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Dita Mignonesia posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

Thank you James ! Like that welcome avatar, verrry nice.  :top:

And for explaining me the current system on expat blog. Now I think I got a clear idea how the site works. That karma star kinda scary tho,  hope this one will be reviewed on the new system. :D

Will try to visit expat blog more often, to see whats going on here is always interesting but I was busy with this and that and then I got RSI so temporary I can not type as much as I want either but I will try.

Again thank you James, Julien and Mas Fred for the kind responds. Expat blog is still a friendly site and so its peoples, as always!  :one

Dita Mignonesia posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

Oh. 5000 posts!O.o  Mas Fred you must be a super senior on this site then  :thanks:

I was just worry since its a karma then maybe if I got a lot of it they will be ban me from this site haha but I didnt do anything  :unsure

Dita Mignonesia posted on the thread Daily Motivation Words on the Indonesia forum

I like this one, a reminder for myself ,
"Perhaps a sin that humbles you is better than a good deed that makes you arrogant" -Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Dita Mignonesia created a new thread on the Indonesia forum


So I just able to login again after decades and I saw now I got one star karma- wonder what it means, is it good or bad? being not so active on the site, I dont really know how this site works.. and I think I 've missed a lot too.:/

Dita Mignonesia posted on the thread Which INTERNET PROVIDER in Jakarta. on the Jakarta forum

I use SMART USB modem-works on my pc and laptop and the officer at smart will instal it for you and wont charge it.

You can pay it cash at any SMART counter. The connection is very good even when its heavy rain. And you can choose the package based on your need For unlimited connection ,the price is vary starts from IDR 50.000/ month, IDR 75.000/month-I use this :gloria, 150.0000/month, there's other package also but I forgot the detail. I think Smart has rational price compared to other internet profider. Hope this info helps.

Oh I forgot to tell you , the usb modem sold separately and its cost IDR 900.000 when I bought it last year and its worthed because the monthly payment is not expensive compared to other Internet connection and I can stop using their service anytime I want also but I don't think I will tho hehehe I tried FLASH from Telkomsel before and very very disappointed and the costumer service are so not friendly, yes there's SPEEDY but no thanks. Maaf ya @ Mas Fred , Peace peace ;):)

Dita Mignonesia posted on the thread Looking for Friends :) on the Jakarta forum

Hai Gauravg.^^
Am glad you like living in Indo.
I have some friends from India already- all well educated and nice!:-) 
I sure will like to have more friends from India. ;-)

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