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Fred posted on the thread Cost of living in Indonesia – 2015 on the Indonesia forum

The petrol price had an effect on many things, including rice.
That goes up, so does everything else.
The fall in the fuel cost hasn't seen a fall in other prices.

This is true of the South Tangerang region.

Fred posted on the thread TV Opportunity on the London forum

You could interview that daft British woman in Bali. You'll have to be quick, they're about execute her.
That has to be the ultimate massive expat cock up.

Fred posted on the thread Moving to Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

Easily enough, but not to party every night.
Travel can be cheap. My advice would be to use trains and buses. You get to see more, and meet people.

Fred posted on the thread Moving to Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

puneet2401 wrote:

I din get what you said Fred... Do you mean its a good sal or a bad sal?

For most, it's more than enough.
If you want to live in bars, hanging around with gold diggers, you won't have anything left after the first two weeks.

Fred posted on the thread Moving to Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

That's about Rp27 million/month.
A drunk could easily waste that much, ending up working all week to keep the bar owners driving BMWs.

Fred posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

The posts correcting poor, or plain wrong, information is not superior foreigners trying to keep the natives in check.
It's simply correcting bad information, or discouraging people from suggesting or encouraging illegal acts.

Fred posted on the thread Buy a motorbike or car without kitas on the Bali forum

lukereg wrote:

Do you have a SIM C as well? International licences are OK but the police wont bother you if you pull out a Sim C. Sadly, you do need a Kitas to get one. (In Jakarta you do thats for sure)

The few times I've pulled out here, the moment the cops see the SIM C, they let you leave.
One bent cop tried to screw me for Rp500,000 when driving my car, even after producing a SIM A.
I think I still have the video somewhere.
The KITĀS/P is a must to get the SIM legally.

Fred posted on the thread Buy a motorbike or car without kitas on the Bali forum

Mikewallace76 wrote:

Oh I didn't know that. When I used to live in Bali a few years back I had a Kitas and I leased a car, paid monthly for a Kijang. Didn't know it was illegal. Thanks for that information. Just goes to show that even with a Kitas you cannot lease a car. We learn something new every day from the experts in this blog site.

Not the car or bike - but not having the correct documents.
Subtle edit - read the thread before commenting.

Fred posted on the thread Buy a motorbike or car without kitas on the Bali forum

Mikewallace76 wrote:

Why does every request for advice end up in arguments and people putting down each other? Such a shame!

Anyway, you could also consider leasing a vehicle.

Suggesting doing something illegal is a really bad idea, even when it's common.
I know a lot of people don't bother, but it could leave someone in trouble, so such advice can't be posted.

Fred posted on the thread TV Recorder on the Vietnam forum

Sure it is.
Buy a TV card with an AV input.
Hook up the leads to your satellite receiver.
Hit the record button.

You can also use a DVR, but the DVD versions are a bit old hat.

boriloco wrote:

Most dating sites are full of scammers, .

And worse.
People must take extreme care when using such sites. … ntity.html

Jon Venables is signed up to online dating website contacting single women who do not know his real identity
Venables was jailed for the horrific murder in 1993 and was also jailed five years ago for downloading and distributing child abuse material, after posing as a mother online.
Investigative reporter and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas, who discovered Venables's profile in a joint probe with the Sunday Mirror, said it was worrying that a convicted child sex offender had free rein to browse the internet, potentially looking for new victims. 
He told MailOnline: 'James Bulger's murder was so horrific that Venables should remain under constant supervision and should never be allowed to freely trawl the internet - let alone with the added fact that he was also convicted of a child sex offence.
'When Venables was convicted in 2010 after using the internet to commit child sex offences, everyone was saying "how has he got access?" - but now it is happening all over again.

Fred created a new thread on the Living in Asia forum

Car insurance

Two months to go before I must renew my car insurance, and I want the best deal - in terms of cost, cover, and how easily they pay out in the event of a claim.

Who uses what, and what do you think of them?
Once I've researched, I'll post the results.

Fred created a new thread on the Living in the Middle East forum

Short translation help - please

Mum is coming to Indonesia via Dubai, but the old girl is less than 100% on her feet, and Dubai is big and easy to get lost.
That in mind, I print her a sheet of simple instructions.
Sadly, my Arabic is terrible, and google translate isn't fantastic, so it would be a great help if someone can translate into Arabic:

Please escort this lady to her flight. A golf trolley ride would be very helpful.
She is unable to use escalators, travellators or stairs.
EK 356 - Departure 28 Mar 15 04:40 Terminal 3

Thank you.

I'll print the flight number, destination and time/date below it (In English)

Thanks in advance. :)

Fred posted on the thread Setting up on the Brunei forum

Debs Tellis wrote:

It doesn't seem to me that people actually are very helpful on this forum. I'm also moving to Brunei 2015 August but all these forums are out of date.


Get real.
You have four posts, two complaining how unhelpful the forum is.

You can hardly expect much with an attitude like that.