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Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

robpw2 wrote:

To support LGBT rights around the world various towns and cities have been painting a Zebra crossing rainbow colours similar to that of the LGBT pride flag.

Whilst in Floriana today just down the road from Valletta we noticed they have also done the same

robpw2 wrote:

however as you will see from your picture of it originally it's not a Zebra crossing not was it ever

Yes, it seems the OP was very misleading, no, inaccurate. (Wrong)
Luckily, I noticed the error, then produced evidence to show the OP's mistake.

However, regardless of the OP's large error, the point stands.
Messing about with road safety in order to make a political point is wrong, especially if, as has been commented, Malta's roads are already unsafe.

Kadek Nila Utami wrote:


There are many English teachers offer their services to teach us English online, maybe one I can choose, but they provide a price, how do I get a scholarship here ? If I could choose one of them (or several institutions around where I live, the city of Singaraja / Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia) and then make a recommendation to you to be given a scholarship ? Please advise.

Thank You,

Kind regards,

Nila :)

Your longer posts have reasonable grammar and employ a wide vocabulary.
The quoted post does not.
That means one of a very few things.

Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

The crossing was a useless mess before this stupidity, but that doesn't excuse the useless stupidity.

If the rods are that bad, surely road safety comes before political points.

Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

robpw2 wrote:

Look I'm sorry I made a mistake ok - I should have said Indonesia ... Point still stands how does a rainbow crossing in Malta affect him in anyway ... It doesn't  simple

I said to you in the PM, if you dislike me posting here, cry yourself to sleep.

The question is, does it make any actual difference to you?
The answer being, only if you use that part of that street.

This isn't a Malta specific issue, more of a general political one, and I have an opinion on the subject.
My opinion is clear, no one should mess with road safety to make a political point - even if I happen to agree with the point.

Yes, gay people are exactly the same as anyone else - people - but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to mess with road marking to make a political point - it is not.
The zebra crossing lines give maximum contrast in any lighting conditions, this version is seriously inferior, and could be confusing or distracting.
There are several version of this, including the Malta copy, and they're all share one thing - they're all a blindingly stupid idea.
If someone set up a mock version in a pedestrian area, it's fine, but not on a road that vehicles use.

Of course, there's another issue no one has expressed.
Is it reasonable to spend public money in order to push a political opinion?
If this is allowed, could an extremist party demand zebra crossings be all white, and paid for from public purse?
I understand racism to be a major issue over there, so could possibly gain quite a lot of support.
Would that be acceptable?

If you allow public money to be spent on one political ideal, every group can demand their views be equally expressed.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

You can always tell when it's hairy fruit season out here, and all without looking up at the trees.
People sit at the side of the road selling them

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

To suggest chocolate is popular in Indonesia is one of those, "is the Pope a Catholic" sort of things.
It's really popular, but this is a little silly all the same.
And, yes, it is real.

Fred posted on the thread What you can and cant do..and advice. on the Indonesia forum

Identity card (KTP) / Family card (KK)

Foreigners on a KITAP are required to get a KTP.
The process is simple, but can be a real pain to get through.
Most of the problem is the local government officials are commonly unfamiliar with the law on this matter, assuming that foreigners can't have a KTP or appear on the family card.

This is wrong, but that little snippet of information can be hard work to get over.
That in mind, click this link, then print out the page.
It explains the law, so should ease the problems. … k-ktp-wna/

If all goes well, that should look after the problem.

Whatever happens, ALWAYS remain polite. The first angry word is very likely to mess you up until you move house, so don't bother trying.

Added - Some Pak RT/RW (Area head) just don't want you to have any documents, so you'll have a heck of a job with this.
If they don't want to help you, you have little chance of getting one done without causing a whole mess of trouble.


azeem56 wrote:

Is it necessary to have woman caretaker ? What if a good and nice and well behaved guy would do that for you ?

Posts offering men to do this job are unacceptable in a thread of this nature.

I would ask all the male posters to refrain from adding messages here unless they know of a suitable lady who would like this job.
Thank you.

Fred posted on the thread A day in the life ...... on the Indonesia forum

"Life, don't talk to me about life", said marvin the paranoid android.

How wrong can an android be? life is great, a dream come true.
However, there are tiny downsides, mostly with the odd bad nut case of a person.
There am I on the train, minding my own business, when a steaming great turd walked up to me and prodded me hard in the stomach, presumably looking for a fight.
15 years of tae kwon do means my middle, whilst a little padded with more than a little McD's, is as hard as rock, so he hurt his fingers.
He spent most of the rest of the journey staring at other people, trying to provoke a response from them.
When a seat finally did become empty, he pushed a few people out of the way and grabbed it.
By this time every bloke in the carriage was looking at him, and love wasn't in their eyes.
I tweeted his photo.

Another odd dude this afternoon. A bloke came begging for rice, accompanied by two women, both dressed as black dustbin liners. I think they were going to a fancy dress party.
Much as I have no personal objection to dress code, that is more than unusual out here, and they're commonly viewed with suspicion. I try not to prejudge, but this dude was odd in the extreme.
The maid opened the door but, upon the dude seeing me, he refused the rice and buggered off.
As a note, right or wrong, a woman dressed in that manner out here is commonly referred to as "a terrorist's wife".  With behaviour like that, you can understand where that idea comes from.

I had one some years ago in Purwokerto - a dude dressed in full Muslim kit called me an unbelieving dog - an insult as serious as it is stupid. I said Shahada, then left him to whirl the cogs in his idiotic brain, trying to work out what went wrong with his hateful stupidity.

I see it this way - the world has a whole pile of problems to cope with, so people who deliberately create more are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

Fred posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

So maybe better just allow english teachers with University Degree for teaching English and stop teachers who just have simple TEFL certificate.

Those rules are already in place, and wise.
Does Indonesia need guidance from expats? In this case, the government needs guidance from someone.
Malaysia dropped English and realised what a serious mistake they'd made.
Hong Kong did the same - same result.
Indonesia is still a new country, still finding its way and exploring possible futures, and I want to see that future a bright one.
I have two kids here so, as a father, I want them to grow up in a country that is the best it can be.
Nationalism is great, so I'll salute the red and white with you, and with pride, but I can't support policies that exclude people that will help Indonesia grow and become Indonesia raya.

Will expats come here for the lifestyle? Yes, and that's no bad thing if they help Indonesia.
Some of us, Luke and myself included, have made a greater commitment to Indonesia, and I'm guessing Luke would be as sad to leave as I would.
Personally, as soon as I can get the paperwork sorted, I'm aiming to become WNI, meaning I have to commit even more to Indonesia.

I love Indonesia and its people, so I want the best for them - making life hard for people that can help Indonesia can't be a good move.

As for Japan - they're a bit of a special case in some ways, but have serious problems in many fields.
Look at their problems finding pilots and other professionals that must have a high degree of English. … RFf5vmUeSo … advantage/

Sorry I do not mean to offend anyone.

A politely expressed opinion is never offencive. Should anyone find it so, it's their issue, not yours.

Fred posted on the thread Need some help to move to Europe on the England forum

Don't restrict yourself to looking at one country, especially one that will be difficult to get into.
Politics commonly cause problems for people, so you have to get a little creative, and less fussy about where you go.

Fred posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Much as I love Indonesia, and support/encourage all expats to learn as much Indonesian as they can, these rules aren't clever.
I want Indonesia to be the best it can be, but that massive potential will never be reached if foreign workers, especially essential professionals and quality language teachers are impossible to find.
Indonesia needs these people in order to develop and, in the case of English teachers, communicate with the world, so I find it very hard to understand the logic of trying to exclude them.
I fully understand the need to restrict unskilled workers, and the obvious chaos if too many of them arrive.

That in mind, I would urge the Indonesian government to most urgently review these regulations, thus allowing Indonesia to improve, so giving my large adopted family of the Indonesian people the best chance they can have for their future, and their children's future.

Fred posted on the thread Any Photographers! on the Doha forum

Perhaps you could post a couple of examples of your preferred subject type to give others an idea of your photographic 'bent'.
It might well generate a bit of interest.

Cities have a happy habit of having something for every taste.
Maybe you should just take your camera for a walk and see what happens.

Fred posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Wonderful country with lovely people.

I love Indonesia, and love chatting to the people I meet on my travels.
The photography (well, snapshots - I'm hardly good enough to claim to be a real photographer) sees me exploring bits of the country no one else ever bothers to go.
I enjoy meeting people from the other Indonesia, the one no one ever puts on a travel website, and they never fail to impress me.
These people have little to smile about, but they still smile.
If that's not impressive and something to aim for in life - nothing is.

Welcome to the forum, a happy, sunshine sort of place where people try to help others.
I'm unsure I can do much directly, but I would like to wish you the best of luck in finding your place in England.
Just a thought - have you considered further education? A part time uni (Like the open university) or one of a million collage courses that are available cheaply in the UK.
Get's you out, meet new people, and perhaps puts you back up to date with events in your field.

Whatever you do - good luck, and try to smile.

Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

Painting lines is a road safety issue, not a Malts specific issue.

Several versions of this have been painted in a few countries, and my opinion remains the same.
No way anyone should play with standardised road markings to make a political point.

I made no comment on Maltese traffic law - you made that up in a minor fit of terminological inexactitude.

I have no problem with the ideal of attempting to dump bigotry, but I dislike the way they've done it.
Should someone paint one in India, another country I've never been to, my opinion would remain the same.

Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

robpw2 wrote:

thanks for your insight fred ...amazing how you have seen it without being in malta ... hows the tardis working out .

I do apologise for invading your forum and commenting on photos you posted.
I don't need a TARDIS, just the ability to see the photos you posted - you do recall posting them, don't you?

I could even get wild, and see this stupid idea being painted onto the roads.

Still, I'm sure I'm not allowed to post here, more so if I happen to disagree with you.
Should I apologise for having an opinion and, if so, please tell me what's allowed to be posted in this section, and give me a list of who is allowed to post here.
I know I'm not allowed to post comments about a British phone company, even though the other posters didn't bother checking out the minor fact the phone in question had been blocked months before the thread was posted.
I now know I'm not allowed to comment on your photos of stupid lines being painted on Triq sant' Anna  roads.

Any more?

I'll stop reading the news as well, just in case my TARDIS gets the huff on. … RAy__mUeSo

If you get replies via your email, they won't be of any benefit to anyone else.
As for schools - are they different for Pakistanis?
One last thing - why do you only want help from pakistanis?
There are many excellent members of this forum that might well be able to help you, but many of the regular posters are not from Pakistan.
You rather limit yourself.

Fred posted on the thread a calm place in England on the England forum

Lots of calm villages, but little chance of work, and the shopping is rubbish.
The Yorkshire is lovely, perhaps somewhere around Malham, near the cove is amazingly beautiful.

Fred posted on the thread Rainbow crossing Floriana on the Malta forum

robpw2 wrote:

perhaos they should add he following disclaimer

No zebra crossings have been harmed in the painting of these road markings

I'm less that sure there is truth in that.
Zebra crossing are black and white for maximum contrast, thus visibility, thus safety.
Rainbows either side - fine
Rainbows on the first rectangle - fine.
The rest is a bad idea.

Edit - it also makes me think I'm on illegal drugs ... but it does look nice.
Good idea - wrong place.

Fred posted on the thread Buy Joglo House Bali Java on the Bali forum

sophiefoucher wrote:

So i am looking for serious contacts in Java/Bali who sell traditional Javanese house.

Don't know how I missed this one.
The best way is to wander the villages looking for manufacturers.
There are loads around, but hardly any advertise.
Within a few km of my place there are 4 or 5 that come to mind, but all work and deliver locally.
There are bound to be a bunch on Bali.
Hang on ... I'll google. … 7.8444j0j7

Yep, loads advertise, so they'll be a pile more that don't - and are probably cheaper.