahahah ,,, how frustrated this forum is ,, when a lady post any think how many reply are showered just in a day ...while if some male.................................... lolol .........................peak of frustration...