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Why study Spanish via Skype? - Australia

Like many people, I studied Spanish in high school and college, then never used it. So several decades later, when I decided that I wanted to be able to read and speak in the language, I had a lot of re-learning and new learning to do.

I began with community ed classes, which whetted my interest but typically were not sufficiently challenging, because of the size of the groups and range of needs, abilities and interests. After a year or two, I was ready to take a bigger leap. I enrolled in a Spanish language school in Oaxaca, Mexico, for two weeks of intensive study.

The school offered opportunities to talk regularly with local people who were studying English, and this was very helpful. In free time from classes and homework, I walked a lot, exploring the lovely colonial city of Oaxaca.

The two weeks flew by quickly–too quickly–and when I returned home I wished I had a way to continue my studies at the level I’d come to appreciate in the school. Two years later, I spent two weeks in a school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, another wonderful experience. But again, short lived. And as enriching as it was to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to study, it also was a big commitment, both financially and in terms of time.

So when my former teacher from the school in Oaxaca set up her own business, offering Spanish classes via Skype, I was intrigued and signed up. I’ve been studying this way for several years now, and find it a rewarding experience. The instruction is customized for my particular needs and interests, we meet as often as I want and my schedule allows, the one-on-one experience is intense and stretches me, I feel a personal connection with my teacher, and the cost is reasonable.

In addition to the tutorials, my teacher also offers opportunities to converse with local people who are learning English, which I had found so beneficial when I was there. When I feel a need and have the resources to travel again, she will help arrange a visit to Oaxaca which will include more tutorials with emphasize on cultural learning.

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