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mugtech wrote:

it was the only place in the food court open at that time.

You answered your own question.

Hong Kong Airport's main food court is disappointing.  They remodeled it a while ago and a lot of people thought they were going to make it better.  The changes were only cosmetic.

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You should look at some schools online.  Deal with them directly and you don't have to worry about the con men.

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It's not just not fair, it's telling people who don't want to be drafted that they can't be drafted if they keep doing something they want to do.  Why would the army shoot themselves in the foot like that?

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mugtech wrote:

In the Philippines the clerks in a certain store were wearing elves Christmas hats on 11/3.

That's far too early.

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JeffAmman wrote:

Dislike: They have limited knowledge of the world and other cultures so their behaviour and interaction with foreigners can be annoying even though they are genuinely very nice people.

I've heard this said about a lot of people, including my own.  I see it in China all the time.

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I've been told not to talk about it.  So I'll tell you the story.  It's only going to be censored anyway.

When I rejected some horny Arab guy, he called me a "dirty Jew whore".  I said something like, "I'm not dirty.  I bathe every day.  Twice a day in the summer".

I thought that was a pretty good response, but since I never denied the Jewish part, my relationship with the moderators went straight down the toilet.  None of my "friends" came to my defense and, in fact, several of them joined the Jewish-bashing bandwagon.  More than a few took the anti-woman path.  Since this site supposedly does not approve of racial discrimination or predation against women, I was a little surprised.  I've since learned how naïve that was of me.

The lessons are: never underestimate the boys club, and be careful who you reject.  Some will accept it and move on.  Some will take vengeance.  Once they turn it into a war between men and women, you know what's going to happen.

You will hear again and again that this is not a dating site, and new members are dealt with swiftly, but that doesn't necessarily make it a safe haven for women.  Especially if you upset a man.  It doesn't take much to reach the point where they can say absolutely anything they want about you, but all of your replies are censored.

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vwbug wrote:

I have the same problem, but always Arab men who are NOT expats. You have to block them.

Report them and they will disappear, but don't point out that they're mostly Arab.  That will only cause problems for you later.

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Kate29 wrote:

It does work with the "Block" button  :D  but..i wonder how sometimes they keep Reappeared ? It’s not always easy to recognize if there’s something to learn from rejection  :top:  or if the rejection is merely a consequence of someone else’s unmet expectations,like the Request for example :)

Some people assume that if you reject them, there must be something wrong with you.  Since they are God's gift to women, it can't be them.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Annoying ! on the Jordan forum

Kate29 wrote:

I try to explain myself and it's exhausting at times because I wonder why it is a issue.

You shouldn't have to explain yourself.  The people who are meant to be in your life will understand you.  The people who will never understand you probably shouldn't be in your life.

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RoyalDuke wrote:

@ Samer. With all due respect, you're an idiot. There are better ways to make your argument, even when your language is lacking. Besides, where the heck are "Don't ever judge" and "Learn to respect" coming from? Bratty never mentioned anything judgmental or disrespectful, she only stated what she thought of your post.

Having said that, carry on with your posts, I find you entertaining.

The judge and respect parts are a very common mantra from disrespectful people who judge others online.  It's like when racist people say they're not racist and then say the most racist things.  If you call them on their racism, they'll just point out that they said they're not racist.

This is just an observation about general online communication styles and has nothing to do with Samer in particular.  I know nothing about him or how he posts.