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Dr. MichaelBeer posted on the thread Healthcare in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

Public healthcar? Never? Hospital here in Amlapura, dirty and overcrowded. Only rich people can afford good health care.
I found a very good local dentist. Would recommend him.
Either you go to Singapore or Bangkok, if you can afford it or risk it.

Dr. MichaelBeer posted on the thread Does corruption still exist in Indonesia? on the Jakarta forum

I fully agree with your point and really do not understand who can defend this kind of attitudes. The "poor" underpaid policeman gets his pocket money, but what about the slum people? Where do they get it from?

Dear, You obviously have been very long on the ISLAND OF GOODS - they call it now LOST PARADISE. If human do not respect nature, and our Balinese friends say they do, why is it then in such a mass? Greed (mata uang) trumps here everything and it is sad to watch how Bali is going down. Keep your optimism, but closing the eyes does not help.

Dr. MichaelBeer posted on the thread CONVERSION ITAS TO ITAP SPONSOR ISTRI WNI on the Indonesia forum

Hi Ubudian, I would prefer Michael (also Austrian) to Doc - thats just a title. Yes I know Bali Ide, but had not good experience at all with them. Expensive and very slow. I live here in Karangasem, therefor Imigrasi is Singaraja. I applied for 3 times for the ITAS sponsored by Indon. wife there - no problem, no money on the side. I did it all without agent. But when I applied for the conversion to ITAP (5 years)last Sept. it took ages (new officer behind the desk) till it was delivered via Imigrasi Dps to Jkt where it is now. But really impossible to get in contact. The number on the website (which is actually quite good) http://imigrasi.go.id never answers. So I get a little bit nervous, because the ITAS will expire on 25 March. Would you pls let Hans Hayden (with e not like the composer) know that I would like to get in contact with him. Have a nice time.

Dr. MichaelBeer posted on the thread BPKB-Strange faktur on the Indonesia forum

Thank you, I do believe so. But what can we do? In a civilized country asking for an investigation would probably help, but in an OVERcivilized country...
I will ask Automall when I go there the next service, what was the reason for the 5 months delay

Dr. MichaelBeer posted on the thread BPKB-Strange faktur on the Indonesia forum

Thanks a lot. You must be a dreamer... To report anything to the police. But I take it as a nice try. My guess is that somebody put the money for 5 months on a bank account took the bunga ...

Dr. MichaelBeer created a new thread on the Indonesia forum

BPKB-Strange faktur

I bought a new Toyota Innova G from PT Agung Automall, Gianyar, Bali, in January 2010. I paid cash Rp. 225,300.000.
In every civilized country if you buy a new car, you get the ownership paper with the vehicle. Here in Indonesia the Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor (BPKB) takes about 4-5 months till you get it. Can anybody tell me WHY?
When I finally received the BPKB there was a "Faktur" from PT Toyota Astra Motor, Jakarta, attached to it, which shows an amount of Rp 154,391.000. Can anybody explain to me, why there is a difference of about Rp 75 Mio? My letter to Agung Automall has not been answered so far.
Thanks a lot!