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HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Help with understanding Visa's and entry on the Texas forum

According to a 1 second Google search, reason 214b is for people they suspect will want to stay in the country.  Considering he is coming to see you, and the "economic reasons", that's a safe bet.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Help me move to United States at any means !!! on the California forum

Joseph999 wrote:

try to be respectful man and show some value .   

I am in America now so let me tell you something, people who are not educated here are hopeless and homeless, before I came to America, I thought it is the heaven in the earth , just like you, until I saw the homeless sleeping in the streets wearing a dirty clothes . something will break your heart when you see them.

Was this meant to be ironic?

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Bonjour on the USA forum

mugtech wrote:

Let us know if you get a legal job.

You don't want to hear about illegal jobs?

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Hi newbie to this site on the Surabaya forum

Mikewallace76 wrote:

I notice it's much like a lonely persons club for foreigners living in Indonesia, but overall it's quite good as there is lot's of advice for newbies wanting to move here or set up business.

Then I'm definitely in the wrong place.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Good batik shirt shop on the Jakarta forum

mas fred wrote:

11 December 2012 02:58:51

Today 10:24:31

I entered that in your bank's website.  That's not your PIN or password.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Can I work in Ohio? on the Ohio forum

Ziride wrote:

I m trying to get to Ohio, Somme months ago.

It's too late for that, but you can probably go sometime in the future.  Ohio probably needs architects, but you might want to look into Detroit.  They're going to need all kinds of people if they ever rebuild.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread My Expat Experience on the USA forum

expat93021 wrote:

The American people, and I'm sure that all of us have noticed this, have their own way of communicating.


HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread Advice on GER to US on the USA forum

School is easy.  Get accepted into pretty much any university and that takes care of your visa.  Once you graduate, you should have plenty of contacts to move on from there.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

mas fred wrote:

The C of E would get upperty about Catholics, they never really forgave Guy Fawkes.

He's more famous now for that terrible Natalie Portman movie.

HaileyinHongKong posted on the thread not too wise wisdom tooth on the Jakarta forum

Tooth trees are disgusting.  If you don't floss between the branches, they start to smell like soft tofu.

Confucius said, "Anyone who buys a Chinese bus is a freaking idiot."