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Meeting friends in Hawaii is easy.  As a tourist, you'll be surrounded by other tourists in Hawaii who, as a rule, tend to be friendly.

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What I have seen everywhere is that they call paella to any thing they think it is, but real paella ( the realy good and tasty one)  nowhere.

So I'm completly sure of the succses.


Is it possible that different people have different versions of paella?

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aabie ryan wrote:

a new member here...


mas fred wrote:

What can I say, I'm an old fashioned romantic sort of guy.

More lies.

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Salem_SBY wrote:

we all know the source of Terrorism is coming from a certain type of Muslims called (Salfies or Wahabies) where Osama ibn Laden belongs to and they generate ISIS and other terrorism groups...the Indonesian government should keep an open eye on this group (salfies or wahabies). they are very risky and extremely dangerous and need to banned all their activities in Indonesia especially they are very smart in using poor and uneducated Indonesian Muslims.

Protestants say all the problems are caused by Catholics.  Is it a certain type of Muslim that's the problem or a few sociopaths that claim to be Muslim?

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lukereg wrote:

Make sure the contract is in English and that you can have some one explain it in detail to you and record that when they do.

Would the English even count?  Around here, only the Chinese part counts.  Contracts that are in Chinese and English often say very different things in each language.