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Fred posted on the thread Intel Compute Stick on the Jakarta forum

Fred wrote:

It cost me Rp4,000 to get there and back by train - I would have been better buying an ice cream.
I didn't enjoy that tiny, pathetic attempt at a show at all.

I'm still looking for the stick - if you see one, SHOUT AT ME.

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

Thursday saw me at the new(ish) driving licence centre in Serpong. I got there nice and early so I could be at the front of the queue. That worked well, so I was out, brand new motorcycle licence in hand, in an hour or so. I wandered to the bank to get my new ATM card, one with my name and a long number so I can pay for hotels on the internet.
Yesterday was Terminator day - red hot film - so I bought my ticket and had a wander around the shops until film time. I was rather pleased as I found a class 10, 64 gb micro SD card at a very reasonable price.
After that, shopping and a pizza from Domino - their BBQ chicken is amazing.

Fred posted on the thread Take away packaging on the Bali forum

A one post member from 6 years ago is unlikely to answer, but I can.

Internet advertising by small firms is pretty rare here, hardly anyone bothering with it.
The best way to to ask a restaurant or street food stall where they buy from, that or just wander around until you find a place.
You'll generally find a shophouse, probably without a sign, but loads of containers on view.

Fred posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Ubudian wrote:

Or even worse, "how much is that in real money?"

My mum says the first when she come here.

Ubudian wrote:

What I'm wondering is...will this apply to visas on arrival as well?   :o

Refusal for VOA would be a killer - can you imagine the mess at the payments counter?
Still, add a money changer just before it, and someone will make a killing on the exchanges.

Hey, that would be a great little business, offering Rp5,000 against the dollar at the VOA counter.
I'm going to email Jokowi with the idea, and ask how much the stand rent would be. :D

Fred posted on the thread Malaysia airlines on the Malaysia forum

I'm unlikely to get the chance to visit Malaysia again for a good few years, but I will as soon as the chance comes up.
I really love visiting the place.
I want to take my wife back to Taiping for a second honeymoon.

Fred posted on the thread Malaysia airlines on the Malaysia forum

Gravitas wrote:

Air Asia also lost a plane in December 2014 - but it has an extensive itinerary and costs can be low.

Air Asia is a bus service, cheap, but doing the job they advertise.
I've used them many times, all without serious problems.
Some complain about the in flight food, totally ignoring how cheap the tickets are.
I take a sandwich - problem solved.

Fred posted on the thread Malaysia airlines on the Malaysia forum

I do love the service etc of MA

I was extremely pleased at the way they looked after me as a customer, so hold them in high regard.

That applied from the ease and great attitude when booking the ticket, through to the way they handled a problem (That would have been a major cock up if they'd been rubbish), ending in the terrific cabin crew making long flights as pleasant as possible.

MAS are a top quality airline (and Malaysia is a pretty great country).

Fred posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

happyhour wrote:

And as of today.....all must be charged in Rp not USD

Been illegal for ages - see UU 7/2011 Pasal 21
However, this was commonly considered to be for cash transactions only, and could be opted out of.
The new regulation seeks to make clear - only the Rupiah is acceptable for normal use within Indonesia.

Fred posted on the thread Hiring a domestic maid on the Jakarta forum

inah82 wrote:

Hi all I have indonesian maid available all of them can speak english

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I see you're a very small business, just trying to make a little bit of cash, but you shouldn't really advertise on the forums. … a/jakarta/

This link takes you to the 'jobs' section.
Adverts there tend to last a lot longer, and get far more views as they don't disappear down the post list as the days go by.
You might, as I see you're trying to advertise maids to Malaysia, also like to post one in the Malaysia section.

However, take great care with that as the Indonesian government might very well take an interest in that part of your business if you don't have at least a CV company and everything else required.
You'd probably be better sticking to maids within Indonesia.
I'll send you a PM as I may be in need of a pembantu after the holiday.

eriki.koohatu wrote:

This is a worry for many travelers, not only those coming to Vietnam. 

My suggestions are:

Eat at places were there are a lot of customers as this is an indication of high turnover of produce.
Drink bottled liquids such as water and bia from the bottle not from a glass.
Peel your own fruits.
Beware of ice.

and have fun  ... the food in Vietnam is amazing...


The busy place is a really good idea as local will know the best through experience, but have another tip that works for me.

Much of the problem isn't the food, but the plates and utensils not being washed properly, so buy the food wrapped in and use your own disposable or travel cutlery.

Fred posted on the thread Malaysia airlines on the Malaysia forum

MAS, is a great airline, but they've been having problems of late, including the loss of two aircraft, both in very odd circumstances.
I've flown with them many times and still have great confidence in them, but it seems many do not.

Fred posted on the thread Marrying a Pakistani on the Kuwait forum

francheska29 wrote:

You are absolutely right. I am afraid he is dominant over me and I am becoming less of myself.  I am the outgoing type and i believe it'll be a big problem for us, he said wife should be at home with her mom. It would be like giving him a gun, pointing at me and hoping he doesnt pull the trigger.

Cultures vary, as do opinions regarding those cultures.
If you're so concerned, it isn't the time to marry.

lukereg wrote:

I would suggest visiting Indonesia as a tourist before upping sticks and moving over. Whilst the Expat areas are all very familiar and dull once outside of those comfort zones, then prepare yourself for a real different way of life and a whole range of new experiences.

That is quality advice.
Indonesia, whilst I find it to be a wonderful country, isn't for everyone.
If you think of any norm in the west, it probably doesn't fit here.

Indonesia has so much culture, a range of delicious food as wide as it is wonderful, people who seem to have everlasting smiles, and views you'd want to be the last thing you looked at before you died, but it also has much that foreigners just can't understand.
That often leads to unhappiness.

Fred posted on the thread Cockroaches - how to get rid on the Cyprus forum

The only time I've ever managed to completely get rid of these nasty black pests, it wasn't my doing.
A gecko decided to move into the house and after a week we didn't see anther cockroach until it left.

Fred posted on the thread how to reject borrowing money on the Ho Chi Minh City forum

As has been said; if you lend the cash, it's because the borrower can't get it elsewhere, or they're just out to rip you off.
Either way, you'll probably never see it again.
I've lent money out here, assuming it's a charity donation, being a little shocked on the one occasion someone actually paid me back.

Our super smart bear has come up with the classic answer - I'll be using that next time I don't feel like giving charity.

Fred posted on the thread how to reject borrowing money on the Ho Chi Minh City forum

Yogi007 wrote:

Option 2.
Tell them you can only lend to ONE person at a time.   And when the last guy you lent money to pays it'll be next in line.

I like that one.
I really like that one. :D

Yogi007 wrote:

Hi Mark,
I guy here yesterday took a long term room at a hotel near the beach in Nha Trang.
He's paying $150 a MONTH.  It's got a balcony, AC, cable TV , and electricity , and room service included.   
Got a view, food and cafes at his doorstep.
That's common here.   You'll pay more in the town centre, but that's a construction site now anyway and full of dust and noise.

The tourists are leaving, and the place is overstocked with empty hotels and new apartments are springing up,everywhere.   

Just take a long term rental, kick back and no worries with red tape.

I'm leasing a nice 2 bedroom apartment, furnished, ocean views , good security for less than my electricity bill on my house in Australia.     No more to be said.

Smarter than the average bear.
A single bloke would be mad to turn that down, and a married guy would be fine.
Maybe different if kids are on the scene.