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mikebaste21 wrote:

Hi! stumpy  will move in Port moresby by month of may, I just wanna ask  how safe in port moresby? my Employer offer me K2500  +free accomodation, do you think its enough to live/move in Port moresby? How about the cost of living per week? food/groceries per week? internet? electricity? phone?

just want to add also if how much is the range for an architectural draftsman in PNG for their compensation?
i already search it in google and other sites but i've never seen the said compensation.

Hope you can help me.. Your help will be a big help for us..Thanks in advance..


comparing the salary offered to you, your local/national counterpart is offered at PGK 45,000.00/annum Gross. if you have the experience and expertise then try to negotiate. living here is really expensive.

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mikebaste21 wrote:

hi good day sa  mga kababayan kong pinoy na nasa PNG..

tanong ku lang po..?
may nag offer po kc saken na magtrabaho sa PNG bilang architectural draftsman tapos ang sahod ko daw kada buwan ay K 2,500 including na po dun yung food allowance.. libre po bahay..
para po sa inyo makatwiran po ba yung sahod na offer nila saken?
salamat po..

how bout expenses for utilities/transport? multiply your offer by Php16 (which by the way is going down) will that be enough for you? As for basic necessities they are really expensive and offer little alternatives.

Family of 3 - child is 20mos living in Port Moresby.

Accomodation - provided by the company
Transpo - provided by the company ( some Filipino expat have taxi on hire for K20 to K50)
Food - K500/wk including bub's milk.
Babysitter - K300/fn with free meals and paid holidays
Utilities - Electric K500/mo (K300 provided by the company), Hitron K230/mo (premium with Filipino package),
mobile credits K50/mo, internet K120/month ( 3gb of data)
Dining out - Buffet starts at K45 to K100, ala-carte starts at K20+ per small serving, set menu K25
Bub Check up - K95/visit to pedia

Hope this helps.

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Cam_elli wrote:

Hello po!

Ask ko LNG anong mas magandang tourist visa or dependent visa?

Young husband ko ngwwork na dyan tpos ako andito s singapore kso mg end na din ang work ko by end of the month. Gusto ng asawa ko punta na LNG ako drtso ng Papua instead umuwi ng pinas!?

Pa advise namn San ako mga kabayan!!!

It would be best if you come in dependant visa rather tourist visa, because as all tourist visa's are, it will still be scrutinized of your intention to come here. Easy processing din naman ang dependent visa provided you have all the docs available.

All the best!

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Hi Phillip,

You can use Yes Ltd.

Below is their contact so you can inquire more.

Maileen S. Sulibit
Your Express Service (YES) Limited
P.O. BOX 418 Gordons,
NCD, Papua New Guinea
Tel Nos.:  3258518, 325-4336, 323-0576
Fax No.: 325-2286
E-mail Add.: yesltd[at]


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Hi krishil,

I would like to recommend the gym were going, Life Gymnasium in Holiday Inn. Reasonable price, good trainor and staff. Think they have a promo right now. :) Equipments are ok. :)

were using BSP to pay our aussie guys, it goes thru their australian account 2-3 banking days after, max of 5 days if there pose a problem with their system. not much of a headache. we pay PGK 50.00/transaction for every TT we sent.
can't you request the company to send it on your behalf?

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Hi Ruzzen,

I was sent as well to a pulmonary doctor to clear that irregularities they saw on my xray result. paid 500 pesos for the clearance and consultation. what diagnostic clinic were you sent, safeway? not a smoker nor a drinker. :P

where will you be base here in POM and what company?

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Hi Criscol,

The transpo depends on what your employer offered you. On our company australian manager's does have their own car, for the filipino expats, they share the car. :D

its easy to have a driver's license here, just bring your license from the Phil, one hour tops for the application. :)

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Hi Nicole,

I am currently base in POM, and the setting is different in Lae. Anyhow, as for average expense for food it would take Kina 400-500 a month. Electricity is shouldered by the company @ K250/month (since its prepaid, this depends on usage), as for the water its included on the accomodation rental.

With my package, they provided medical benefits, but you should know the coverage. because when i got here, the medical is only provided when you got sick or hospitalized and it sucks. :P

Hope this helps.

Rj :)

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Hi oriora,

Yes, kimbe is much safer than POM. i cannot say much on the school, but education is far more better in the philippines. maybe you can ask the recuitment agency to secure a curriculum from the school so you have an idea.

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hi oz-gee.

this depends on your lifestyle, and what is your agenda here in PNG. ideally,your salary offer should exceed more than half of what you are receiving their in phils.hehe. they usually offer on a net basis here. what company?

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Just recently arrived here in POM. It all just sums to one thing,
working here is taking away all the comforts Phils has to offer.
PNG is still going thru many developments at this stage. If your here to
work and save, you can most probably do it. You can find many Filipinos
working here already, and you can meet some of them when you do your grocery
or when you dine out.
Yes, cost of basic necessities here is high but then again, its just a matter
of how you handle your budget.
Mobile network and internet, is ok here in POM.Internet is expensive here, coz
they charge on per MB you used. Still hoping they will offer in months to
come unlimited packages.
Hope i answered some of the questions to my fellow Filipino expats to be.

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Hi pinoyxpat. Im currently working here in POM. MObile internet and communication is ok. but the cost is really expensive. Internet here is paid per MB used. Network coverage around POM is ok, but sometimes their Internet is so slow.