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Work visa Dubai

If you want to settle and work in Dubai, here is all that you have to know.

If you intend to live and work in Dubai, a work visa is mandatory. You must get a work contract or a valid job offer before going ahead with your visa application.

The work visa is a multiple-entry visa: you can leave and re-enter the country anytime without additional formalities. You must get a work contract or a job offer from a local company or a foreign company based in Dubai to qualify. Your employer in Dubai (the sponsor) has to initiate the procedure by requesting a work visa for you at the Immigration Department. Fees apply and expenses for the visa and are normally taken in charge by your employer. If requirements are met, you will get your labour card once your work contract is validated.

Once the labour card in your possession, you have to apply for a residence visa, valid for 3 years and renewable. A residence visa is mandatory for foreigners settling in Dubai. The residence visa is issued by the immigration office in Dubai and is not related to consular services of your country. In order to get a residence visa, you must provide evidence of residence in Dubai (lease or rental agreement). Note that your residence visa will allow you to sponsor your dependants.

To apply for a residence visa, you must hold a valid passport, be aged between 18 to 60 (over 60 for certain professions), be healthy and possess particular skills or qualifications needed in the country. HIV, tuberculosis or hepatitis C tests are systematically carried out, and in case of infection, you will not be allowed to live and work in the Emirates.

Your credentials need to be authenticated both by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the embassy or consulate of the UAE in your home country.

For more information about the labour card or the residence visa, please visit the Dubai immigration office website at dnrd.ae/en/.

Mission entry visa:

The mission entry visa allows its holder a stay up to 14 days in Dubai. The visa is designed for businessmen, company representatives, engineers or doctors sent on an urgent mission to the UAE, and may be delivered to a local sponsor at the immigration services at the airport. Fees apply.

  Useful links:

Department of Naturalization and Residency – Dubai dnrd.ae/en/

Government site of the United Arab Emirates - Visas www.government.ae

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  • Dubaimisc
    Dubaimisc 17 August 2015 23:08:13

    I have a criminal record can I stay apply for a visa ??

  • Elya95
    Elya95 03 February 2015 16:24:18

    female age above 19 possible to get resident visa in uae?

  • Nerisa A.Banez
    Nerisa A.Banez 28 June 2014 11:27:14

    How much vissa if i buy.my own vissa?

  • ana keshavarz
    ana keshavarz 26 September 2013 14:02:05

    all visa for iranian for uae is closed

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