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A landline??? Why???  I think almost everyone old enough to use a phone has a mobile device of some type.  There are a number of mobile companies TM, Maxis, etc.  Depending on where you'll be living; if you're in KL & surrounding cities, there are a lot of choices.  I'd just do some research.

Hope this helps.

Selamat datang!

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My healthcare experiences here in Malaysia have been fairly limited, but mostly positive.  I have been to a few local clinics for very minor reasons: flu shots and a minor respiratory infection.  For the former, the doctor administered the vaccine without incident, and for the latter, the doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics.  The cost for each visit was less than 100RM respectively.  Expats who've had more serious medical issues may have had different experiences.

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French lessons needed from a qualified teacher

Three English-speaking American expats in living Casa are in need of French lessons at the elementary level from a QUALIFIED teacher. Looking to meet at least 2 times per week and at reasonable per hours rates. Teacher must willing to travel to Maarif for weekly lessons. Please call or text for any additional information and to negotiate rates.

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A gym/health club near Maarif

As spring approaches, I'm trying to get back on my weight training & cardio regimen.  Does anyone know of a decent or health club gym in or near Maarif?  I'm really looking within a reasonable walking distance of Maarif (If I have to take a taxi, I know I won't go very often) and not extravagantly priced.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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Amideast may have some open positions for English Instructors in their country office in Rabat.  Check out their website:

The job is part-time (approximately 90hrs a month), but the pay allows you to live reasonably well.

Good luck,

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Traveling to Marrakesh during Eid

I'm interested in knowing whether it's a good idea to travel for to Marrakesh for 3 days during Eid in November.  Will souks & restaurants be open? I'm also looking for a recommendation on a reasonably priced hotels/farahs near the Medina.  Any information about these things would be greatly appreciated.