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Fred posted on the thread tips for buying a motor bike on the Vietnam forum

Second hand bikes commonly lack a service history if a less well off person has owned it.
I'd buy a new Honda step though if possible.
Easy to handle.
No worries in the rain...if you own a poncho.
Use very little fuel.

Fred posted on the thread What you can and cant do..and advice. on the Indonesia forum

Immigration price list (As of posting date)

I took this at immigration a few days ago.
You might have to download to see the prices clearly.

These prices are fixed, but you may have to pay extras such as photographs.
Forms and folders are all free of charge at this point, but you have to pay for photocopying.


Fred posted on the thread Gemstones on the Indonesia forum … -Gemstones

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bekasi city government plans to provide a shopping center dedicated to gemstones to accommodate the rapid growth of small-medium enterprises that are focusing on gemstones.

Jainudin Sitanggang, Head of Industry at the Bekasi Industry and Cooperative Agency, said that the plan to gather gemstone vendors in one particular shopping center was based on public demands. "We will also establish a Gemstone Craftsmen Association of Bekasi," Jainudin said on Monday, April 20, 2015.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Another local council meeting went like this.......

Lads, we have a problem with big trucks breaking the road up - got to stop them.
I know, put big, black and yellow striped iron height restriction bars over the roads - that'll stop them.

Better make them really strong - drivers around here are blind and stupid.
Right, heavy gauge bars, and bright as we can make them - no one will hit them.

OK, maybe one, but the rest will see the damage and think twice.
Maybe not....

Seriously, I watched this dude try three times before he gave up. I think he thought the bar would get higher if he hit it a few times.

Another, lighter bar didn't survive.

OK lads, epic fail, we'll have to think of something new.
Hang on, if they're high, they're usually wide as well.

Last night I noticed some had been replaced with massive concrete blocks.

Fred posted on the thread Select some Good job on the Indonesia forum

In this case, our esteemed founder has it wrong (Sorry big J).
The OP has zero hope of a legal job in Indonesia, so there's no point posting anywhere.
Sadly for so many, Indonesia will never grant a work permit to anyone if an Indonesian can do the job.
This is harsh and unpleasant and a dream buster, but is also true.

Fred posted on the thread Photo walks on the Gothenburg forum

A lovely idea.
I hope you find friends to share your hobby with.
I wonder if you'd care to share a few of your photos on this thread; it may encourage people to join you.

Fred posted on the thread Juff from india on the Russia forum

hozzpower wrote:

Hello, I am Juff from India living here last 12 years, doing small small business and some services too. Russia is good and makes me always happy.

It's nice to hear your life is going well.
Welcome to the forum. :)

Fred posted on the thread find a job on the Indonesia forum

Sad as it is, HH is absolutely correct.
Unless you have special skills (unavailable or rare in Indonesia) you have no hope of finding legal work.
There's just too great an unemployment problem here for that to change in the near future.

Fred created a new thread on the Indonesia forum

NOT ON THE FORUM - Jobs & Housing adverts or Commercial postings

Please be aware that when you joined Expat-Blog you agreed to the terms and conditions of membership.  These included the following extracts from the Code of Conduct.


If you want to post a job offer or if you are looking for a job, please post on the Indonesia Jobs section.

If you are looking for an accommodation or want to offer one, please go to the Indonesia Housing section.


The forum is not aimed at helping you to promote your company and products. If your thread is of a commercial nature, please use the dedicated sections: we invite you to register in the Indonesia Business directory or to have a look at our Advertising page.

For more information please consult this thread

Many thanks for supporting EB.

(My thanks to Gravitas)

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

My phone rang, a mate from Java.
He's coming to Jakarta tomorrow, so it's find a restaurant and have a bite later.
I'll take the car; last time we met, a load of us ended up having lunch in Living world.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

The conversation went ........

Right lads, we need to make this road wider.

Great idea, we'll get on with it.

Hang on, have we worked out all the details?

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

No unemployment benefits means people work - or starve.
No need for debate, but people will and do have a go at anything to make money.

Delivering newspapers.

Selling plastic stuff.

or open a market stall. Many towns have markets - the roads remain open, if you can get through.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

People often ask me why I want to stay here, rather than a much more developed western country.
One of the many reasons is crime - or the very low level of it.
I'm not claiming Indonesia is free of crime, but it's nothing compared to the UK.
Try leaving this lot hung on a motorbike whilst you go shopping in any English city; it won't be there when you get back, but it's very common to see this here.

Fred posted on the thread Gemstones on the Indonesia forum

All over the place, including various street sellers - if this is what you're looking for. by [url=[at]N06/]Indofred[/url], on Flickr

Gravitas wrote:

The first step is to find out if your professional qualifications (i.e. degrees, specialisations, masters, etc.) are recognised in Indonesia.

Sadly, he has little or no hope of finding legal work here.
Plenty of qualified Indonesians, so no hope of getting a work permit.

One ray of hope....

If the OP has special skills, not easily available in this country, he can get a legal job.