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asmartrock posted on the thread FILIPINO POPULATION IN INDONESIA on the Jakarta forum

According to registered records in the past, there are roughly 5,000 Filipinos scattered across the entire country. They are categorized into: middle-senior managers, educators, charitable institutions, diplomatic community (embassy, ASEAN, UN, etc), spouses, retirees, visiting seafarers. The Filipino community here is one of the smallest groups in the world compared to the presence of Filipinos elsewhere in the world, considering the size of the country. Since blue-collar labor is cheap here and Filipinos share the same job opportunities with Indonesian blue-collar workers, Filipinos have not migrated here for the said job, which is why you see them by hundreds of thousands in Singapore and Hong Kong with Indonesians.

I think the food company that engaged your services is Jollibee as they often target countries where there is a large presence of Filipinos, however, it's taken them this long because they know that Indonesia is a unique place where the domestic market has much higher opportunities than they're initial intended strategy.

Hope this helps.