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Hi Deniseg,
          Thanks for your feedback. On the CIC website it says - "Gather & submit to the CIO all the documents listed on both checklists"

The First Checklist does not mention any document for Proof of funds.

On the 2nd Checklist which is the Visa Office Specific Checklist it says under point No. 11 -

Refer to the "Proof of Funds" section of our website for exact figures and instructions.
Provide proof of unencumbered and readily transferable funds in a convertible currency available for settlement in Canada (for you and your family members):
•current bank certification letter; or
•evidence of savings balance; or
•fixed or time deposit statements."

Both the checklists and all the documents mentioned in the checklists are expected to be sent at the time of sending the Application.

Thus i was under the impression that i cannot send my Application till i have the minimum funds deposited in the Bank and have a statement or letter from the Bank confirming the same.
Please advise if this is correct or if i can proceed without this for the moment with my other documents (as i have all my other documents ready).

Thank you again for your help. Looking forward to your reply,

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Hi honeyclotte, thanks so much for your reply. i have been through the cic website and am following instructions from there. I am not going thru a consultant doing everything myself which is probably why im finding it so time consuming :). Thanks again for your help...will let you know if i need anything further. Im not sure if i have access to personal messages yet :). Regards, Eric (blrhospitality).

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Need Help / Advice with the Immigration Process.

Hi....sorry if i sound a lil stressed right now :)...reason being that i have everything ready to put in my papers for immigration as a Federal Skilled Worker to Canada including my Police Clearance Certificates. The only thing i don't have immediately is the funds to show in my account but im working on depositing the funds within the next 5 to 6 months and was wondering if it is still possible for me to go ahead and submit my Application for the processing to start and as and when i do have the funds deposited in my account that i then get a statement and forward the same to the Visa Office. I have been advised against doing this as i have been told that my Application would be rejected. What other options do i have it possible for me to somehow get a job offer from there anyone who can help me with this situation ??? Looking forward to your kind response at the earliest as the longer i wait my Police Clearance Certificates as well as my IELTS Scores and other Certificates etc would slowly lose their validity and i would have to again reapply (which again is a lengthy process). Any suggestions on how i should proceed....Thanks in advance for all your support, Regards, Eric.

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Hi Julien, im in the process of applying for immigration, was wondering how the job scene is for Hospitality Professionals especially for Front Office, Reception, Reservations...etc. Im planning to live in Toronto.
Regards, Eric.

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Hello & Thank You everyone....the information posted here is really useful. I am a Hospitality Professional and have been operating / managing a small 20 Room Bed & Breakfast in Bangalore, India. I am in the process of immigrating to Toronto within the next 8 to 12 months (i hope). I was just wondering if it would be easy for me to get a similar job there and if i need any additional certification once im there. I do have the relevant experience but i am prepared to start at the bottom as i do realise that i will have to build Canadian Experience before i can reach a similar level as i am now. i just want to be prepared in case i need to take any additional exams before i can work there. Also in terms of Housing which would be the recommended area (not too expensive) so that i can get an idea. I am a Single Person and thus would prefer a small Studio Apartment. In terms of adjustment what do i really need to be prepared for as a Foreigner in Toronto ? Regards, Eric.

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Looking to purchase a Independant Villa or House anywhere in the Croatian Coastline thus need your advise.

Dear Val,
         Good day to you. I saw your posting on the expat blog and would like to know further details on properties available for sale in Croatia. Im not looking for anything too expensive so please let me know if you have something reasonable. Also what are the requirements if i purchase as a non croatian (foreigner) and what is the difference in rules if
a Croatian National purchases please let me know on both. Awaiting your kind reply.
Thanking You,

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Hi, you can email me on csireservations[at] if you need any further help or info with your relocation or on Bangalore. Take Care, Regards, Eric.

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Hi Darryl,
          Would be happy to help you in any way i can. I have a friend who works with a manpower consultancy firm, im sure she might be able to fit you in somewhere. Let me know if that will help so i can put you in touch with her. All the best.

P.S. Let me know if you also need help with accommodation and transport.

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Hi Jeff,
        just a small note to let you know that if you need any assistance with your temporary or permanent housing we can help you. We work with relocation companies to provide on ground services to expats landing at bangalore. Would be able to assist you with any of your requirements. [moderated: no free ads] Im sure you will like bangalore and i Hope you settle in well. If you need any personal help or advise or info too please feel free to get in touch.