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mas fred posted on the thread Help each other(language learner) on the Shanghai forum

Take great care in face to face meetings, making sure they're in a public place, such as a shopping centre.
A female name and avatar does not mean a poster is female, or safe.

Care is always a good idea.

mas fred posted on the thread Caution for all tourists. . . on the Thailand forum

This seems pretty simple.
If you try to cheat on the immigration rules and get nabbed, you end up in a disgusting prison.
I'm less than shocked at this news, but I am shocked people don't realise it, or think it's unfair.

I wouldn't claim it is a scam, as I have no clue - it may well be a legitimate case.

However, after seeing a thousand scams of similar nature, I'd be very sure to check first.
If the young lady were to PM details to me, man's name, hospital, and so on, I could try to get details as to if he's there or not.
I can't promise, but I can try.

mas fred posted on the thread looking for a travel partner on the Islamabad forum

adnanattock wrote:

hi there. im adnan . im planing to traveling indonesia. can u arrange visa for me??my whatsapp 00923455884316

If it's legal, you can do it yourself.
If it isn't legal, don't ask about it on this forum.

Travel to Indonesia is safe alone, even for a pretty young lady - That isn't your worry.
Staying in Jakarta is also safe, as long as you stay in good hotels, not cheap and nasty backpacker places.
If you arrive in Jakarta airport, use the taxi booking service as you leave the airport (Blue bird is best as they check their drivers' criminal records).
Syamsudin Noor Airport serves Banjarmasin, and is less that 20KM from the town.
I've never been to that town, but I understand there are several good hotels in that area.
There are Blue bird taxis in that town, you you should be fine. … -indonesia

If I can be of any help, I can try, but can't promise much as I'm really busy.

As for the boyfriend, this will sound harsh and horrible, but be careful he isn't scamming you - it would hardly be a fresh trick.
Look up the hospital on the internet, and call them before you do anything else.
Yes, I know I may be being a cad, but I have to suggest it, just in case.

This is a common question, and the answer is always the same.

If you have a skill that isn't available from an Indonesian worker, and there's a company willing to pay the very high costs involved in hiring an expat, you have a chance.

If not, you have no chance at all.

Harsh, but there's no point putting sugar on it, as it will make no difference to your chances.

mas fred posted on the thread double bass in Nepal on the Nepal forum

jw wrote:

c) 42 - assuming that the actual number of double basses would be the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Take your pick,
or alternately explain why anyone would care, if you care enough to do so...

I have to very strongly disagree with you (And Douglas Adams) on this issue.
The best laid plans of mice and men (What have men got to do with it), are commonly totally ruined by improbabilities, such as the number of large string instruments in Asian countries suddenly increasing or turning into whales and flowerpots; the latter uttering, "oh no, not again".

This most impotent subject has not been even close to explored enough.

mas fred posted on the thread RULIE on the Japan forum

Hi. I'm in Jakarta.
Male, English.

Welcome to the forum.

tarzan7 wrote:

The general consensus seems to be I'm wasting my time and money with this girl. So be it. Maybe I just go and use them for a leg over and try somewhere else for a serious relationship.

Not really - your chances of a nasty disease are far too high.
Apart from the moral issues, the numbers suggest you would be foolish to use prostitutes.

mas fred posted on the thread Extend 30 Day Visa on the Indonesia forum

Ubudian wrote:

Dress nice...long pants and a short sleeve shirt (no tee shirt, singlet or speedos), have alcohol free breath, be polite and you'll find the folks at either office to be very helpful.    :top:

Good point.
Long trousers, shoes (Trainers are acceptable), and a shirt with a collar (Polo shirt is fine).
That minimum dress applies at any office in Indonesia.

Also - a very polite manner.
That's always a good move.

However, watch those visa dates as you'll kop a fine if you're a couple of days late.
It isn't a one month visa - it's a very strict 30 days.

Brookecarla wrote:

I'm a younger Black American woman. There are quite a few that work for the US Embassy. There is going to be a white party next weekend where there will be other Black people to meet with.

Why do so many people want to mix with their own race/colour/religion?

I have to be honest, if you look for a very narrow group of people to hang out with, you'll never enjoy an expat experience, and never find out anything about the country you decided to go to.
Personally, I don't give a flying rat's arse about the person's skin colour/nationality/whatever, I only care if they're nice or not.

sharpshooter wrote:

Dear Expats

Would anyone be keen to travel over extended weekends to any of the places below? If so then please let me know!

Mount Bromo
Lake Toba


Just looked at your profile, and you sound like a fun person to hang with.
Sadly, we aren't going far until the new baby is born and gets old enough to travel further than the shopping centre.
We have a pram this time, so shopping in Giant will be far easier.

OMG, I want to go to mount Bromo about now.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Bidara sary wrote:

Mas Fred are you going to join the inauguration parade tomorrow, I heard there would be " pesta rakyat" around Monas!!

I'm trying not to go out too much or too far, just in case baby Fred turns up.
Could be any time.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

This is why there are loads of minor accidents in Indonesia.

This is a small farm between BSD and Bintaro, two reasonably rich areas, south of Jakarta.