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Fred posted on the thread new to freelance teaching on the Indonesia forum

If anyone asks, just to help out....but only immigration would ask...and they won't if you're working for them.
Same went for me when I was helping the police.
If the right people don't want to ask, the law on the subject isn't an issue.
I used to do anti drugs talks in schools with the police, and even helped bust a dealer.
No one ever bothered asking if I was legal, and they never would.
Immigration were well aware..just they didn't want to know.

Fred posted on the thread new to freelance teaching on the Indonesia forum

Brian c Davies wrote:

Thanks, I already have mentari, and been to the Cambridge day in Jakarta

So did I. I'm looking at starting a small business. Won't be big, but should make a couple of bucks.
I've decided on "My pals" books. Pretty good for primary.
I'll probably start in the new school year.

Fred posted on the thread Expat working on the Indonesia forum

I get the idea you're both right.
Strictly, any work is illegal on those visas, but immigration have been known to turn a blind eye from time to time.
However, the law is clear, so I must advise not working at all on these visas.
It only takes one official to be upset for any reason, and you're messed up.

Fred posted on the thread Looking for a job in jakarta on the Jakarta forum

General rule of thumb.

Getting a work permit and visa is a mess at the moment (a few threads on that one) but the upshot is this:

If you have a skill a local can't offer, you can get a legal job.
If a local can do that job - there is no hope of a legal job.

Fred posted on the thread Relocating back to Jakarta from USA on the Jakarta forum

Ubudian wrote:

"The last wasn't my cup of tea, but it wasn't horrible."

Hmmm, I only wonder if your "tea" is produced by civets, much like kopi luwak?   :D

Your subtlety is only surpassed by your sarcasm. :D

Fred posted on the thread new to freelance teaching on the Indonesia forum

Get a set of good text books
Mentari books or pearson are the places to try.
Make your lessons interesting.
Offer something other courses don't. Loads doing TOEFL, so go for something like Cambridge.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Where there are people, there's always someone trying to sell something.

This type of business is very common here.

So is carrying silly things in as dangerous a manner as possible on motorbikes.

Fred posted on the thread KITAS Processing time... on the Indonesia forum

As ASEAN get closer, this is becoming more of a nest of vipers.
I'm hearing of horror stories regarding KITAS issues taking forever, or just not happening.
Add the new rules, and things are getting harder.
I should be going to immigration on another matter next week, so I'll try and find out more if I can.

Fred posted on the thread Relocating back to Jakarta from USA on the Jakarta forum

The first one is an ideal song to commit suicide to.
The second was slightly more exciting than watching paint dry.
The last wasn't my cup of tea, but it wasn't horrible.

This is classy. Warning - this tune will seriously damage your hearing if you play it at the volume you should. That's so loud, you can't hear the neighbours banging on the wall, or the police sirens.

Fred posted on the thread Looking for a job in jakarta on the Jakarta forum

Whilst shopping in Giant supermarket, Bintaro (Where their big new office is), I've noticed a whole bunch of Indian blokes working there. I'm unsure what their job is, but it's white collar.
Might be worth a punt.

Fred posted on the thread poor business habits on the Indonesia forum

Hang on - 2 Indonesian were seemingly naughty, but you're having a go at Indonesians.
Given there are about 250 million Indonesians, Is that fair?

Fred posted on the thread REALITY on the New Delhi forum

I think vodka has similar effects, well, except seeing reality.

You could get wild and try a real introduction instead of posting free adverts.


Fred posted on the thread Does online study is acceptable?... on the Philippines forum

It might not be that far off topic.
If the lady is working in Saudi, English could very well be a requirement.
If it is, I would strongly recommend including an English course in her studies.
The lady's vocabulary seems wide, but her grammar is in need of attention.


Fred posted on the thread Relocating back to Jakarta from USA on the Jakarta forum

strawberrycakelover wrote:

Never a fan of branded clothes,loves wearing my rock bands t-shirts. I don't know if I can keep up with "the jonas" aka my friends in Jkt and I would rather not.

Ah, a real girl, not one of those plastic ones you see shopping in expensive fashion shops.
Excellent stuff, as is rock.
I'm into AC/DC, motorhead and the like, but I'm old and fat, so can't get into this modern stuff - it's just a noise to me.
Kids today - no idea what real music is.

robpw2 wrote:

You seem obsessed with making up information about posters which they haven't provided

Not making it up, checking it out.
All the info regarding the reasons that unlock was refused is available to anyone.
People insist all phones will be unlocked, something that simply isn't true.

However, the pedantic attitude of many remains, insisting on assuming a simplified version of the name, one that is in common use, means I have no clue which company I'm talking about.
All the more silly because I've already posted links to that company.
Frankly, they can't be bothered to check out their arguments, then use silly posts in an attempt to replace logic and checking out the reasons phones won't be unlocked.

Voda will not unlock any phone - that information is wrong, regardless as to how many times people insist it is right.

Gosh, everyone can get an unlock.
One can't.
That doesn't count. … 2#p1265992
Voda are keen on their contracts, even if you move to malta, demanding you actually keep to the terms you agree on when you get a discounted phone.

Do you really think they're going to allow someone who has left the country, and has a poor record to get out of their contract that easily?

"my phones been cut off so can't text back!! Shall I meet you outside hatters at 7.20?", says the OP, six months before asking how to unlock a phone.

Anyway. … hould_I_do

That explains how companies subsidise the phone, then expect you to pay up if you want to cancel the contract (How unfair - not(.
Now consider the OP, do you really think they're going to make it easy for her?

Thinking they're going to allow an easy way out is silly, and daft to argue about when it's stated in the OP. … e-request/

If your device is blacklisted, we won’t be able to send you an unlock code.

Blacklisting can be for many reason, stolen, lost, or bills not paid.

Don't tell me, all phones can be unlocked, so this doesn't count.

coxf0001 wrote:

What are you talking about???!!! Rob has already given the correct information. After 3 months of contract with Vodafone UK, ANYONE can get their phone unlocked for a charge of 19.99 in the first year. There are NO clauses of late payments/socioeconomic status.
If you 'bothered' to check, please quote your references with a link.

Not anyone, absolutely not people who have broken their contract, or for a number of other reasons.
If you think they can. consider why the OP can't.

Bought from ebay - won't unlock

Fred posted on the thread Pregnancy in Bandung on the Java forum

Oh, and they will lie, so watch them.
The hospital claimed their X ray machine was broken, non existent was closer to the truth.
After a couple of days, I lost my ability to be subtle, so went looking for the room - there was less than one place labeled as such.