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Hi, We moved to Belize in 2006 with our two kids age 3 and 5 back then. It would be my pleasure to give you tips on how to get things done when relocating with kids ;) I am a Canadian/Naturalized Belizean and have relocated to many different Caribbean countries more than once with our kids. It can be done and We all have no regrets making Belize our home base.. including the kids. ;)

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I personally don't think that the suggested site is the best out there about  moving to Belize. I emailed them more than once in the past because some of their posted information was inaccurate - such as the monthly cost to renew your entry visa, and which they had posted at the cost of $12.50USD monthly. The actual fee per month is $25 USD for the first six months and $50 USD monthly after that. just to give you an example.

I also think that it is just another trick from Belize Realtor to redirect you to their people and services. 

As for the legal aspect of moving to Belize it varies widely from one person to the other as we all have different particular needs. I would advise that you first study further which options would work best for you - self-employed or retiree? Still, it does not change the fact that fees and procedures to own and operate a business in Belize are simple. 

We ourselves began the process of starting all the legal paper work for our business during a trip to Belize in 2005 and all legalities where handled and completed successfully even after our departure. So, when we finally moved to Belize a year after, we were able to right away apply for our self-employed permits.

Still, during the approval time you will need to pay and renew your entry/tourist visa. It took us about three weeks and all was completed. Plus, you can add to your work permit your children.

If they are not in school they will have a dependant visa which you will pay only once a year ($50 BZE) and if in school a Student visa ($ 100 BZE yearly) with a letter from the school where your child will be attending.

Let me know if you plan on relocating with your children? I can be of great help on this topic as well.

Alexia :)

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New Registration System for the Registration of Canadians in Belize

Why Register?

So that they can contact and assist you in case of an emergency abroad or inform you of an emergency at home.

Who should Register?

All Canadians travelling or living abroad.

What’s different about the new system?

The improved system allows you to better manage and update your own information* on-line.

What if you have already registered?

If you registered before December 14, 2008, you MUST register again in order to receive further safety and security updates.

How do you register?

You can register on-line at
Or by contacting a Canadian government office abroad.
For more information, call 1-800-267-6788
In Canada and the U.S) or 613-944-6788

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Moving to Cayo with your Kids

Cayo is a child-friendly district and the perfect place to raise a family.  With the nation's capital at your door step you can enjoy endless cultural experiences with or without your kids.  Visit the national zoo or visit one of many national museums.  There is plenty for any individual to do within the Cayo area.  Consider a hiking adventure in one of our many national parks or step back in time at any of our historic Mayan attractions. 

You're never in danger of going hungry in Cayo and you’ll easily find many local vendors selling their succulent and most desired dish, rice and beans. An affordable and filling meal found almost anywhere. If you’re in the mood for some even more exotic food, the capital has an Indian Restaurant serving hot bites filled with flavour within a great ambiance. Alternatively, there are many resorts and hotels in and around San Ignacio or Belmopan offering a wide choice of gourmet meals for all budgets.

It is our family’s tradition to try at least a new place once a week but of course we all share many favourites, where parents and youngsters have a great time and a good meal.

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I have relocated to Cayo with my two young kids in 2006 and I quite agree with Sharon comments. I have never felt uneasy at all in all the years I have lived here and I also would not recommend Belize City as being as stress free environment where to reside.

Then again larger cities anywhere in the world tend to have a bad rep. :)

Many of the crimes posted in the news are personal matters and as long as you apply the same rules as where you currently reside, you will be safe and just fine. If you don't leave your front door wide open now, why start in Belize? It would just be looking for trouble.

To be quite frank, for me the number of road accidents in Belize is more alarming then the crimes reported in the news.

Hope this helps?

Smiles from Cayo, Belize


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Hello from Belize,

Yes, it is possible to find many suitable properties for your development needs in Belize. Belize is filled with natural resources and cultivable land is one of them. Land prices will vary based on their location, size, natural features such as river/creek frontage, caves, views etc... just to name a few. Who you are dealing with? will also affect greatly the asking/selling price of a property.  Relocating to Belize is quite an easy process but doing your homework, finding proper local assistance to help and guide you through the relocation process and taking your time during all phases of the transition are a MUST DO.

As for obtaining permits, well please do explain what type of permits you had in mind? Are you referring to work permits?

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Smiles from Cayo,Belize