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Am moving to Mauritius alone with my kids in Jan (my husband works in Maldives) - i have chosen Grand Baie - but as others say depends what your priorities are. I would recommend a complex or appartment as opposed to an isolated house. I like the North of the island. I have never felt unsafe here.

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Recommendation for Pediatrician

Hi there,

Am looking for some recommendations regarding a good pediatrician / or nurse to do MMR Booster shot for my pre schooler. If you have some suggestions, I would appreciate. Port Louis or the North please.



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Yes yes I know where the school is. I have been coming to Mauritius for quite a few years :) I do like the Grand Baie area a lot. IPS is a September start so am looking at alternatives to then decide where to live!
Thank you!

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Lighthouse primary school

Hello there!

Am looking for some feed back on Lighthouse? Am relocating to Mauritius in Jan 2016 and am selecting different schools that start in January for my now 5 and 3 year old to join.


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play dates :)


Am arriving to Mauritius tomorrow with my 2 kiddos, 5yr old girl and 3 yr old boy. My husband is Mauritian and we might be spending a couple of months on the island. My in laws live in Baie du Tombeau - I have access to a car so am pretty mobile - we have been living very remotely for the past year and the kids are in need of playing with other children :) so please contact me!! I can't host as am not in my own house but we are open for any idea - jardin des pamplemousses, beach, movies what ever! Kids speak english but I speak French as well and need the kids to start learning!!

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hey Chris,

I dont myself work in a resort but live here as spouse si will try to answer somw of your questions, based on what I see happening here!

salary seems realistic - in our resort on a f&b manager position this is what you have access to: own room (I am the only spouse in our resort, but I know lots of resorts where it's not the case!) - the issue  with your fiance is probably more the title, as in she is not your wife... I am not sure you will be able to get a residency for her if not married - but you have to check this I am not sure! all water sports, inc diving (except padi or other certificate you obviously have to pay) . you would be full maintenance so no expenses (food, drinks(check for alcohol dont know - but should be) - clothes washed, appartment cleaned. if you can bring your fiance same for her. for the work it is something you have to ask for, but then she would have a seperate work permit...
my husband works 6 days a week, is gone at 8am, if lucky we have dinner at 9:30pm... so I see him, but not a lot lol - and yes we do have internet ;) just not the best of the best!
have a look at my blog if you want to see some pics, dont  know if I can post it here, but the link is on my profile.
if you have any questions you can always pm me!


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Salary for nanny

Hello Maldives Forum!

I am currently organising our move to the Maldives. We will be living in a resort and have 2 small children - what is the salary range for a nanny? (sri lankan, filippino...) I want to make sure I offer the right and fair conditions  :)


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June is perfect :) lovely sunny days and the evenings are warm! Food wise if you eat local it's cheap.... Transportation wise you can take the bus when you go out of Amman (cheap, and works well though have never tried!! - but know loads who have) taxis are also very available - and cheap Wwhen in Amman - just make sure they put the meter on... Even when you leave a tourist attraction. Specially thinking about the citadel, might be worthgoing of site and find a taxi or walk down to downtown - i believe there are some steps so ewhere.  (there is a post on here somewhere about taxis). Tourist attraction is what you really need ro budget for. Petra for ex. Is 50jd for the day! Jerash around 7-8, public beach at the Dead sea is 16 or 20.  Hope it helps a bit. Please read my blog if you want ideas on what to see... Hope it helps a bit

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Out of curiosity what hotel chain is it? What would you be doing there?? ... hubby is in hotel management here in Amman and I was just wondering!?
The Fillipino community is huge in Amman so you won't feel alone :)

If you have questions please PM me

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Hey Pim... I would say the best months are May-June and September-Oct - not too hot and no rain :) You get your visa directly at the airport (20JD for one month).

Hope you'll like Jordan, it's a fab country!