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mas fred posted on the thread Immigration at the airport on the Jakarta forum

As a note.

Immigration used to be very corrupt, but I've had no problems at all for years now.
Maybe there are cases where corruption still happens, but this isn't one of them so I think it's extremely unfair of these people to complain.
As for the Newspaper, they must be really pushed for stories if this rubbish is all they have to print.

mas fred posted on the thread What you can and cant do..and advice. on the Indonesia forum

jennabarry wrote:

I haven't started yet but I am now worried about the exit that your job gives you
So if you want to leave your job as it doesnt suit but you have a 2 year contract does that mean they do not have to sign you out?

The company pays for your visa and work permit, as well as flights.
That represents quite a loss if you leave before the first year, so they tend to charge you the costs.
That seems perfectly reasonable.
You can't legally leave the country without an exit permit but, the truth is, if you manage, there's little they can do except ban you from returning.
However, if they catch you trying, you could well end up in serious trouble, as well as losing your air fare.
I strongly suggest no one tries it.

As for two years - don't.
The company only gets a one year work permit, so the common reason they want you to stay is, they have a high staff turnover.
Take that as you wish, but there is no way I'd sign a 2 year contract without a very special reason.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Accidents are very common out here, most caused by gross stupidity.
Lack of any training covers most reasons for terrible driving/riding.

In this one, the motorcyclist overtook the microbus, ramming the van that was coming the other way.
He went sliding and, as I understand it, the new looking Daihatsu van he hit, slammed his anchors on.
A microbus behind the van swerved to avoid that accident, only to hit the microbus the motorbike had overtaken in the first place.
The only serious injury was the biker, who had a broken leg in the form of an open fracture - the bone sticking out of the skin.
Nasty and very expensive; probably enough to put him in debt for a lot of years.
No idea who will end up paying for the rest of the damage.

One microbus, the least damaged one.

The second suffered a lot more, losing a bit of the front and the windscreen.

The bike was stuffed inside the microbus; I assume it will end up in the police station,probably with both buses. No clue about the van.

mas fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

A couple of snaps from the roads.

My wife went mad when she saw this, asking why I didn't buy them

Early model BMWs are still on the road here.

I wonder what would happen if the white car caught up with the bamboo.

Bob K wrote:

What are you talking about?

Maybe post this in the appropriate forum (specific country or city) rather than in  a general one.

Bob K

Curiosity attacked me with a big hammer, so I tried to find out what the OP was talking about.
One seems to be a mis-spelling, but may be in Florida, the latter being In Istanbul.
I think I'll give  up and cook a sausage sandwich for breakfast.
As a note, Lotte supermarket in Bintaro, Indonesia, sells excellent beef sausages. I like to fry a couple and drop them on top of a slice of brown bread, with copious quantities of tomato sauce and either  a little honey mustard, or some sweet pineapple chilli sambal.
A sort of psudo hot dog.

mas fred posted on the thread Presidential election on the Indonesia forum

The challenges are less than over. … awyer-Says

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa lawyer Habiburrahman, said that the trial concerning the presidential election dispute at the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) will begin on Wednesday, August 27 2014. "The appeal [submitted] to the PTUN is related to legitimacy, whether Joko Widodo's candidacy was legally flawed or not," said Habiburrahman.

Elza Syarief, a member of from Prabowo's legal team also said that the appeal to the PTUN had been filed before the judicial review request was submitted to the Constitutional Court.

In the appeal to PTUN, Prabowo challenged the recapitulation result of the General Election Commission (KPU). Habiburrahman said that the permanent voters list (DPT) was not in accordance with KPU regulation No. 477 on DPT. "The document is legally incorrect. Therefore, the recapitulation should be annulled," said Habiburrahman.

Will this dude ever realise, his silliness is damaging Indonesia.
Or perhaps he does know, but there's way too much cash at stake for him to care what happens to the country he claims to love.
Who knows?

In other related news.... … Curriculum

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 2013 Curriculum apparently earned several controversies, starting from its study books to its teaching system. Tarjono, a teacher at State Middle School 181 Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta, claimed that the curriculum forced teachers to master a subject beyond their educational background. "Teachers must also understand other study branches. This can lead to misconception," he said.

I'm going to be brutal here; if a primary teacher can't keep up with those dumbo designed text books, they shouldn't be teaching.

AND>>>>>>>> … raft-case/

Jakarta. Testimony implicating Muhammad Nuh, minister for education and culture, in graft-ridden projects involving his ministry and several lawmakers, emerged on Monday during the trial of former Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum.

Graft convict and former Democratic Party treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin said Nuh attended meetings where several ministry projects were being discussed.

Also present at these meetings were Anas and former Democratic Party deputy secretary general Angelina Sondakh, who was also convicted in a graft case.

Sam1234567 wrote:

A presidential decree recently issued through the ministry of education prohibits Indonesian kids from registering to international schools in Indonesia. When in the past parents could apply for derogation this it seems is no longer accepted.

I think you're talking about UU 17/2010, a law passed in 2010, but not really much bothered with as no one seemed to be able to sort things out for ages.
Not really my field, but I understand the old national plus schools will become international schools, and international schools will be called, foreign or non Indonesian schools.
(I could be wrong here as the thing seems to be a rare old mess)
As I understand it, the national plus must have either 4 or 5 local teachers to every foreigner, and the international (foreign) schools can't have local students.
There was also something about serious restrictions on foreign teachers, I think I read something about them being allowed to teach English, but nothing else.
Last I heard, it was still up in the air, but that may have changed this year with the introduction of the new Indonesian national curriculum.
My daughter has a set of those books and I can assure you, they're absolute crap that wouldn't challenge a semi dead dog's brain.
Whoever wrote that utter rubbish must assume Indonesian kids are as thick as two short planks.
To the subject in hand, the naughty Indonesian pervert caretakers at JIS may well have added to this problem as the evil little toads seem to have either upset someone with power, or someone with an agenda has seen a chance to cause problems.

Sadly, it's mostly Indonesian kids that'll suffer from this stupidity but, as the OP suggests, other mixed race or foreign kids might well kop for a little brown stuff from the fan as well.
I've just been to my sister in law's school to deliver some bits and bobs to her, and the kids were crowding round, trying to learn a little extra English.
(that's a local Muslim boarding school)
As with Malaysia when they effectively dropped English, Indonesia will find itself with serious problems because of a lack of English speakers.
The slightly good news (from a selfish point of view), my kids will have a massive advantage in the job market as few Indonesian will be able to compete with them.

mas fred posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I'm going to push the boat out here.
What really bugs me about Islamic (or any other) extremists.
They spend all that cash and devote so much effort to making people miserable, killing and destroying, but do nothing about people in real need.
If you want to serve the almighty, or even just be a reasonable person, scrap the violence and do something about this.

Use your gun and bomb money to open a school, educate those who have no hope of eduction,  and make people see the good side of the religion.
These fools make others hate Muslims and thus are enemies of Islam, as well as the rest of the world.

Guys, grow up and learn to love, not hate.


mas fred posted on the thread looking for molasses in Indonesia on the Jakarta forum

Teachers hang out in the Royal oak pub, just up from ITC plaza.
Essential place for networking.
If hubby is qualified, fair chance he'll find something from there, or at least meet some nice people.
If you're on a KITAS with work permit, he should be able to go to immigration Tangerang and get a KITAS.
He can't work on that, but it'll save all the messing around doing visa tuns.
Wander up, go upstairs and start the process. He'll need you with him, and all the paperwork you can think of, including marriage certificate.
That will cost about Rp1 million, including taxis.


mas fred posted on the thread looking for molasses in Indonesia on the Jakarta forum

Rats - just seen the bit about the pushbike.
Loads of bike shops.
For non or mildly serious, buy one in Giant. Get something with suspension or your bum will turn into something a baboon would be envious of.
The serious should be at a real bike shop. There are several in BSD, but I would suggest you check prices first, then go and see the guy at the gas pipe mountain bike trail.
To get there, go to the police station, turn left and follow the road to Bintaro until you see it.
Ask for, Toko sepeda, jalur pipa gas Serpong.

mas fred posted on the thread looking for molasses in Indonesia on the Jakarta forum

Taxis in BSD.
Don't try to order a Taxiku - they have never managed to turn up when I've ordered one. I've used them several times 'off the street' and they've been fine.
Download the blue bird android app. Works a treat.

The big Giant is about the best for supermarket shopping.
The small Giant is handy if you live near Melati mas.
That French place I can't spell is in ITC, but I rarely go as I don't like it much.
The tech floor of ITC is good, but the buggers always try for stupid prices, so I don't use it. I get sick of telling them to sod off and trying to find a stall with a reasonable price.
Cinema 21 is in BSD plaza. Nice place and you can check the films using their android app. The plaza is small, but handy for electronic bits and bobs (Glodok electronics is really handy).
21 do a nice sweet and sour chicken.

mas fred posted on the thread looking for molasses in Indonesia on the Jakarta forum

Used bikes are all over the place, including several shops around BSD.
Don't expect any sort of guarantee, even from a shop, because you won't get one.
If you buy, make sure the bike has:
An STNK (police registration certificate)
A small book with a police logo that is the effective ownership document for the bike.
A receipt from the seller with a materai (legalisation stamp) over the signature.
A photocopy of the owner's KTP

Depends on the bike, age and general condition, but 6 to 8 million should get you something pretty good.
A new machine will cost 12 million or so, but buy direct from Honda.
Used bikes aren't commonly serviced as they save money on things like oil by not changing it.
Taxing a used bike can also be interesting. They may ask for the KTP (ID card) of the previous owner, and/or ask you to change the number plates. That'll cost you about a million, so factor that into the price of the bike.

You'll also need to do a test and get a SIM C.
See your PM for the way to do that the actual way, not the rubbish you're supposed to do.

Driving on Indonesian roads is an art form that requires extreme care, expecting someone to do something even dafter than the suicidal fool that did the last really stupid thing, and evolving eyes in your arse.
The latter should take about 6 million years but you need them the first day out if you wish to live.

mas fred posted on the thread Presidential election on the Indonesia forum

We aren't quite clear of the woods. … l-settled/

Jakarta. If Joko Widodos supporters thought that Thursdays Constitutional Court ruling had removed the final obstacle standing between their man and the State Palace  they had underestimated the ability of Indonesian law to throw in one last Kafkaesque twist.

Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi urged Joko on Friday to hand in his resignation as Jakarta Governor to the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) at the earliest possible opportunity.

He should step down, because he should not hold two state official posts. A governor is a state official, so is a president, Gamawan said, as quoted by the state-run Antara news agency. His resignation has to be approved by the Jakarta Legislative Council.

But the DPRD does not have to accept Jokos resignation, which could mean Joko is unable to take his seat in the State Palace in October.

There is a precedent.

When Fauzi Bowo served as Jakarta governor, his deputy, Prijanto, handed in a letter of resignation in March, 2012, but it was not ratified by the DPRD. Prijanto was forced to continue as deputy governor until Joko won the next election.

Gamawan said Joko required a minimum of 54 councilors voting in favor of his resignation.

Ive counted it, Jokos coalition at the Jakarta DPRD consists of only 50 seats, Gamawan said. He needs at least 54 councilors to approve his resignation. I hope there will be no rejection.

mas fred posted on the thread Hard to make Indonesian friends? on the Jakarta forum

When I wander with my camera, I can't stop people coming up to me, wanting to chat.
Most are just one off conversations, but a few have become friends.
Bars are poor place to try to find new pals.

mas fred posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I'm a big fan of good news, so I'll post some. … -isil.html

A man dressed in Muslim garb handed out flyers to people passing the Muhammad Ramadhan Mosque in Pekayon, Bekasi, West Java, on Wednesday night.

The flyer was an invitation for local Muslims to wholeheartedly reject the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during a halal bihalal (post-Idul Fitri gathering) at the mosque. Hundreds of local people attended the event, which consisted of prayers and speeches on the evils of ISIL. ...
...I dont want this mosque to be tainted by teachings that encourage the use of violence, slander and open hatred against other religions and Muslims. These must be false teachings. This is Indonesia, we are not in conflict like Iraq or Syria, Kyai Abdul Hadi, a Muslim cleric from South Bekasi, told The Jakarta Post.

I hope to see more people rejecting extremism, and being very public about it.