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Hi girl, I have read through your thread to get some information about your feelings. I can put a shoe in your feet and partly understand how you feel about the way some expats treat you. And I hope my share will help you feel better. I am not so sure but I think maybe you have expected that foreigners will be kind (with your past experiences with some nice Americans) then when it came to nothing like this, you became frustrated. I think with some expats you met, it does not mean all expats are not good and do have bad thoughts about our country and people. Maybe you should be more optimistic and do not get yourself down by the ones you do not expect to meet. I do not know whether my comment is good for you but hopefully, it will make you feel better! :)

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Hi. I have just read your thread and I felt so sorry for what happened in your life. Being a girl, I felt so ashamed for her behavior. I think she and her family have no self-esteem for asking you lots of money and things without working and being nice to you. I am wondering what on earth they have been doing? Anyway, maybe this kind of experience helps you more alert in the future. I wish you the every best and find a much better woman in the future. I really appreciate that you still love Vietnam and you have a good perceptive about Vietnamese people despite this evil family.

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Ideas about finding jobs in Vietnam.

Hello everyone, My bf is working for Microsoft in Ireland and he is looking for a job in Vietnam. He has experience in marketing, working as a team leader, banking, contracts, business analysis. I am asking to know whether it is easy or difficult for him for find a job in Vietnam. He doesn't have a BA degree but he has lots of experience and he used to be in the US Army. Any ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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You should practise Yoga or Meditation. I think changing yourself to be better is not really hard, but it takes time. Anyway, it is you who decides whether you are better or not. You have to determine that you really want to change, then you will know what to do.

Hi James, Thanks for your feedback. I am wondering where or from whom you studied Vietnamese? And I am so sorry that no one helped you with your pronunciation, and of course pronouncing the word is a bit difficult and it should take time to practice. Maybe you have not met the right teacher to help you with your problem.

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Hi Victor, I am Truc. I am a local here. I can help you with your Vietnamese. I can speak English, and it is also interesting if you can teach me some French. Do not hesitate to contact me for language exchange. I also would like to share with you the life in Vietnam. Have a nice night. Truc.

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Hi, I am a senior student at University. I have a 2-year experience in teaching Vietnamese for foreigners. I am free on the weekend and on afternoon during the weekdays. So anyone interested in learning Vietnamese with the fun and easy way, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be pleased to spend 2 hours/day teaching you Vietnamese and the fee will be negotiated.

Hi Dave, I am Truc. Nice to meet you here. Hope you have a nice time in SAIGON. I now do live in Saigon and do study at University. If you want to study Vietnamese or would like to exchange language or know more about Vietnamese life/culture/people/food..., I am pleased to help. If you find my suggestion a good idea, drop me a line. Have a nice weekend immersing yourself in the busy and active life of Saigon. Cheers, Truc.

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Hi, Nice to meet you here and welcome to Sai Gon. I hope you will have a nice time and have great friends here. Truc