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Buy Palm Oil

Do anyone here know where to buy Palm Oil? I know there is a street near Chợ Lớn which has lots of chemical shops buying Palm Oil? Do you know what this street is? Any information and ideas are highly appreciated.

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Hi, thanks for sharing your opinion about the situation. I just want to put some insight about your thread:

1. You mentioned the story about British man and Vietnamese girl which was in the previous thread? So I am wondering whether you have proof that the story is 100% true? or it is just something made up?
2. I partly agree with you that there are good and bad girls everywhere. However, I do not really think not all poor girls or little educated girls just take advantage of men. I have known some stories about foreigners getting married with street vendors, waitress, ethnic minority girl. And these stories are not about money but love
3. I think these kinds of girls might not really want to be bad at the very first beginning. Maybe their living environment, their family background. Some people in the difficult situations are strong enough to get through the temptation and to be better in the future but some can not because, I think, they havent seen the right path for their life.

In brief, on one hand, I do understand your feelings of how ashamed you feel as you are a  also Vietnamese girl and I am, too. However, on the other hand, I feel my symphathy for the way they choose for how they are now. Not all people are lucky enough to be strong and wise and can make a right decision  for how they are and will be in the future.

These are all my own opinions about the thread. You can discuss with me if you find some points of my view are not rational or do not understand my points (cos of the way I express my ideas).

By the way, have a nice weekend :).

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Rice bran oil (d?u cám g?o)

Hi everyone,
Do you know where I can buy the rice bran oil (d?u cám g?o) with the wholesale price and what is the good source for that? Is the price for rice bran oil cheaper or more expensive than the one for coconut oil? Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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Where can I buy the organic extra virgin olive oil?

Can anyone here recommend me where I can buy the organic extra virgin olive oil. I bought some at the organik shop in Thao Dien but it seems a little expensive for me as I want to buy in bulk. If you know any information which I can search online, please share with me. I really appreciate it.

Thanks all.

Hi girl,

I have read through your thread to get some information about your feelings. I can put a shoe in your feet and partly understand how you feel about the way some expats treat you. And I hope my share will help you feel better.

I am not so sure but I think maybe you have expected that foreigners will be kind (with your past experiences with some nice Americans) then when it came to nothing like this, you became frustrated. I think with some expats you met, it does not mean all expats are not good and do have bad thoughts about our country and people. Maybe you should be more optimistic and do not get yourself down by the ones you do not expect to meet.

I do not know whether my comment is good for you but hopefully, it will make you feel better! :)

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I have just read your thread and I felt so sorry for what happened in your life. Being a girl, I felt so ashamed for her behavior. I think she and her family have no self-esteem for asking you lots of money and things without working and being nice to you. I am wondering what on earth they have been doing?

Anyway, maybe this kind of experience helps you more alert in the future. I wish you the every best and find a much better woman in the future.

I really appreciate that you still love Vietnam and you have a good perceptive about Vietnamese people despite this evil family.

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Ideas about finding jobs in Vietnam.

Hello everyone,

My bf is working for Microsoft in Ireland and he is looking for a job in Vietnam. He has experience in marketing, working as a team leader, banking, contracts, business analysis. I am asking to know whether it is easy or difficult for him for find a job in Vietnam. He doesn't have a BA degree but he has lots of experience and he used to be in the US Army.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.


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You should practise Yoga or Meditation. I think changing yourself to be better is not really hard, but it takes time.
Anyway, it is you who decides whether you are better or not. You have to determine that you really want to change, then you will know what to do.