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aerobie posted on the thread Moving to Nepal on the Nepal forum

Consider investing is a small (2 panel) solar system to give you worry free power even during load shedding.

I recommend looking for a house then you can keep a small garden and a maybe a goat. Consider living outside Ring Road.

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Nepal does invite foreign investment. With proof of atleast $20,000 UDS investment (start up) capital a business visa can be applied for and received. It must be renewed annually, if you wish to keep your business above the table.
The corporate tax rate is reasonable compared to the rest of the world markets, but you may find Nepal has more 'red tape' then in other investment markets.

It is easy to recruit staff, while attracting qualified staff may be a bit more complicated. Those with high education degrees, certifications or advanced experience have their sights set beyond the borders of Nepal.

Nepal is a very young democracy and is open for growth. Don't be of long hours or hard work, you will needed it.

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The buses are old and the taxi seats completely worn flat.
For a 3rd world country I would venture to say the transportation system is very well organized, may not be anywhere near as fast as you might prefer but what do you expect for 10-15 USD, from one large city to the next.
Most buses leave on time and arrive early, thanks to the driver taking corners fast and stopping for every didi along the way.
Relatively safe yes from the stand point of single females may be watched by every male on the bus, most of the trip but there is little fear of being assulted while traveling on public transportation. From the stand point of mechanically safe, just don't expect any mode of transportation to have a current inspection sticker on it.
I prefer to walk while in KTM, saves rupees and the roads are so congested you get a better feel for the city on foot and often make better time then taxis or rickshaws, as they have to wait for the 85 other taxis in front of them you can just walk past all of them.
The main roads of most citys have local bus service. Mini buses (5-20 rupees depending on your destination) can be caught on nearly every heavily trafficed road, most travel to major destinations-bus parks, city center, temples...

I prefer the local bus for city to city travel. mostly because I have paid 'tourist price' on a 'tourist bus' and it was the same bus. So avoid the misconception that you are getting a better standard of bus. Pay the local bus price and arrive at the same time at your destination with a few more rupees in hand. You can always buy an extra lassi or beer to reward yourself for not being duped.

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Just stay in the airport, the New airport is very nice -coffee and toasted sandwiches will hold you over.

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Living in Nepal after living in the states is like being from the future- where everything is fast paced. KTM traffic is a mad dash and the 'hooting' is constant. The slow pace in some areas allows you to enjoy the simple things -morning tea with friends. KTM can also be seen as an untapped resource, a budding opportunity to improve/ enrich life (yours and the Nepalese you meet).
If you have the chance, return and visit a bit longer then 12 days.
Nepal only recently became a democratic society, America has a 200 yrs head start. 200 yrs ago the cobble and unpaved streets of America also had trash clearly visible, carts and horses that moved without following traffic laws. It takes years of good planning, practice and continuing growth as a civil society.
Give Nepal time to move forward. Let yourself be a postive force in change. Lead by example.

p.s. If you happen to get up at 6 a.m. daily, there are street sweepers and trash collectors, walking or pushing a four wheel cart. The don't drive large trucks and don't have matching uniforms. They earn under $4 USD a day (280 NPR) working a full day (propably walking an hour (from home) to start work before you wake).

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I have been in Houston 19 yrs. The cost of living is one of the best in USA, mass transit is not the best but for the size of the city it is good. Houston has not been effected as drastically as other large cities.
Do you have a job or retired? Are you looking to rent a place or purchase?