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Halloween party?

is there any Halloween party in khobar dammam? ... please let me know if there is any plan for this event ... if we can have few couples we can arrange ..........kindly inbox if any couple is interested..........

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Al hassa is  small town , with one shopping mall almost 100 km from KHobar, also near UAE border , if u like travelling and ur company can provide u  MUlti re-entry u can visit Dubai at week ends ..any ways nit was just our of context ... there must be some fitness center ... at the end salary ---matters,,,,, good salary is and expenditures vary person to person .... for some one 5000 is enough and for some ppl they cant save from 15000 sar... but  for living a nice life( not lavish ) with bit neat and clean  accommodation  10000 sar is good salary.

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let me check the milk with some of key pharmacy chain like AL NAHDI. let u know in couple of days

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Simply visit SUNSET Beach every Friday is expat day .. Pay 250 SAR and enjoy all the water sports jet ski , blue lagoon and etc ..... no need to member and no need to search any other beach like Half moon this is only  small green  area beside the sea...  and usually filled with Saudi Pakistani and Indian single male. and few of covered females come with dozens of kids....

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iam the member and no  need of 30k just 250 SAR/ p  every Friday for expats .. if u need  more details inbox plz.

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Ayesha as i mentioned in my previous  post parties are happening  all over the ksa specially in Riyadh and dammam .. and as i mention that even in Europe u cant get in parties with out social circle .. so just u need to make some contacts who do party around ...... but it sounds u r just interested in information  about parties ,,,,, if u really wana do party  .. inbox or join ......... the page at face book party couplexx khobar ... u can have party every weekend.

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sound like FIFI  and all other families and ladies are out from this group ... we attended both the previous  meetings this time sound like no families so its hard to brings family with us ,,, am i right?

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yes these are open to every one but need to do reservation and also we know some real bars in compound if u like to go.

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really bore and strict until women don't strive to make social circle and if they are living in  a compound then its fun living over there. and what u,ll do with pics
its all desert..............

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really ru living in Islamabad ?... furnished and nice aprtment in islambad is not less than 50000 rs .. which is 500$.......... 15000 and 30000 is story of past almost 15 years back.  ...............

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bella i told u there are some local visa and trave agents they can do it quickly , they just need some money just check around and u,ll find some one.