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Hi Sharmi.. you can check on the Vietnam Sections of Ads or bulletin. You might get lucky and found some jobs there.


i will sir versan!! thank you!

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I suggest you take MGE and EMP taxis, they never do contracts and stuffs and they are very strict in their policies so the drivers are disciplined enough. most of them also present a receipt along with the total amount so its gonna be up to you if you'd like to give them tips :) you can actually can them here are their numbers (MGE)
Phone number: +63 2 364-82-60
Phone number: +63 2 363-60-96
Phone number: +63 2 366-62-14
Phone number: +63 2 366-62-87

They will trace the taxi nearest you but the meter will start on the location they are at.
I hope this helps :)

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desire to work in Maldives

Hi all!!

I was suppose to fly to Maldives because I was offered a job but because my family doubts about the process of employment with regards to my employer, it was cancelled.
If there is anyone there who can help me land a job in the hospitality industry? I have a 1 1/2 years experience in a three star hotel as a reservations agent and telephone operator. Just send me a personal message or reply on this thread. Thanks!!

Much love,

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HI Sharmi,

If you are a phone type of person, i would recommend that you get 2 iphones (assuming that you will be calling to one person mostly).

I am sure you must have heard of viber, free text and free calls to other iphones, if you are connected to internet.

you could buy 1GB allowance for RF160=10USD. if your making just voice calls it will easily for for one month.

a land line is provided only for the executives, also in a very few resorts. this you have to check with your employer.

hope this helps,

yeah would be nice to meet in maldives.


Thank you very much mooch!! very helpful :)

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Hi Sharmi,

most of the Maldivian resorts offer over 512Kbps of internet speed to staffs over WiFi.

However, both Maldivian mobile telecom providers give competitive international calling rates, using ur mobile on roaming is a bad idea, as it will double/tripple what you may pay otherwise. also using a local number will have other advantages as free minuted to local numbers/ you will need this as u will be making oa lot of locals calls to your newly found friends..

hope this helps


Thanks Mooch!

I almost went avail the roaming service. I would need to know more about telephone usage tho coz I am a phone type of person myself here in Manila. I wonder if we would have a local room phone on the resort where we would stay.

Hope to meet you too :)

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Good day all!

My girlfriend Julia and I are on our way to Maldives July 15. She is Russian, 27 and I am a Canadian 31.  Always looking to meet anyone on the way there or anyone who lives there already!!! Can try and help with information since I've lived there before, but no promises...I'll be enjoying the lifestyle as opposed to the computer.

Drop us a line and lets see if we can meet up!

Hi guys,

I am also arriving in Maldives next Wednesday, 27th July. I will be working on one of the resorts in the very north of Maldives. I am Polish, 29, and I live in the UK. I also speak Russian. It would be great to meet new people, the ones who have just arrived on the islands! Keep in touch.


Hi Lenina, I suppose you're already in Maldives, I will soon be flying there too. tentatively on the 31st of August or first week of September, I will also be working on a Resort at North Ari Atoll. I had few inquiries that I posted a while ago on a diffrent forum topic. I'm very concerned on how I could communicate constantly with my family since this will be the first time I will be away from them. Is the internet connection good? I'm wondering also if I could put my phone into "roaming" or will it be wiser to purchase a new one there? Hope to hear from you soon. And if in case we'd work near eachother I hope we could meet. Good day!

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soon be going to Maldives

Hi Im Sharmi, I will soon be going to Maldives because I was offered a job at a hotel (resort) spa located in North Ari Atoll. The lodging, food as well as my medical check ups/support will be shouldered by the company. Its good that I have stumbled upon this site. I live in the Philippines working in the Hotel as well. I just want to know more about living and working in Maldives, what and what not to expect.
My question is how is the internet connection there? if I would like to talk to my family, is there any cellular phone / sim card I can purchase which can be more convenient for me?
Also, because I am fair skinned, how do people dress there since I have read that it is not advisable to wear shorts.
Lastly, I want to ask if christians are welcome there? I am a christian and I am wondring if it is okay for me to bring my bible everywhere or will they be very strict? thank you very much