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mas fred posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

happyhour wrote:

the problem will be when they return back here.....

There are a couple of things I'd like to see:
These people realising they're bloody idiots, and pack it in, favouring charity work instead of mass murder.

Failing that unlikely event, they get killed in short order so they don't bring their stupidity back to this wonderful country.

So much pain and suffering in this world, but these bozos go out to create more.
If they really want to be good Muslims, start be being good people first.

mas fred posted on the thread Beware of Fraud! (Names of Scammers) on the Munich forum

jamkro wrote:

Hello expat-bloggers,

Please be aware of possible scammers and fraudulent activity on this website.

I was sent a message from a user named "Simona Nemanja" in response to my ad looking for a place to rent.

Report the PM to the mod team, and a ban will usually follow quickly.

mas fred posted on the thread Medan Indonesia Expats on the Indonesia forum

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I know there is an expat community up there, but I don't know anyone myself.
Good luck in finding people, but remember there are many great Indonesian friends you haven't met yet.

mas fred posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

Ubudian wrote:

I’d love to see you try to get your Ayla with 5 adults on board up the road from Ubud to Bedugul...without pushing it of course.   :D 

BTW, if any of these passengers have luggage, where does that go…tied to the roof?

Bit of a hill is it?
Not many of them in Jakarta.
Yep, roof bars and boxes are available in many good stores.
Ace hardware do some excellent ones.

Press pass.
In many countries, Indonesia included, to get such a pass would involve a work permit as this would be considered work.
A press credential from yourself would open doors to shows and events such as the arms show of last week. Very little chance of entry without something of that nature.
It may not have any actual power, but it would probably be enough to get you into things of this nature. People here tend to respect official looking badges, even if they mean not much in reality. As for political meetings, it may help, or it may not.

The other side, investigative stuff, would be rather interesting to look at anyway, just for fun. I may have a chat to a couple of people I know, just to see what happens.

mas fred posted on the thread Diet's menu detail on the Vietnam forum

Here's a little story.
One day, when I lived in England, I went to a Chinese take away, and took the girl behind the counter away.
As with all girls that live with you, she decided she wanted to change me, so she did all the cooking.
That turned out to be rice, veggie, and a bit of chicken if I was a really good boy.
That and the night time physical workouts saw me lose a lot of weight.

mas fred posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

Ubudian wrote:

You may want to up your cc limit a bit there Fred, otherwise you'd be excluding the most popular car in Indonesia, our own Toyota Kijang.   ;)

They can always make a smaller, low fuel consumption version.
Been to Tangerang today, using Jalan tol all the way, and my little 1,000cc Ayla works a treat.
Unless you're carrying a large family or half your office, there's no need for anything bigger.
5 people fit in mine quite happily.

Ubudian wrote:

The Russian ruble is collapsing and S&P's current rating for Russia is just one notch above junk status, so no small wonder why they are looking for outsiders to invest.   ;)

External pressure is causing problems for Russia, that would suggest more better off Russians would be interested in getting out.
However, there is no way in this world I would invest with someone hunting for partners on a forum.
Business just isn't done that way.

mas fred posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

SBY disappointed me on this issue.
He should have grown a set of balls and done it ages ago, instead of ducking it, leaving it to Jokowi.
One other thing needs doing, and doing now.
No cars should be allowed into cities if they have engines over 1,000 cc, unless they have a special permit to do so.
The permit would only be available if you can prove you have need for a massive monster car.
This will do three things:
Increase business for car sales companies.
Save a small fortune in fuel subsidy costs to the government
Make parking easier- you can fit three small cars where you can only get two 4X4 lunps of junk.

mas fred posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

I believe he's made a mistake, not with the rise, but how it was done.
That sudden increase will scare people, and you really don't need that at a time when so many people are up to their necks in debt.
I believe he should increase the price, by by Rp500 every couple of months, thus taking away the shock.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Micro business.
The lady in the hat is selling veggie and bits to earn a little money. These tiny businesses are very common here.

Another is bread delivery. These guys buy bread from a baker, selling it by wandering round the villages and estates.

These girls are a few of the senior year at a Muslim girls' school just outside BSD, Tangerang.

Perhaps I should add some meat onto the bones.
This is an internet publication, looking for a wide variety of stories - much of it stuff that the big publications miss.
The idea is more than interesting, and I'm awaiting answers to a couple of questions I've posed - Cash being the most interesting.

I have potential lines into stories, and this has provoked an interest in doing something about it.
To get a better idea of what the OP is looking for, read this.

mas fred posted on the thread Traveling to Birmingham on the Birmingham forum

Brum (local name for Birmingham) is a dump.
A few shopping centres and lots of lousy, dark, cold streets,

Stratford upon Avon and Coventry are far better, but I'd go to York instead.

mas fred posted on the thread Traveling around Papua - Indonesia on the Prague forum

happyhour wrote:

David, what you mean by you are going to guide the people, how you are going to do it ?

What will be the benefit to the people instead using authorized travel agencies?

More info from the OP would be a really good idea, but I can field your question.

Locals commonly know far more about an area, so commonly know places and things tour companies have no clue about.

mas fred posted on the thread Hiring a domestic maid on the Jakarta forum

Roy has that one sewn up.

To those intending to work.
Keep your documents close - never letting anyone keep them for you.

For expats wanting a maid in Indonesia.
Talk to your security people. Better than average chance they'll know someone.
For the married ladies who hire a maid:
Make sure you photocopy her ID card (KTP)
Make sure she comes up with a police criminal record check (It's cheap, so offer to pay for it)
Do as my wife does - hire one that looks as sexy as the back end of a bus - so your husband doesn't get naughty ideas.

Our latest is old, fat, and as ugly as sin.

Men. Never sleep with the maid.

Have your fun and kick her out of bed before the wife gets home.

mas fred posted on the thread Pics of Gozo on the Malta forum

Sharing is off.
If I try on yours, I get..

On mine....

See the blue BBC code to cut and paste.