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Fred posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

Dude, I've just done the night drive to central Java - I survived....just.

The madness is something people who haven't been here can't understand.

Fred posted on the thread Guidance needed !! on the Ukraine forum

AmeliLife wrote:

I am from Ukraine.
Plz write me private message and u questions
I wil try to help u

The forun is a mutual help platform, so it's far better to post questions on the open forums.

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

I've hardly used my motorbike in months, the last two trips being about 3km each, so I'm thinking about selling it.
OLX, the sales site, is showing loads at around 7 or 8 million, but I suspect they're optimistic.
It seems loads of people bought new cars and bikes to go home for the holiday, all on credit, and now they're wondering where the heck the first payment is coming from.
I've noticed a drop in stock displayed in electronics shops' windows over the last couple of years, and I'm expecting a crash in the near future.
House prices have gone to stupid, shop rents are beyond crazy, but salaries haven't gone up.

I'm guessing I'll get 6 million when I finally get around to doing anything about selling it.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

Of course people are going to be parochial about where they live, it validates their choice or decision to be there.

I don't live in Jakarta, I choose to go there whenever possible.

Edit - I avoid the bar areas because they have everything I dislike about other places.
Been there, seen it, hate it, avoid it.

The rest of the city is a dream, making be want to take up anthropology as a hobby.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

VenzeGirl wrote:

Hi Guys! I would not describe Phuket is a dump.

Perhaps I was harsh ... but it sort of depends on your definition of a dump.
I have this 'thing' about prostitution, ladyboys, drunks, drugs and all the other stuff you get in Phuket, so I think it's a dump.

I really dislike all that stuff, so I thought the place was a dump.
As far as cleanliness goes, the place was rubbish free and tidy, but I couldn't stand being unable to walk around with a prostitute trying to get me to bed.
I did find a few excellent restaurants, but only one bar where I wasn't offered something disgusting.

I did have one slightly odd experience that told me a lot.
After a few nights in the hotel, a really nice hotel it was too, two of the staff plucked up the courage to ask me why I didn't get drunk and take pros back to my room.
They were so used to seeing it, they thought all Europeans were the same.

That scene isn't for me, so I decided I would never go there again.
Hence, for me, it's a dump.

Jakarta, a place with a serious rubbish problem, has far less of all the things I really dislike, so I would far rather live here than I would in one of the great holiday destinations.
Not that Jakarta is free from drunks, drugs, pros and sex slavery, but it isn't overt and it's really easy to avoid.

I've also visited the far south of Thailand, a place that is an absolute must for everyone's bucket list.
The place is fantastic.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

All that travelling, but your eyes never unrolled.
Jakarta is a massively interesting city, full of wonders for the eyes of those who are willing to look.

I couldn't get into Bangkok, but I can easily see how some would like it (I may have been tainted by a visit to that prostitute, ladyboy and pestering tuk tuk driver infested dump known as Phuket)

I rather enjoyed my many trips to KL.

I love Jakarta, making a point of wandering its streets, finding something new on every jaunt.
"no redeeming features I can think of" can only mean you aren't thinking, or you didn't look for any.

Still, horses for courses.

Fred posted on the thread Looking for a jo on the Taiwan forum

There's a cleaning job in an office (They're very fussy about their toilets being done properly), and a large hospital is looking for a brain surgeon.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

Kung-fu Hillbilly wrote:

Have I been? Once or twice.

I know a lot of people who've been to Bali, and a load that don't have the first clue about the island, seeing the whole place as a bar with a beach.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

I've been to Bangkok, KL and Jakarta.
All have their charms and disgusting bits, but the fact I didn't think much of Bangkok is a personal opinion.
KL is all sorts of fun, but Jakarta has a soul that the other two lack.

My vote for most interesting city goes to Jakarta.
I live here, and I love Indonesia.

Fred posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

Kung-fu Hillbilly wrote:

The Big Durian is for me the worst capital city in all of SEA with no redeeming features I can think of.

Have you been?
Loads of great interest in Jakarta, if you bother looking.

Fred posted on the thread Knock knock! Somebody's there!? on the Vientiane forum

The forum is in place.
The forum is a great mutual help tool.
The forum has excellent members, all out there to help others, and save then from experiencing the problems we went through.

But moaning just turns everyone off - big style.

Ezmeralada wrote:

All i got were Messages from desperate ,sad, unattractive Pakistani horny men, who for some reason, think that girls on here are available for their amusement.

Old post, but worth a mention since it came back up.
This isn't a low quality site, in fact it's one of the most strict I've ever posted on.
Sadly, we get horny pervs, sex freaks and other weird people, but they get banned pretty quickly.

Fred posted on the thread English cuisine on the England forum

chuckle_butty wrote:

Fred wrote:

chuckle_butty wrote:

Hey Fred.......I usually have mushy peas, lmao xx


I'm going to teach my wife how to make them.
Garden peas, boiling water, and that's about it - but they're amazing.


You originally said, "mushy people", hahahaha xx


I admit nothing. :D