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Shenzhen is a good city to come to if you are moving to China for business. It has a world of opportunities for you.

I am teaching here in Shenzhen and have found it difficult to branch out and fine new people or too many things to do besides shopping. I have gone to Windows of the World, a couple hikes, and to Fairy Lake (which I highly suggest!)

Once you do find people and figure your way around it is a great interesting city to move to! I think one has to be creative and really put yourself out there to learn what the city has to offer! I still feel new to the city and still willing to meet new people who can show me more of Shenzhen or just willing to take a chance and explore with me :)

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jonesy wrote:

You will not find an English speaking pharmacist - I haven't in my nine years here.  You can get scripts filled in HK but they probably have to be originated by a doctor in HK - so stock up before you arrive.  For details of health care see this shekou.biz/medical.html

Be very careful when dealing with the shenzhenrent.com folk as their contracts often push the onus for repairs onto the tenant.

I have lived here 8 months in Nanshan. The HOME hospital near Walmart has a western pharmacy, so does CanAm. I don't know the HOME hospital hours but CanAm are only typical business hours which is nice if you only have emergencies during working hours ;)

The HOME hospital is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! I called and they set me up with a translator who spoke English and stayed with me for my whole visit. It costs 100 RMB for the visit and was pretty great care considering the alternative at a Chinese hospital. I also tried a Chinese hospital, bringing my dear Chinese friend along. I saw the line of about 200 people and said NO way! Also try wikishenzhen.com They have directions in Chinese and English so Taxi drivers can know where to go.

Good luck moving! Louho is nice Futian has more options for Westerners, though Shekou has the most.