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Opening a bank account in Dubai

To open a bank account in Dubai, you need to provide a photocopy of your passport, a copy of your lease or rental agreement, your residence visa, two photographs and a letter from your employer stating the amount of money that will be transfered to your account on a monthly basis (the “no objection letter”). Upon presentation of these documents, you will have access to banking services and get a debit card and (or) a credit card. International credit cards are widely accepted in Dubai. Payments in cash are most common and checks are rarely accepted. Note that a bounced check is severely punished in the Emirates.

  Good to know:

Dependants of the visa holder cannot open a bank account in Dubai without formal permission of the head of household. In other terms, the visa holder has to sponsor his own wife or children so that they can open their own bank accounts.
Reminder: you cannot open a bank account in Dubai without a residence visa.

  Useful links:

HSBC – UAE hwww.hsbc.ae

National Bank of Dubai www.nbd.com

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  • Guest 21 September 2009 14:11:17

    www.dubaibank.ae (Dubai Bank)
    www.alislami.ae (Dubai Islamic Bank)
    www.emiratesbank.ae (Emirates Bank)
    www.fgb.ae (First Gulf Bank)
    www.nbad.com (National Bank of Abu Dhabi)

    www.barclays.ae (Barclays - UAE)

    www.expat.barclays.com/dubai-bank-account/ (UAE Bank account for Expats)

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