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peanutbritt posted on the thread looking for playing the piano on the Barcelona forum

A bar called Gipsy Lou in Raval has a piano, I'm sure they'd let you play it as long as their isn't a show. Stop by in the afternoon and see what they say.

peanutbritt posted on the thread Are pets welcome? on the Girona forum

Pets are totally welcome in most places.

BTW I tried to answer your private message to me but you have PMs disabled.

peanutbritt posted on the thread Unemployment in BCN on the Barcelona forum

yes and yes. Lots of unemployed and people never stop talking about it. Though there still are many international businesses here that are doing well here in BCN. If you speak a few languages you should have no problem finding a job, though as an american it will be impossible to get a work visa so plan to work under the table, if you can find a company willing to hire you in such a manner.

peanutbritt posted on the thread Speakeasy language school on the Barcelona forum

I'm going there now. This is my fourth school here and while not the worst, I liked Version Original and Kingsbrook intensive courses better.

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