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You're all asking some very vague questions. My wife recently obtained her PR in Canada, but I am unable to offer any help if you don't elaborate on your situation.
-Where in Canada are you planning on going?
-Do you have a spouse and/or children under the age of 18?
-Do you have any other dependents?
-Are any of the above Canadian or currently residing in Canada with PR?
-Have you applied for PR before and been rejected?
-Do you have someone who can sponsor you for PR?
-Have you done a Labor Market report for you job field?
-Do you have a criminal record?
-and so many more things are all variables.

To be clear, I am not actually asking anyone for this information, but if you are seriously considering applying for Permanent Residency in Canada, you need to do more than just come on a forum and say "how do I do it?".

There are many routes to PR and none of them simple. I am a Canadian who sponsored my British wife. She now has her PR. If I can help in some way, I would be happy to, but I do need a starting point. Read a great deal of this before even responding to this comment:

http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/informatio … /index.asp

It is quite confusing to read, but the help that I can offer is to simplify it a bit so that it is easier to understand.

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No I haven't. Is there a way to do it without being spammy? I don't want to annoy anyone, but I do want to spread the word. The last two years were a lot of fun.

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Canada Day in Glasgow 2013

I am a Canadian living in Glasgow.
For the third year in a row I will be hosting a Canada Day Celebration in Glasgow. It's at a City Centre bar. If you want more details, please feel free to ask here or send me a PM.

Hi. I recently moved to Kelowna and I quite enjoy it. It's not REALLY easy to find a job, but it's not exactly hard either.

We have a one bedroom apartment near town and it's $850/month heat, hot water, and power included. I have a friend who lives in the building next door and he pays $660/month with heat and hot water included. Also, electricity is pretty cheap here. Around $20 -$40 a month for an apartment if you're not running the air conditioner and have heat included.



I've been told that condos are quite cheap here as the market is flooded. I don't know how true that is, but it's what I've been told.

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Anyone from the UK living in Kelowna?

We've just moved here. I'm from the East Coast of Canada, but have been living abroad since 07. My wife is from Glasgow. We spent most of the last few years living there. Michelle (my wife) has heard a lot of Brits around Kelowna and maybe wanted to arrange some sort of UK expat meetup. She's not a member of the forum right now (I'm trying to convince her to join) so message me or post on here and she'll get it. :)

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I am a member of another forum called Internations which is geared at being a working professionals network for expats. You must apply for admittance, but they don't appear to refute many. You may find some help there, but to be honest you're prospects aren't great in my opinion. A company who would sponsor you would also be required to pay all of the fees for the visa process and in some instances a flight home for you as well. Business' aren't keen on spending any money at all right now. If you don't know of it already, try linkedin (uk.linkedin.com/) as well. It's facebook for professional business networking. Good luck, Alex

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As far as I know, if they have ESPN they "should" get it, but it may have changed since last year. Bacchus uses Al Jazeera for their satellite so they get some random channels. I'll ask my wife to check as they have a website channel listing that shows months in advance. I'll get back to you in the next couple days.

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I don't think you'll find anywhere in Glasgow that will show hockey today because there are a few big football matches on. Sno Bar at Braehead might as it's a hockey bar, but even they are only a maybe. Their phone number is 01418857078.

In the future, they don't show it normally, but my wife manages a pub in the city centre. I have hosted a Canada Day party there before and I will again this year (I'm Canadian)nso they're Canada friendly ;) I watched the Olympic final there as well.

Feel free to phone them in the future and ask if they would be willing to put the game on. As Scottish football is wrapping up for the year, as long as it's not clashing with any other big sporting events, they will probably show the game. Not today's though..... Hibs vs Hearts Final.

Bar Bacchus 0141 572 0080


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Will I be an illegal over stayer if......?

Hello Everybody! A question: I am Canadian, my wife is Scottish. I am currently living in the UK on a Spousal Visa. We will be moving back to Canada around the time my visa expires. We will be waiting for my wife’s Permanent Residency application to Canada to process and the time frame cuts it a bit close. I obviously won't be working once my visa is up, but can I stay past the expiry date of my visa or will I then be an illegal over stayer? Can I take a weekend outside the UK and come back into the country as a tourist? Any help would be much appreciated.

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I did my maths based on a pretty bare bones lifestyle. I didn't include any money for a social life or personal shopping.

With that said, here are the minimum wages in the UK just now:
•£6.08 - the main rate for workers aged 21 and over
•£4.98 - the 18-20 rate
•£3.68 - the 16-17 rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18
•£2.60 - the apprentice rate, for apprentices under 19 or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship

So again an over 21 working full time (30-35 hours here) makes £5107.20 before tax and national insurance deductions in a 6 month period.

Keep in mind moving over here the exchange rate as well. £5820 is $9232 AUD and what I've included here is the MINIMUM amount needed to survive. It's also no including money for a hotel or backpackers for the first few weeks while you find a flat.

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Based on an average rent of £500/month (ranging from £300-700) £2500 + average council tax/month of £120 (£100-£200) + deosit = £3720. Then you have to take into account bills, gas and electric in the summer £40/month (£80 in winter) + phone, say two mobiles on ay and go £40/month + transport, two monthly bus passes @ £35 each (so £70/month) = £150 x 6 months = £900 + rent etc. = £4620 + £200/month groceries = £5820. That's my best guess unless someone can point out some flaws or bills missed? Seems about right to me.

By the way. I lived in Brisbane. Loved it. It's a much better city than Glasgow in many ways. Get used to the rain and cold....

No Worries :)
I had a post thought. One thing people always ask is "what's the quickest way to Loch Ness?" to which I usually reply "don't bother." It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Scotland, be geographically and geologically speaking there isn't really anything interesting there. Urqhart Castle is nice enough, but the queues are massive and it's £10 or £15 entry. They even put up walls so you can't take photos. If you really like Nessie it's worth a visit, but if you don't care about that go to Loch Lomond. It's much more scenic, has better hiking, and fewer people. It also has the Drovers Inn. One of my favorite pubs in the country. It feels like you're stepping back in time when you walk in the doors. It's not a cheesy "we're a tradtional Scottish pub" pub. It IS an old Scottish pub that seems as though it hasn't changed in a hundred years or more. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I hope you enjoy your trip and let me know if I can be of any further help. :)

Hi. I'll dive right in. I would suggest definitely hiring a car. The train system is great and is by far my favourite way to travel, but if you want to see the countryside, especially up north, you'll need a car. Within Glasgow (pronounced Glas-go not Glas-GOW) and Edinburgh (Edin-burah not Edin-burg) public transport is pretty good if you know where you're going. Parking is hard to come by and very expensive in both cities. I don’t know what driving is like in Iceland, but the rules of the road are different enough here compared to Canada that I try not to drive in the cities.

There is ample hiking to be done in the Scottish countryside. I would recommend the northwest highlands or the Cairngorms, but the options are endless as you have "the right to roam" according to Scottish law. This means that as long as you are acting responsibly and respectfully you can hike just about anywhere. Here are some information sites about hiking (known here as hill walking) in Scotland.
http://www.ramblers.org.uk/scotland/our … -scotland2

This link is for the Islay (pronounced Eye-lay) Whisky Festival.
Islay is a whisky region and if you have the time this is well worth a visit. It's on from May 25th to June 3rd. It is in a rather hard to reach location so if you're thinking about going, plan ahead.

For castles I would recommend the countryside around Dumphries (pronounced Dum-freece). It's a quiet farming area and doesn’t have a lot going on otherwise, but it is the area of Hadrian’s Wall and therefore has lots of castles that were actually used for defending the border as opposed to many "castles" throughout the country that are simply big, old houses. Not so in this area. Caerlaverock Castle (I'm not sure how to pronounce that one) is probably my favourite. It even has a moat.

In terms of bars and restaurants I'm only going to comment on Glasgow because I don't know enough about Edinburgh nightlife to speak truthfully. This is a subject I could ramble on about for quite some time so I am going to force myself to keep it short and direct you to The List. It's very helpful. Although they don't give a lot of bad reviews you can still gage a restaurants popularity by how active the review is for example how many people are commenting, when it was last updated, how frequently it is featured throughout the site etc. http://www.list.co.uk/food-and-drink/ . Off the top of my head I'll recommend The Ingram Wynd for Scottish traditional, Gandolfi Fish for Seafood, Cafe Source or Cafe Source Too for Scottish Traditional, Trans-Europe Café for Breakfast (but the coffee isn't great), Bar Bacchus for beer and pub grub, Blackfriars for Ales, Boudoir for Wine. And a list for whisky bars: The Bonne Accord, The Pot Still, The Ben Nevis, and Dram. This is a fairly hand site for pubs and bars in general http://www.viewglasgow.co.uk/pubs-bars.aspx

I could go on for a while more, but I need to head to work. Any other questions feel free to message me. I hope this helps.


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Hi, I'm Canadian and my wife is Scottish. We got married here almost teo years ago. It was pretty straight forward. Thee only scary part was the application for Certificate of Approval for Marriage in the UK (aka COA). It was a somewhat in depth background check. I had to send off passport photos and I think my wife had to provide them too, but we're having a hard time remebering. Too many visas, passport renewals, etc. It all blends together. There are a few other things. Applying for a marriage liscense, announcing the rings, booking an appointment with a registrar, but I just finished work and I'm quite tired and having a hard time remembering everything just now. I'll add some more tomorrow, once I've had some sleep... ;)

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A Thank You to the Staff at Expat-Blog

I might not post on expat-blog all that often, but this website has helped me with quite a few immigration questions as well as put me in contact with other expats in Scotland.

I just wanted to say Thank You to the staff!

I check this website every morning with my emails and F*cebook.

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That's pretty normal for most cities. Glasgow parkies will actually walk up and down the same street repeatedly checking time tickets. It's no that they don't like tourists driving, they ticket anyone over time, it's that it's a generally easy way for the government to make money.

Not really, no. Once a year you will receive a form to register for the electoral role, but it is optional to fill this out. Council tax is associated with you and your residential address, but that isn't setup until after you move into a flat/house and is very easy to do.

Now with that said, I am from Canada. It might be different for EU residents, but I've never heard of it. I hope that helps. Any other questions regarding this or anything else, feel free to post again.