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mas fred posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

happyhour wrote:

Is this guy on drugs??

No, he's just silly.
The fighting strength is unimportant when it comes to terror attacks as we saw with a very few people and the Bali bombs.
Once they started murdering prisoners, they gained a well deserved reputation for being evil, making their job far easier as poorly trained opposing forces were far more likely to run away.
This group is extremely dangerous and must be taken most seriously.

On that point, immigration informed me of the following regarding working whilst on a wife sponsored KITAP:

If you're working for a company, manpower will get interested.

If you're helping out in your wife's business, but not overtly working, no one will look at your activities.

Of course, that's an opinion expressed by one fairly senior chap in immigration, not an absolute.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

There are many celebrations, but independence day is one the people take seriously.
Many events are planned and, if two are too close tgether, hold one the following weekend so the kids can have two lots of fun.
That happened not too far from me.

There were a lot of really good entries for the bike decorating contest, but this helicopter was my favourite.

mas fred posted on the thread Is expat blog fast or slow ? on the China forum

My internet is far faster than before, so it usually takes a second or so to load.
Sometimes, avatars take a few seconds, but only sometimes.

mas fred posted on the thread buying a house in Indonesia? on the Jakarta forum

lukereg wrote:

Clearly not fans of rabbit stew then.

I haven't had it in years.
My dear departed dad used to buy rabbit from the local butchers, and mum would stick them in stew - delicious.

The Butchers, Wood's, would hang them in a row outside his shop; just like this..

mas fred posted on the thread Top Restaurants in Delhi on the New Delhi forum

ttalha001 wrote:

There is a restaurant in lajpat nagar
Afghan darbar restaurant
Just taste the kabuli pulao and mutton chpan is awesome
A pure afghan restaurant
I am a foodie so generally my choices fo food places are not bad

OMG - you make me want to pack a bag and visit the place.

mas fred posted on the thread buying a house in Indonesia? on the Jakarta forum

A foreigner can't own land in Indonesia.
He/she can rent it, lease it, buy an apartment in a block, but they can't own the land.

Other than that, if you're Indonesian, your spouse can own land, but only if you have a prenup stating the foreign half of the marriage has no ownership of the land the couple buys.

mas fred posted on the thread new member here :) on the Malta forum

This site is a great information exchange, and there are several meets arranged for members, but the best way to make new friends is still the good old fashioned, get out there and meet people.
You could also pop a topic in the Malta forum, there's probably a gathering thread there, as there are on many local forums.

mas fred posted on the thread Can you get Canned Baked Beans in Rio? on the Brazil forum

I had this problem when I first moved to Indonesia.
The nearest I could were two hours drive away, and a very poor brand.
It was a case of hunting around until I found some, but I managed eventually.

mas fred posted on the thread Struggling... on the Lyon forum

Start a thread in the France forum. telling the users a little about yourself, your interests, and mentioning you'd like to talk to other Indonesians in your area.
Perhaps you could ask if others want to make a little Indonesian food club, or some other cultural experience you miss from back home.

mas fred posted on the thread Need to travel.. on the Jakarta forum

Sophie Fisher wrote:

Someone's having another baby! Woohoo!

I'm a little tubby, but that's good food making me look preggers - however, my wife......... :D

I'm unsure about the Woohoo, as I expect a lot of sleepless nights and the cost will be a killer.
Now we must think of names - another game and a half.
Most of the dudes in my family have Edward in there, so that's a must, but probably as a second name.
My daughter wants him to be called, Jack.
Debate is hot and we're open to ideas.