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Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Is Madi a good place to live? on the Cairo forum

Burnside wrote:

I think it really depends on where you work.  The last thing anyone wants to do is spend their lives commuting all over Cairo.  they all have a one person to one car policy in this city!!!!

Also, it depends on your lifestyle.  If you are young and want to socialise and meet other young people, you don't want to live in Rehab.

If you have kids, then Maadi is a horrible place!  Like you say, the roads are a manifestation of Hell and there are scum bags in every cm of all of Maadi.  Degla is grim and seems to be becoming more and more dangerous!  I lived there last year. 

I like Zamalek, but I would only live there if I worked around Downtown.  There are pavements.  I'm not sure there are pavements anywhere else in Egypt...anyone know of any?

Zamalek is Cairo's 'best area', but there are lots of grey, ugly buildings, which look like drug dens and garbage or cars on the pavements, so you often can't walk on them.

The sun shines on Egypt and it makes things bearable.  I wonder if one day it will say "khallas!  I'm leaving!" and float up to Scotland for a lovely change of scenery.

The sun will always shine on Egypt and its people to continue their daily scene of survival, and Scotland will stay cold and bleak forever.

There is 196 countries in this planet, I advice anyone who can't adapt on this environment to search in one of those and am sure you gonna find one with pavements !!

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread frankincense and myrrh on the Hurghada forum

You can find it at any spice dealer, just tell him that you want "Leban Dkaar" :)

*please note that Leban means gum, Dkaar means manly or masculine cause its bitter :)

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Egyptians/foreigners on the Egypt forum

ExpatEnglishTeacher ... Foreigners used to live among Egyptians long time ago, some of them settled here for the rest of their lives.

Where is the bickering !!!

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Men after women/women after men on the Cairo forum

Please everyone chill out :)

This topic is endless and in the same time it will not gonna change the existing fact whatever it is, so i hope that everyone just share his/her experiences

Enna .... I don't know, may be you are focusing on the guys between 15 to 25 years old, and the majority of this age is as curious as hell, try watching them if they spot a fancy ride they may pursuit for nothing just to stare.

You have to know that they will not gonna touch you, they just gonna try to pay your attention at most, its not all about foreigner girls only its all about every single girl

EnnA wrote:

It is very sad because you could have a great country.

And again, these are facts not fiction.

This is the fact that depresses every Egyptian who thinks about this country, so you don't have to remind :)

nice time everyone ;)

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Men after women/women after men on the Cairo forum

madameNancy wrote:

After long time staying and observing Egyptians I don't think they know what it means. This what's in their mind when they see part of necked skin of woman it's illness. Our nature is close to the nature of animals, but we are different form them by controlling our nature and using mind. But most often Egyptians cannot control this animal inside them. For example if you look at movies form 1940-1960 when my mother in law was in faulty girls didn't wear hijab even! Walking in the street in mini was something girls were normally doing and no one get harassed them in the street, as this happening now. In Mansoura in her class there was 1 girl for 30 girls wearing hijab, all of them were surprised. Then county was becoming year by year more islamic and year by year real education is something not desirable for young generation. So now if you walk in the street with part of ur body necked all consider you bitch. That's why girls and woman decided always to wear hijab then nikah because they feel safe.

I just wonder why people always relate sexual relationship to the animal nature, while in fact we share animals in many other things.... I think you have to stay more and observe Egyptians so you can realize that away from the standard guy that exist allover the world who stare, or harasses or whatever you can find that the majority of Egyptian couples stay engaged for 2-3 years may more and they barely hold hands thats what i call controlling the "Animal Nature"

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Men after women/women after men on the Cairo forum

How about the impression that was left along time by many foreign ladies here, no doubt that the Egyptian is horny as hell :)

also you may consider those who are trying to make nice relationship with an outsider so i think this is not harassment, and that would be funny if there is something in the water :D

women after men !! wish to experience this :lol:

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Harassment on the Cairo forum

valibilic wrote:

Wake up, people! We are in 21st century...:unsure...
This doesn t work, at least here! If you want to be respected, dress in an appropriate way, behave nice with dignity in public places, and don t forget: " When you go to Rome, behave like Romans!"
The education must start from the families, schools. Wearing stickers could be ridiculous and could excite boys and men that already are " scared" when they see a woman!

Well said Valibilic ....:top:

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Harassment on the Cairo forum

I think it depends on the area you are living in .... also if you print this specially in Arabic it may stimulate those who harass more...

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Bakery for brown bread on the Cairo forum

BATni wrote:

Has anyone of you an idea about where I can buy yummi (German) brown bread?
I dont mean this one you can buy at Carrefour that looks a little darker than white bread but still tastes the same.

Is there maybe a real Bakery somewhere in Cairo that can help me out?

I really dont miss a lot of German things here but whole-grain bread is definitely one of them :rolleyes:

BAtni...check the German Basket at road 9 Maadi its a German bakery, or Fino in the vicinity of the CAC ... have a nice breakfast ...

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Refugees of Arab Spring on the Belgium forum

Larissa i suggest you change your subject, i think for Egyptians ...few people left the country BECAUSE of the revolt and whom ever left it is now in one of the Gulf countries !!

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Library/working place on the Cairo forum

Samm_i wrote:

Hello all,

I was wondering whether I could find a library or any other place in Cairo where I can work quietly. Somewhere central and preferably also wi-fi (but not necessary).

Many thanks in advance!

Grand Cairo library ....

its located in Mohamed Mazhar street in Zamalek

Have a nice time working ..

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Is Madi a good place to live? on the Cairo forum

BellaJ wrote:

Hi, I've recently moved to Cairo and am just about settling in, it is very different to what I am used to! I'm flat (I live in Dokki now) hunting and have been told that Madi is a good place to live - what sort of price are the flats there 1/2 bdrm - is it safe for women - is there much to do? - Thanks - Bella

Yes Maadi is a safe place and its the foreigners first choice for living, 1/2 bedrooms flat may cost you from 2000 to 5000 LE depends on the street in maadi. go to the classified section or contact me, i know some people here who rent their apartments..

Magnum Psyche posted on the thread Documentary on the Cairo forum

pdc1408 wrote:

Hi everyone.

I lived in Egypt last year and will be coming back today (2nd March) to film a documentary concerning the revolutions. I am hoping to have a great range of people involved. I know that the revolutions must have had an impact on all your lives so I would be most grateful if I could interview you about it.

I can meet you anywhere in Cairo, you just need to name a place and time.

I look forward to meeting you!


Welcome again penelope...

I don't think that lots of people here will be excited to talk about this after they recognized that they got fooled...along with the rest of the world that was amazed by the Egyptian revolt...

Long live the SCAF who fooled us all :), they proved that they are a hell of pretty smart    guys...

I would like to help you if this will be for the sake of change !!