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Iran is heading into a new era now sanctions are being lifted.
Without getting into politics, that's very likely to mean that country will try to expand business ties all over the world, including France.
That expansion is very likely to open opportunities for expats.

As a bonus - Imagine the holidays, wandering through ancient Persian cites, drinking in a new culture, and seeing thousands of years of history in front of you.

Heck, I sound like a tourist brochure. :D

Go for it.

I'm not usually happy about posting links to sites I don't know, but I want to show there are at least some possibilities for the OP.

I must stress - I don't know this site, so don't assume they're honest and fair.
It's just an example of a possible opportunity. … -4136.html

French Teacher
Mahdavi International School
Tehran, Iran

The mentioned school has its own site, so you can contact them directly.

Fred posted on the thread Cool experience on the United Arab Emirates forum

Hi, welcome to the forum, and I'm happy to see you're enjoying your time in your new country.
Perhaps you'd like to share a little about what made you move abroad.

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I've had dealings with several charities here, and none of the real ones have been anything less than honest, but there are some I dislike because they own top end mini buses and a lot of other fancy kit they don't need to run the place.
I stopped giving to one because a friend and I arranged for a treat to McD's for them, but they couldn't find space in their diary because of so many others doing similar things.
I went on to find a tiny place down a road only a small motorbike could get down, and they truly had nothing.
On my daughter's birthday, we had the party in pizza hut, but invited the kids from the orphanage instead of Michelle's friends.
Something they'd unlikely to have the chance at without someone to help out.
You should have seen the smiles.

I would strongly suggest hunting out tiny orphanages, or charities that deal with providing medical care and/or education to poor communities.

Apart from the satisfaction of seeing where your efforts have gone, you get to know the people you're helping.

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Depending on your printer, you can commonly get external ones that sit on the side of your machine, refill with a cheap squirty bottle, and cost almost nothing per sheet.
I fitted one to my Canon a few months ago - I'm still on the first set of bottles after two months of fair use.

Try local computer malls (if you have them there)

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Whilst no one would claim Indonesia doesn't still have corruption problems, the charities I deal with don't suffer from them.
Broad, unsupported statements don't do any good.

Perhap the accuser could back up her claims with records of convictions.
Then we'd know which charities to avoid.

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The Dutch were kicked out for a number of reasons, one being a seriously clever Indonesian president.

However, that doesn't really excuse unthinking nationalism, or expats who refuse to be part of the country they chose to work in.

I think Roy and I share about the same opinions regarding expats who want to change a country to suit themselves.

VictorSS wrote:

I´ve been there for 2 months and from what I could see... there are opportunities in the hospitallity field... such as hotel management, resorts HR and so on.... Also.. there should be jobs for foreigner English Teachers... or even working in the trade business (import/export) and I do believe that being fluent in English and knowing how to deal with people is a great advantage...

There are plenty of well trained and efficient Indonesians to fill posts in the tourism and hospitality fields, so your chances are quite limited there.

Forget teaching English - You have to be a native from one of a very short list of countries, and you aren't.

International trade is a possibility, but you have to prove you're qualified, and have a background in the field you wish to work in.

When you've considered that lot, you have to find an employer willing to jump through all the hoops it takes to employ a foreigner, and is willing to pay the fees it takes to hire you.

Perhaps these basics will be of help:
Anything below a degree level education with kill your chances stone dead.
Anything short of wide experience in your field will do the same.
If an Indonesian is available to do the job, you can't get a work permit to do it.

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XB23 wrote:

Your chances are quite limited as I believe the majority of au pairs are from the EU, hence don't require a work visa to enter and take up the job. I am not sure about the possibility of obtaining a permit to work as an au pair in the UK, given that there is probably more supply than demand for this. You have better prospects if you have something in demand. Take a look at this: … l_2015.pdf

An excellent post, combining information with reality.
As was said, the ease of entry for EU citizens makes it vary hard, but not impossible, for non-EU people to get to the UK.
The unemployment situation over there is against you.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I gather you're looking for a job in the UK.

Perhaps you would like to post in the jobs section in the green banner at the top of the page.
You'll get more views there.
If you want to know more about visas, just ask on this thread; there are many helpful posters willing to share information.

Good luck,

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unnippan wrote:

I also received job offer from crescenthospital.They are asking 1450 dollar for visa process.I believe it is a scam

The message is very unlikely to come from the place they claim to be, but it is a scam.

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lukereg wrote:

Remaining off topic and this is for Mas Fred.

Where's the Spanish inquisition when you need them?

I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition.

floridian2015 wrote:

Also, tell me how much of a budget would I need monthly to live in Surabaya (including rental, electricity, water, TV, any other expenses you can think of)
(in US dollars).

Converting to US$ is fine to get an idea, but never use them in Indonesia.
Apart from that being illegal, you'll get ripped off.

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Trouble at t'mill … oyees.html

At least 500 workers who are members of several labor unions in Cilacap regency, Central Java, staged a rally on Tuesday to reject the government’s policy to ease requirements for foreign employees seeking jobs in Indonesia. -

....“In Cilacap, there are hundreds of foreign workers. They are very exclusive people. They don’t want to be acquainted with us. They are living in luxurious hotels while our salaries are far from enough to cover just our basic needs,” said Darmono, 34

Two thoughts come to mind.

Blind nationalism, without the slightest thought for the damage they will do to their companies is very silly, but can spread easily. The foreigners are usually there to engage in activities the locals are as yet unable to do, usually expertise in a given industry and/or their ability to communicate with foreign buyers. If these people were removed, the factories would probably have a very hard time doing business, but jealousy doesn't allow for rational thought.
Much of the problem is the poor state of the English language in Indonesia, and that requires more native English speaking teachers, and a will from the government.
Neither seems to be happening as the government is making life difficult for the very people they most urgently need.

Foreigners making themselves part of the community makes for good relationships with the local population.
Sitting in some fancy tower block, being driven to work in a car the locals can't even hope to afford, then hanging in an office all day with no attempt to understand the people under you is a recipe for trouble.
Dudes - get out there and take part in local events, get to know the people around you.
You'll have a far better time and this silly hate/jealousy/whatever will be avoided.

Should the Indonesian language requirement be scrapped? Yes
Should foreigners learn it anyway? Yes

Making fluent Indonesian a requirement would stop the experts coming to Indonesia, but they really need to interact with the community if they want to fully experience all that Indonesia has to offer - and that's a lot.

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The helmet comments are correct.

When I bought my first motorbike, I asked my instructor how much was good to spend on a helmet.
He replied, "Whatever you think your head is worth".
As I'm as arrogant as I am intelligent, I spent a lot of money.

To accidents and helmets - One bang and it's in the bin - Easy as that.
The helmet can look fine, but there could well be serious weakening of the structure that'll leave your unprotected head bouncing down the road should another tank slapper occur.

As for cheap helmets commonly available in Asia - Don't - they're rubbish.

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They arrested another man who doesn't look like the suspect, then named a Thai woman who doesn't look like the suspect, and who hasn't been in Thailand for 3 months.
Perhaps she has a really big remote controlled car.

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Loads of scams from the UK, or at least look like they're from the UK.

There are loads of accommodation addresses available, but you can't get round the duff contact details with scams using big names, or simple searches for scams using lesser known companies.

It doesn't usually take much to weed them out and ban them, but you can't stop greed driving people to waste their cash, end up in sex slavery, or whatever. … -1-2994327

When the case reached court it emerged Marinela was one of five women promised homes and jobs but who instead were "beaten and degraded".

Promised a job, ended up being raped by several men every night, but people still believe the scammers' rubbish.

Fred posted on the thread Looks like real on the Abu Dhabi forum

The really odd things.
We know they took their introduction from wiki, the email is a fake, and we know the salary offered is impossible.

Fools rush in.......

OK guys, check your emails and filter the crappy spam - we have to put up with it because people don't use their brains.
Am I blaming the foolish and greedy? YES, I am.