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Fred posted on the thread Wanna Make new friends in Paris! on the Paris forum

As with all private meets, I advise extreme caution.
A profile doesn't mean the poster is who they say they are.

Look at the posting history, see if they post their contact details a lot - if so, they're on the hunt for something, and that isn't always what they claim.

Fred posted on the thread Jakarta island on the Jakarta forum

If you're thinking of 1000 islands, don't go cheap.
The cheap boats are mostly leaky old tubs, running slow and take hours - all whilst you're making like a sardine.
The fast boats cost a lot more, but you're at the furthest island in less than two hours and they cut through the waves, so no sea sickness.

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

I love pizza so much, I should have been a ninja turtle.
Today, in a fit of madness, I ordered a pizza from Dominos - a BBQ chicken one.
"Delicious" is like saying chickens have feathers, it was ball bouncingly great.

Apart from that, nothing even close to interesting happened, except I almost washed my motorbike - Almost, I'll get round to it another time.

I used to get loads of these on my mobile, but mostly SMS scams.

The majority have been invitation to give money to crooks, so leave them hanging on the phone, go make a cup of tea, then watch some TV until their phone bill looks like a telephone number.

Fred posted on the thread British Female teaching English. on the Jeddah forum

claud93 wrote:

Thank you, for your feedback it is much appreciated 😊

Could you do us a favour, please?

If you take the job, report back on the conditions you find, with note to how you feel on the racism issue and how, if at all, it effects your life over there.

This forum is all about helping each other, and a new member might very well benefit from your experience.

Some subjects are sensitive to the point they end up in arguments.
As has been noted, these threads tend to disappear.
It isn't censorship as such, more to keep the forum helpful to the intended target, expats requiring useful information regarding life in strange lands.

The drug executions are a warning to potential dealers, as the terrorist executions are to potential murderers, but there shouldn't be much mention of them other than their use as a warning to others with the same intent. That's where the issue ends as far as expat matters are concerned

You might very well dislike it, or love it, but debate won't help the forum at all.
I rather like Roy's post as it suggests a place where we can express an opinion, taking the inevitable name calling and general insults away from this forum.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

I went for a minor wander today, mostly to get my new ID card.
That done, I took the chance to a little jaunt in no special direction, until I saw a subject worth a snapshot.

This guy will have been working all day for not a lot of money, but still managed to raise a smile when I pointed the camera his way.
He was digging holes for new electricity cables.

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

Zip a dee do dar.

After 4 months of messing about, I've finally managed to get my KTP, and I got my wife's as well.
I'm finally on the family card, but alone and my wife is on another.
A word of explanation, and they'll sort out the cock up, and add my name to my son's birth certificate.
All the mess was down to local officials who just didn't know what do do, even after I printed off the laws and gave the copies to them.
I set off just after lunch, and got home 5 hours later, including photocopying.
Now I can start the WNI process.

Fred posted on the thread British Indian style Curry on the England forum


I miss little of England but the Indian food is top of that short list.
The biggest problem is how spoilt I was, my home town having the best Indian (Pakistani really, but who cares?) food in South Yorkshire.
Seriously, there was not a lot to touch that place unless you went to Akbar's Pakistani restaurant in Rotherham.
I'm unsure I dare watch the youtube as I might well well book a flight to England for a curry.

Fred posted on the thread Making a Camera Bag on the Ho Chi Minh City forum

I've been carrying cameras around for a few years, always looking for better ways to transport it.
I've tried all sorts but settled on a light neoprene cover, using the camera's strap to save carrying it in my hand.
The reason is simple - I do street snapping, so the camera needs to be out of the case when I'm wandering, but protected when I'm not using it.
The bag becomes a pain when it's just hanging off your shoulder empty, but the neoprene cover just pops into my small rucksack out of the way. You could easily stuff the cover in your pocket if you don't carry all the rubbish I have with me.

Fred posted on the thread Threats of violence towards Expat men on the Kazakhstan forum

Zhamaliev purportedly demanded that Zhumagulov break off relations with his girlfriend, who had previously dated Zhamaliev.

Why is this an expat issue?
It's a jealous man beating up someone over an ex girlfriend.

Fred posted on the thread SCAM or not on the Dubai forum

Who offers jobs to random people without any previous contact?

If you can't answer that, or think of a reason they went for you, they'll probably ask for money next.

satendrapathak wrote:


It doesn't mean i am looking for government schools , i am looking for a school where my son can get indian community, the school where mostly Indians prefer.

If you're only here short term, maybe a year, I'd go with that.
If you're here long term, go for one of the other international schools so your kids can adapt to the local environment.

Fred posted on the thread Why is Pune such an unfriendly city ? on the Pune forum

If commercial reasons aren't behind this, then something else must be.
A mass kicking out doesn't happen for no reason, especially if there's going to be a major loss of income.

There appears to be no social reasons for this, nor is it common in that area.
There seems to be no laws governing this, nor discrimination against married and unmarried couples.
In fact, long term cohabiting couples seem to enjoy the same rights as legally married couples, suggesting no gender based rules regarding living anywhere they please.

The question is - what's happening and, if anything, is it just one building or all over the city?

There appears to be a massive glut of flats, but not even close to enough people wanting to rent them, so any such action by the owner would be extremely foolish.
Add the 10s of thousands of empty properties, either unsold or waiting to sell at a profit, and it's a buyer's market.

Nope - something else is happening here.

Himanshu + Parth wrote:

Hi Guys,
I have been offered with our Office in Jakarta to shift there as Senior Manager.
I got offer of USD 3000 nett, after deduction of tax, family accommodation will be provided, car will be provided.
I would like to know, How much i would be able to save in case of below as,?
1. We are pure Vegetarian.
2. Don't really prefer to eat out.
3. I'm planning to have one maid & driver on my cost.


Your salary is a little less than Rp 40 million.
An English speaking maid and driver should cost less than 6 million for the pair.
Fresh veg is cheap and easy to find in street markets, that and rice should cost you less than a million/month.

With no house and car to pay for, you can go wild and still save a lot of money.

Your biggest headaches will be transport and paperwork.

Jakarta enjoys terrible traffic jams, many cause by micro buses and lousy driving, the rest being sheer weight of traffic. Try to live as close to your work as possible. Most schools arrange transport for the kids (at a price)

Make sure you have you have all the required documents. Your company will set up the KITAS and work permit, but make sure you get the local stuff. It's cheap, but hard to find.
There have been some raids, a few expats being detained for not having local documents.
However, this is considered a minor offence that brings a fine of about US$4, and does not give you a criminal record.
You may end up wasting half a day in detention, so try to see your local pak RT as soon as possible.