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Obtaining a 13A visa

As my wife is Filipino I applied for a 13A non-quota immigration visa while we were living in the UK. I submitted my application form together with all the supporting documents to the Philippines Consulate in London. It was quite a fat file of papers as in addition to the application form itself you are required to provide in triplicate a report of the results of a list of medical tests including chest x-ray together with a certificate of good moral character, proof of financial capacity, marriage certificate, proof of dissolution of previous marriage (if applicable), a copy of my Filipino spouse's passport (or birth certificate), original of my own passport and original and photocopies of my son's birth certificate. I would strongly advise checking the latest requirements via the Philippine Consulate's website in case they have altered. The checklist of requirements is on most consulate websites. Several passport photos are also required for the main application form and separately for the medical form. Finally there is the fee which at the time I applied was £108 in cash.

Most of that list is straightforward, it just takes time to pull it all together. My GP advised me to get a number of the tests done privately including the chest x-ray so I arranged these through a local private hospital. My GP then reviewed all the test results, carried out a physical examination and completed and signed the front sheet of the medical report. I almost forgot that the other piece of information I had to provide was proof that my GP was duly registered to practice medicine in the UK. The General Medical Council now have a website with a complete register of all doctors so I simply located and printed off the details relating to my own GP together with other details I found on the Internet to prove that he worked in that particular practice.

For the certificate of good moral character I approached Father Jim at our local church and he was happy to provide me with a simple letter. A similar letter from your employer is also acceptable.

Financial capacity is clearly a matter of assembling bank statements, payslips, pension details or whatever. If you have a house or are arranging to start receiving a pension, include whatever offical documents seem most relevant to substantiate your future financial capacity.

I delivered the file of papers one morning to the Philippine Consulate in London. They operate a ticket number system for the waiting process so we pulled our ticket and went away to have lunch. On our return they received the papers and fixed an appointment later in the week with the Consul General. The interview itself, with my wife and son in attendance, was very relaxed. I was asked a few simple questions about our plans for settling in the Philippines and the Consul General then explained the process I needed to go through when we arrived in Manila. This involved visiting both the Bureau of Quarantine for my medical report to be approved and the Bureau of Immigration where I had to apply for my Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-Card. In fact the arrival process itself is worthy of a separate guide blog. Then we sat in the waiting room for a short time until my passport with the 13A visa now entered and some other papers were brought down. Special import duty and tax dispensation is granted to 13A visa holders relating to the bringing into the Philippines of their household and personal effects but there are strict conditions attached with which 13A holders should familiarise themselves.


Last update on 05 October 2009 11:52:15


  • phil ash
    phil ash 23 January 2014 20:59:09

    I'm so happy reading informative procedures for thi gs what going to do in the future..fir now I'm praying that my partner will be granted to be a British citizen so we can plan to have a child and get a British citizenship for my child before we moved in Philippines..

  • Okieboy
    Okieboy 10 November 2013 05:06:12

    I just went thru the 13A after being BB for years it has changed a lot, if you need info i can help, all documents must be in the correct format or they will not accept in Davao you also need police clearance from your home state, hard to do if your not there i can help, and the immigration web site is way outdated

  • Maderia
    Maderia 11 May 2015 08:06:42

    I am moving to Manila for 3 years for work . I want to bring my son and his girlfriend . How do I get her a 3 year visa ?

  • ukjeprox
    ukjeprox 27 June 2013 08:34:48

    I applied for a 13A visa while living in the Philippines but with non of this medical stuff and character reports. Handed over about P14.000 and got my 1 year probationary visa all in about 4 hours. Will have to get full residents visa at the end of the year.

  • peace7777777
    peace7777777 26 July 2013 00:59:18

    ukjeprox can you let me know your experience with getting the 13a visa, the requirements how much you paid step by step instructions on the process you went through to obtain the 13a visa, if possible. I need an example of the letter of request and joint affidavit of support. any help is appreciated greatly. Also how long it takes to process the 13a visa.

  • TeeJay4103
    TeeJay4103 11 February 2014 06:18:55

    I am about to apply for the 13A in Cavite, what documents did you need and how did you do it so quickly? Thanks in advance!

  • MichaelALee
    MichaelALee 30 May 2013 07:30:22

    I am married to a Philippine lady and will retire in about a year and we will move to the Philippines with her. Mike

  • steph21
    steph21 04 October 2012 20:22:55

    hi, and in your first arrival in the airport was it hard to get through the emigration or just need to show your visa and you got stamped thats all? no interview?
    thank you

  • Okieboy
    Okieboy 06 June 2012 21:17:08

    this is all BS there is no problem if your in the Phil paper work and a little time wait untill your here to do this

  • Cheetal
    Cheetal 25 November 2012 13:16:05

    Hi Okieboy, I\'m Cheetal and a new member who is fumbling through this rather large and confusing site; mainly because of associative memory problems! But I hope to stay in touch because I plan on leaving Aussie in January to marry a Pinay; so I hope you can guide me in the right direction old mate? Be safe out there... Cheers...Cheetal:))

  • singapinay
    singapinay 22 September 2011 18:53:34

    A very convenient alternative would be to get the SRRVisa (Special Resident Retiree's Visa). It grants permanent resident status, indefinite stay and multiple entry privileges, and a WHOLE LOT of other benefits. Its a permanent visa - apply once, never renew. Processing fee is US$1,500, minimal requirements, and only 2-3 weeks processing. My husband works with the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) the agency that processes this, so if you need help with this or want more info, you're welcome to call me. And don't worry about the "Retiree" part - age requirement is at least 35 years old to qualify....

  • rjcash
    rjcash 23 November 2012 20:17:20

    You forgot to mention the sizable money deposits required for this type of visa and the other fees or has this changed. It seems to me there is a sizable amount of money involved with this visa. Can you address that? Maybe your asawa knows about this?

  • Cheetal
    Cheetal 25 November 2012 13:20:42

    Thats great to know Singapinay, I am arriving in January to be with my Fiancee\' and I will need all the help I can find! I am new here and very confused by it all at present, so if you could keep an eye on me until I find my feet and dont lose you; i would be most appreciative?:)) Thank You Singapinay... Be safe out there...Your friend Cheetal:))

  • sandman717
    sandman717 16 February 2013 03:07:54

    so you are saying the SRRVisa is the easyest to do
    am married to a girl from samar

  • StevDra
    StevDra 24 February 2013 13:23:22

    Very good information - I see your post was a while ago so has there been changes or updates to the requirements? I read somewhere I need a substantial bank account to use the retiree\'s visa.



  • naveedguj71
    naveedguj71 09 January 2014 03:43:02

    hello ...
    is it still u r providing ur services ?
    please reply on my email naveedguj71@yahoo.com or txt 0926 2159 441
    M. Naveed

  • Rix
    Rix 18 April 2010 10:13:56

    well,, i did my 13a here in the phil.5 years ago,,and the requirements where a lot simpler than you discipe here i think its time for a update!!!!

  • Guest 17 March 2010 03:44:55

    This article brings back memories of my going through the mill to get this visa. Strangely one of the biggest hurdles came from my GP. She was was reluctant to sign off on the medical report due a mild chronic ailment that I had. She finally did it, and as it turns out that particular condition hasn't given me a bit of trouble in the 5 years that I've resided in the Phils.

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