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Its not as straight forward as in the United States. You will have to hire an attorney there to make sure you have all of your paper work in order.  There are several horror stories from people out there who never looked into getting the proper paper work together.  You will need to make sure that the title or deed is the original and is current and up to date. The taxes can accumulate on a property if they were not paid and this is the same in the United States.  Best bet would be to check with a current expat that just purchased one in the last year.  Things to consider would be concrete as opposed to adobe.  The banks will no longer lend money to a person seeking a house made out of adobe or clay.  The house needs to be supported by concrete in order to take a loan out against it or for it.  Keep this in mind when you are thinking about earthquakes.

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Starting a business in Nicaragua

There are several opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a living in Nicaragua. The market is pretty wide open in the sense that there are not 20 pizza places that deliver, not 12 Starbucks per town. The opportunity to run a small or large successful business there is a real possibility. I just got back from a trip to León and I looked at all kinds of possibilities there. Hotel,restaurant, and hostels are very popular there. You can slide into a small business like this there with non real problem. You must select the area In which you plan on doing business. The street selection is very important. Hire a local to explain the importance of street location. If you are even thinking about it and want to know more about local laws or where to learn Spanish check out my blog or shoot me message.

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Couple things you can do with regards to Nicaragua.

Have you and your wife traveled to there recently?  You can bet houses in the cities such as León are pretty expensive.  Cheap relative to the states but still expensive none the less. I just got back last week and I looked at about 25 houses for sale there. Cheapest I saw was about $110,000 and most expensive was $550,000. A house on the beach outside León Is about $125,000 and up. That's right on the beach though. Keep in mind they have had a tsunami in the past as well. Cerro Negro Volcano is quit active as well. They have their share in earthquakes as well. Google the one in 1972. Look at the area view from the space camera NASA owns. If you are looking to retire or do business in Nica check out my blog. Email me if you have anymore questions. Don't let mother nature scare you off.
You can do business in that part of the world to help supplement your retirement income. Money in Nicaragua goes a long way so a small business on the side means that you would use less of your dollars when you retire!
You can rent surf boards on the beach or open a hostel. You could also start your own pizza delivery service if you have experience in that field. Never assume you can distribute your product with the current road systems and traffic. It's not the same as in the states. Roads really are not up to par there. It's getting better and has come a long way but still you are not able to distribute your product easily.