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Hi, Yes, is better to have two or three options. You can send me your contact information in order to redirect it to a moving company in your area. Or I can send you the information about our moving agent there to you if is better for you. Let me know. My email is Is important you have a good idea of what you want to ship in order to get an acurate quote. Vinny

vinny66 posted on the thread Moving to Cuenca, Shipping household goods. on the Ecuador forum

Hello Elizabeth, If you planning to do a moving you need to contact a moving company with an agent in Ecuador. I can help you with it if you want to know how much it will cost. To calculate the volume you have to multiply heigh, wide and long of the items you want to ship. Usually, moving companies can give you an estimate about the volume and cost for free. If you're in Boston, by air it takes like two days to arrive to Ecuador, then about 10 days for customs clearance and delivery. Usually moving companies do all as many doesn't accept packing done by the clients due insurance regulations but in order to cut expenses you can do the packing, maybe delivery on the airport and then, pick up your moving in Ecuador airport. Vinny

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Hola, Yo llevo viviendo en Cuenca tres años. Con unos $1000 mensuales se puede vivir bien. Las escuelas publicas son gratis, las privadas van de $60 a $250 y tienes bastantes opciones. Casas y apartamentos están alrededor de $300. Y también hay bastantes opciones en cuanto a precios, zonas etc. Lo que si es que hay mucha demanda y cuando encuentras algo que te gusta tienes que cogerlo rápido. Los coches son muy caros Vicente

Bkind2anmls, I understand you point. If you live in a rual area, life is much easier than in a big city. Notice there's a big difference in Ecuador between living in a city and live in the rural. In the city you have all you need for a good quality life but it takes money. Every city in Ecuador is different and cost of live can be high in Quito o Guayaquil. Living in the rural is much cheaper but usually means be far away from hospitals, sometimes no tap water, bad roads......

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Hola, Hace tiempo que no entro en el foro y ahra veo tu mensaje. Yo vivo en Cuenca hace tres anios. Es una ciudad muy bonita y tranquila, la delicuencia es muy baja comparado con Quito o Guayaquil. Lo peor es el trafico. Repecto a las escuelas, hay de todo tipo. Estan las escuelas fiscales, que son gratuitas pero,en general, no tienen un buen nivel. Luego las privadas tambien hay algunas que son buenas o tienen mucha fama pero la fama ya no tiene que ver con la realidad. Escuelas internacionales tienes el Liceo Frances, el colegio aleman, CEDEI qe ensenia idiomas, etc. Tambien hay escuelas catolicas, cristianas, etc. La mensualidad esta alrededor de lo $100 a $180 Vicente

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Hello Howard, As far as I know only owners can have pets on Palermo. And I know they have been some issues about this matter. Condos in general are becoming more restrictive about pets, Cats are more easy than dogs (they don't bark) but restrictions apply for all kind of pets. You can check on La Glorieta (Fernando de Aragon and 1o de Mayo) or in 4 rios (1o de Mayo and Av de las Americas) about pets. Vinny

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Hello Stephen, If you have less than 4 cubic meters is not worth it to ship it to Ecuador. Too expensive. A full container has capacity for around 32 cubic meters. LCL is a good option but if you have more than 5 cubic feet, Only few moving companies in Ecuador deals with LCL movings, Other option is by air, is quicker than ocean and customs is much easier, but it could be more expensive. Other option is non-acompanied luggage, you can bring in the same plane you flight some extra boxes in cargo area, they will pass customs but you only need your passport and a packing list. But you only can include items you could need as a tourist like clothes, pots and pans, camping equipment, cameras..... If you need quotes for LCL air or ocean import, I can help you but I need a estimate on the volume you want to bring to Ecuador. Vinny

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Hello, I don't know exactly what are DECT phones. I know there's restrictions with cell phones but never hear about regular phones. Vinny

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Yes, you can. with your Resident Visa stamped in your passport is enough. Notice you are allowed to bring your stuff no more than six months after your last entrance to Ecuador. Also you can bring almost anything but there are some items like firearms, some kind of food that is not allowed. If you need assistance with information about moving to Ecuador, let me know. Vinny

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Hello mackbutter, Notice there's weight limitations for mail packages. regaular mail in ecuador has a 4 KG weight limit and if you bring more than this you will pay heavy taxes. Courier is very expensive too and it will customs inspection. An option could be non acompanied luggage, no taxes but it depends in which items you want to bring. Vinny

Hello, I live in Cuenca and I will be glad to meet you and talk about live here. I know both local and expat communities and have children too. One advice, I think you want to visit many places in a short time, notice travel from Quito to Guayaquil or Cuenca takes 5, 6 hours by road. Good luck Vinny

Hello Myriam, Me imagino hablas español si eres de Ecuador así que te escribo en este idioma. Para estar segura tienes que ver en la lista de universidades que tienen convenio con el Ministerio de Educación . Mira la pagina y buscar por pais a ver si tu universidad esta en el listado. Luego, si tienes familia, amigos en Ecuador te pueden ayudar a buscar trabajo aquí. Las mejores opciones ahora son el sector público y también podrías ver si puedes dedicarte a dar clases. Suerte Vicente

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Hola Alejandra, Si están casados es mucho más fácil para tu marido el conseguir la residencia. No sé exactamente que documentos se necesitan. En esta misma seeción de Expat Blog busca por los post de MarquesdeVelez, el tiene posteada toda la información al respecto. Lo que si te puedo decir es que si tu marido va a venir se tiene que armar de paciencia, estos temas burocráticos toman tiempo y no hay una regla fija sobre cuanto se demoran. Españoles están viniendo bastantes, pero no hay en todos lados. No sé donde ireis a vivir pero en Quito, Guayaquil, Manta hay bastantes. En Playas también. Yo vivo en Cuenca y al menos conozco unas siete familias y hay más. Algunos se han puesto restaurantes, otros trabajan en la universidad, etc. En general, los que conozco se han adaptado bien pero hay algunos que les está costando mucho. Si necesitas más info dime no más. Vicente

Hola, La mejor manera es conseguir residencia en Ecuador es con la Visa Profesional. Si su amigo tiene un diploma universitario, lo puede convalidar en la Senescyt. El proceso se demora unos 3 meses y una vez convalidado puede conseguir la Visa y trabajar sin problemas. Conseguir que una empresa o negocio le tramite una Visa por trabajo es muy difícil de conseguir ya que es más facil contratar a un ecuatoriano. La otra opción es la Visa de Inversionista pero para esta se requiere un capital de $25.000. Saludos Vicente

Hello, Life in Ecuadsor is very different than in the States. An, in Ecuador, is very different to life in a big city: Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca than in a small town. In small towns you don't have big shopping malls, good hospitals, paved roads, good internet services.... Things are improving but there's a log road ahead. In the coast you have few touristic towns like Salinas, Bahia de caraquez, Tonsupa were you can find nice apartments,houses but they're expensive, then you have small charming towns, with low rents but life there is very simple. In the coast the big deal is ants, if you leave a small piece of food in the kitchen you will have a buch of ants there. About Cuenca,the city I live, you can get good renting places they're hard to find but $200 is not going to happend, is more like $300 and unfurnished. Come here and be happy is about attitude and willingness. You have two options, live in a gringo guetto or try to blend. Vinny

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Hello all, The big deal about planes here is foreigners are not allowed to import planes as part of personal belongings. So, you will have to buy one here but... I don't know of any place in Ecuador you can buy one. I only saw few private planes here, mostly at the coast and they belong to wealthy rice or cane farmers who need to get to remote areas. Vinny

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Hola Mercedes, Encantado de ayudarte en lo posible, si tuienes alguna pregunta o cuestión en particular puedes escribirla aqui en el foro. Yo ya llevo viviendo en Cuenca más de dos años. Si tu novio tiene trabajo me imagino también le han de tramitar una Visa de residencia, sino el tema se puede complicar. En tu caso, siendo su novia no se si podrás acogerte a una Visa de dependiente, en todo caso si tienes diploma universitario, lo podrías convalidar aquí y así tendrías la posibilidad de trabajar. Podrían afiliarse a la seguridad social con aportaciones voluntarias de unos $70 al mes, o sino, seguros privados hay bastante en Ecuador. El servicio medico en Cuenca es bueno. En cuanto al ocio hay muchas cosas que hacer, bares, restaurantes (algunos de españoles) conciertos..... y en cuanto a alquileres hay de todo. Desde $200 hasta $800 dependiendo del sector, antiguedad, si es amueblado o no... Cualquier cosa seguimos en contacto Vicente

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There's a big difference between Cuenca and the towns around the city. There's some ones that now are almost part of the city like Ricaurte or Misicata that have good services. Then you have others that rich people are moving there now like Rio Amarillo or Chaullabamba. Like an hour from Cuenca you have a coule of nice places: Paute and Yunguilla. The weather is really good and life is quiet. Vinny

Hello, I can answer some of your questions. I live close to 1o de Mayo, one of the places with large quantity of expats, but I live in the ecuadorian side of the street. I like because is close to the river, close to the mall, close to many of my expats clients and also is quiet ( if don't count the roosters),local and cheaper than the new condos along the river. There's many expats under 50, but is difficult to find them :-) Just kidding, if you meet with other expats you will find many in the 50's and active. There's also many in the 60's and very active too. There's mountain biking, but is more popular, by far road bicycle, there's many bicycle stores in the city. Cars in Ecuador are very expensive compare to the US. A regular car with no extras can cost 4 to 5 thousands more. There's many places in the city to run, if fact there is an old running tradition in the city and there's many marathons along the year. There's not a big offer or interest on international cuisine, in fact a couple of shushi restaurants closed in the last months. There's only one thai restaurant run by an expat, a couple of indians, some chinese ( different flavor than in the states)fast food ones, italinas and many traditional ones. In general, Cuenca is a safe city. More than Quito or Gauayaquil. I didn't hear of any gang related crime and statistics show crime is lower now. Of course, you have to follow the basic safety rules. Litter is still a problem but the cleaning service is very good. Grafitti is visible but not that bad and decay is not visible at all. Many parts of the city are old but no decay or abandoned. Well, your last question is complicated, I heard some complains but I think, in general, locals are happy with the fact foreigners are coming to the city and new business are blooming and the city is improving. Good luck with your plans Vinny

My advice is don't buy it. Maybe you can buy it but I can imagine all the paperwork, taxes, fees you would have to do/pay to get it registered. If you live in a big city go to the Vehicle Registration office and find out to be sure about this. Vinny

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Hello Montecresto, There's many place in Cuenca expats get together: CALIFORNIA KITCHEN Thursdays & Fridays 5 to 8 PM Fabiano's Pizzeria, located on Presidente Cordova and Mariano Cueva, Friday starting at 5:30 DI BACCO located on Tarqui & Gran Colombia. Tuesdays and Thursdays at evening. WINDHORSE CAFÉ located on CALLE LARGA & HERMANO MIGUEL Also: LA VIÑA, BANANAS, EUCALIPTUS, SAN SEBAS CAFÉ, DON COLON You just show up and start making friends, expats are very welcoming in Cuenca. Vinny

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Hola, opciones de apartamentos hay bastantes, depende de si quieres vivir en el centro, cerca del museo y la universidad o en un apartamento en un sector nuevo de la ciudad. Precios tambien hay bastantes opciones pero en el centro no esperes apartamentos muy nuevos. Eso si, cuando veas unos que te guste no te lo pienses mucho por que se alquilan rápido. Busca en la pagina web de El Mercurio de Cuenca o en Vicente