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libya2011 posted on the thread Libyan visa if not used on the Libya forum

It should be fine, as far as I know if someone didn't use his/her visa it is totally acceptable, they just might just ask you the next time when you apply why you didn't use it! ...

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No chains here, most of it small family owned shops. Don't forget trade was banned under Gaddafi rule in the 70's and 80's and all private business was ruined and the government got control on all the market, it was till 90's to allow private shops and bushiness to work again however most of the capital of the top businesses was lost by then and the cycle of the market has to take some time before we see something like chains again in Libya.

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I would advise you to bring them after a couple of months, this will give you the flexibility to move around and to prepare for what they might need (schooling, housing...etc).

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Well lets see number wise, in 2012 414 murders were recorded in New York which is a (record low), now in Libya giving ALL THE TROUBLES only ~500 murders were recorded however it is getting better every day. So when you look at numbers you see the real deal. However US education is far better than Libya, but I hope you got my point on the security issue which every one keep talking about like e.g.Chavez's Venezuela has ~13,000 homicides a year in a country with a population of 29 millions, if this will apply to Libya we would get ~3000, and yet no one is keep talking about it all the time when they mention that country....

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prices are pretty good, I mean similar to what you will find in Dubai for more than 10-15% difference. No tax no customs in Libya..

You definitely can get a job here, at least as an English instructor. Check this website here they have some jobs posted:

So if you can get that the work place can help you to get stuff done and also you will not need to use your savings.

Now I don't what are going to do in Libya exactly but any info you provide will be helpful to help you.

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I have been using this service for a quite a while now buying stuff to my family online, their service is very good never lost a package or had any problem so far with them. I shipped different stuff from clothes, laptops, documents..etc.
Their prices now is like 20 LD for the first half kg then 10 LD per each extra half kg. I highly recommend this service and guess what it is cheaper for me to buy some stuff from the us and ship it to Libya rather than buying them here in Canada due to taxes and higher prices here.

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M&S in Tripoli doesn't sell any food items, however since you care about such organic stuff there are other ways to get them. But this will not probably the kind of food you are used to.
I am not a fan of food globalization, and I don't like the idea of people trying to have the same diet every where, I advocate for eating local all the time.
I don't expect you to find organic cans or cereals in Libya but you can ask for local food that is very healthy but different, after all it is a type of Mediterranean diet. 
In shot I will say try to get olives and olive oil from farmers make sure that their olive trees are not treated with any chemicals mostly they don't (mostly they are wild they don't even irrigate them or anything) but good to ask. You can get nice fish that is fresh from the sea for a good price from the fish market. Also you can get a variety of good dates from different parts of the country.
in addition to seasonal stuff like figs, oranges and almonds, apricots..etc, you can always ask friends to get into local farmers and buy stuff from them directly you can even get raw milk if you like! which I can't get here in Canada.

In short my point every country has it's diet... you can exchange the cereals with dates and "Bsisa" for breakfast, and fish couscous instead of pasta for dinner after all it is up to you... :)...

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I guess you know that Libyans don't need a Visa to go to Turkey, but I don't know about Pakistani or residents of Libya, your best shot will be calling them directly here is a copy and paste from their website:

Shara Zaviya Dahmani
P.O.Box: 947

+218 21 340 11 40 / 41 / 43 / 44

Konsolosluk Şubesi
Telefon: +218 21 360 15 60
Telefon/Faks: +218 21 360 15 61

as Paulo said avoid middle men, however for the pricing it is pretty much the same for every one there are no prices for locals and others for foreigners however some places are usually rented by foreigners which tend to have higher prices where the locals prefer not to rent as they see that they can save the money to buy their own property on the long term...

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we had a problem some time ago, now it is fine and the service is back to normal (and even better with the new Bengali hard workers who seem to do very good), the problem was in the dumpster access as the locals around the dumpster blocked dumping garbage in the dumpster for a while, but the problem was solved many weeks ago.

well I will simply say there are a lot of expats who came back here you can ask them if you know any as they will give you an outsider idea as I am Libyan, for my part I think you can come here and you won't find a problem, after the elections in June the stuff should be much stable as no one will complain about any government any more!!
Maybe the only thing to not do in Libya now is not to go late in night outside in far places like after 10 p.m. however city center and around is very busy all the night and it is just fine ;).

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the cost of living really depends on your lifestyle, the major cost you will pay for is the rent and ranges between ~500 USD for below the average flat or in a far place, to something about ~3500 and up for a nice house in a nice place.
For the law and order the police have small presence now in tripoli but it is safe in general you may just not go out very late in night in far places for now, it could be fine but just in case.

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got you some answers:

are foreign investors welcome in Libya?
yes they are, however it depends what are you doing.

Is it complicated to register a company in Libya? What is the procedure?
now pretty much unclear, everything can change as the new government go on every aspect in the state.

What is the corporate tax rate in Libya?
I don't know.

Is it easy to recruit?
if you have good connections to help you.

Any advice you would share with us?
be patient, stuff can be done but not as fast as you expect.