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Nairobi is no more dangerous (in my opinion) than large cities anywhere, provided that you apply common sense and basic caution.   You shouldn't walk around at night, and there are certain areas to avoid.   You shouldn't flash your wallet or cellphone around to attract attention in public places.   (However, this is true in Detroit and areas of LA and New York!)

I'm here with my wife and daughter, and I think it's reasonably safe, as long as you're careful and aware.

My opinion, at least.


richpaul wrote:

I've been offered a job in Nairobi. Many here tell me that it is not a safe country to live. Specially after sun set. I'm to work as a business manager. If some one could advice me on the ground realities of Kenya, about the safety I would be thankful. I would travelling with my wife and my 1 year old daughter.

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Storage Lockers for Rent?

Are there any places in Nairobi where one can rent a storage locker, to store household goods, sporting equip, etc. between moves?  I only need a very small one (essentially a large closet) for a couple of months max.

Thanks very much for the detailed reply.   Very helpful, and greatly appreciated.

KarriK wrote:


I can't comment on the compensation, and I'm sure it'll differ greatly between local and international companies.

As far as car is concerned, I believe having a company car is typical. You can hire your own driver (you will definitely need one) for about 20,000KES (~250USD), it is also typical that you'd employ other staff (maid, cook, garderner, etc) but I guess the company may be able to help with those.

Accommodation can be included, or it can be an allowance. I'd imagine allowance being more typical. Be prepared to pay between 3k-5kUSD per month for a house.

Vacation policy probably varies from company to company, it should be at minimum 3 weeks but I'd guess more typical is 4 weeks.

Relocation package should be expected, including move of household goods, relocation agency assistance, flights (e.g. for finding a house) etc.

Annual airfare to point of origin is reasonable

Please make sure healthcare and insurance is included in the package, you should also consider asking for tax consulation (especially if you have to do taxes to several countries).


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Executive compensation packages - what to expect? Help, please

Perhaps you can help me.

Iím an American technology executive, considering a move to Kenya, and would be seeking an executive business development or management position with technology firms, especially those that specialize in computing infrastructure, network services, mobile applications and cloud computing, etc. 

Iím currently in discussions with one potential employer, but havenít yet discussed compensation at a detailed level, which brings me to my request for info.

What insights do you have for Americans moving to and living in Nairobi?  It would be me and my wife - we're "empty nesters", in our early-mid 50's, active, love the outdoors, adventurous but not reckless, like meeting new people, and enjoy new experiences.  We're currently in Saudi Arabia, and considering whether Kenya is a good "next place" for us.

I'm trying to find out what the ďtypicalĒ compensation packages for executives of technology companies in Kenya.    I realize that there are very broad ranges, but am looking for information regarding any of the following:
1.    Base salaries (is a range of $150K to 250K USD reasonable or excessive?)
2.    Bonus (for business development exec, VP sales, MDs, etc.) of $100K-$150K USD - again, reasonable or excessive?
3.    Is accommodation included or a stipend provided, and if so, is it a % or flat rate?
4.    Is a car usually provided?   Or transportation with car and driver?
5.    Do vacation periods range from 6-8 weeks, or is it less?
6.    For an expat like myself, is there normally a relocation package?
7.    Are annual airfares to point of origin a usual perk?
8.    What have I missed?

If you have answers or know of someone who could answer any or all of these, it would be enormously helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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For squash, check out the Riyadh Squash League at … eague.html and the Facebook page at!/groups/Riyadhsquashleague/ - the group is playing on Thursday afternoons and other times, at multiple locations.

Ahmed2012 wrote:

Hi everybody .. I live in Nasiriya and I need somebody who is interested in sports (specially football, swimming and squash) to encourage me to do .. waiting

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Off Makkah road, only 3 km past the police checkpoint, about 2 km offroad there.   We tried to get them to meet us at the highway, but they refused.

We're not going to push the issue, since it could be that we simply had a communication issue (even though we had an Arabic speaking person on the phone), but I'd still like to know if there are alternatives to the 997 number.


rosborneutah posted on the thread Emergency Services in Riyadh on the Riyadh forum

The statement "Every call to 997 gets an ambulance" is incorrect.  Also, if the helicopter service is available, I'd like to know how to get it activated, since we could not do so when we needed it.

I was involved in evacuating a very badly injured person from an offroad location yesterday, since the call to 997 resulted in our being told "If the injured person isn't Saudi, we're not sending an ambulance.".  Our situation was clearly communicated, since we had an Arabic speaker in our group.

Are there alternatives to calling 997?

Thank you for any additional emergency contact recommendations you or others may have.

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oraclefusions wrote:

I am playing squash at marriat hotel court (costs 25 sar per hr).
My level is intermediate and I hope I am improving day by day.
Any one wants to play with me at 3 pm today, do call me


Hello - are you still in Riyadh and if so, are you interested in playing squash sometime?   I can get to the Mariott in the evenings or weekends for a game if you're interested.

I'm an intermediate/advanced player, though currently a bit out of shape, so it will take a few matches for me to get back on my game.  :-)

Hope to hear from you.

Robert Osborne
ph 050 344 8560