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Retrofire posted on the thread Evening addition to wage? on the Malta forum

If it is offered, it will be specified in the contract. However, most companies do not have extra benefits for 'unsocial hours' and shift allowances are factored into the over all salary.

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There is alot of work for expats in Malta, I work in recruitment for iGaming and being multi-lingual is also a huge plus

Feel free to contact me to find out more about opportunities within the iGaming industry :)

Good luck!

Retrofire posted on the thread WORK-Looking for bilingual employees! on the Malta forum

Why was my comment removed? I was not posting a job, just letting people know that if they are looking for work, I will always be willing to help out anyone I can.

Anyways, view my profile if you need my details :)

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Welcome to Malta, what beautiful weather you brought with you :)

I am a recruiter for an agency over here in Malta, if you are looking  for work, please do send your CV over to me and I will see what we can to do help :)

My email - lucy[at]

I look forward to hearing from you.


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I live in a 2 bed apartment in St Julians. We pay 75 euros ontop of our rent for all bills and so far this has always covered our electricity and water bills (with some change left over)

We always have the air con on and use quite a lot of electricity and our bill has never gone over 75 per month for two people in quite a large apartment. I think quite reasonable :)

Retrofire posted on the thread looking for a job urgently on the Malta forum

Hi ozdennn,

My name is Lucy, a recruiter here in Malta. Feel free to send your CV to me and I always to endeavor to respond the same day, even if it is just for advice :)

I look forward to speaking with you.


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The maltese id card is for all residents not just Maltese nationals. So anyone with the id card issues by the electro commission office will receive the discounted price.

Retrofire posted on the thread Bus fare question on the Malta forum

THe prices are:

Day pass for a Maltese ID card holder: 1.50
Day pass for non-Maltese ID card holder: 2.60

They wont ask you if you have a card, so have it ready when getting on the bus, and they will also check after you have bought the ticket and want to get on another bus with your day pass, so ensure you have it with you at all times.

If you don't show the ID card before being in the drivers line of sight, he will print you a tourist ticket and charge you for one.

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What is your husbands work experience in that field like? Perhaps you can send me a private message. I am a recruiter.

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Hello All,

I am currently looking for a position in igaming. I have come across a small issue in that I am unable to find any position in malta due to my language skills. I am an English native and only speak one language fluently, however I have extensive customer service/customer service management and gaming experience. Does anybody know the names of any igaming companies or recruitment agencies that could help me?

Thanks in advance.

Lu X