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Indonesian driver's license or SIM

Getting your Indonesian driver's license or SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi)  is easy and owning a car or motorcycle in your name even easier...

However it is all about getting a kitas or a foreign stay permit which is given for one year up to five years renewable annually. You just need a sponsor and about $500 once you have a kitas you can get a SIM an indo drivers license for both a motorcycle and car (A & C)  the sim cost thru an agent about $50 to get both at the same time and takes about 1 hour...with a kitas you can legally own a car or motocycle and get  your name on the blue boook (BKNB) you can open up a bank account and you can get credit to purchase even your car or motorcycle even get a visa card...The only thing you can't legally do indonesia once you have a kitas is vote and own land those are never available but leasing is perfectly legal and even better in most cases as it is a legal contract versus the nominee option which is not legal.

Last update on 26 April 2010 09:46:16


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