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added on 04/16/2015
Blog by czech girl living in Thailand about everyday life in Bangkok and travelling around the world. Plus some hotel, restaurants and spa reviews and travel tips:). My blog is in english and czech language
added on 04/13/2015
Is the Philippines right for you? What should you know before deciding to come here? What should you watch for when choosing a partner? Here's a good question: I want to move to the Philippines but where should I choose to live? Coming here could be a very happy experience but it could be a nightmare. I came to Cagayan de oro, Mindanao in 2002. Since that time, I have learned a lot about Philippine culture and finding happiness here. Coming here, I was most worried about being kidnapped and health care. Cost of living was a concern. Is it safe is a topic that often comes up. Those issues are far behind me know. I also knew nothing about scams that some fall victim to. There is plenty to do, from white water rafting, resorts with swimming pools, good restaurants and plenty of good affordable hotels. This Cagayan de oro Group is about Philippine issues and questions you may have about Cagayan de oro. Kano in the Philippines takes on the meaning of foreigner(usually American) but all are welcome. I have invited friends who are really in the know when it comes to Philippine issues. I live in Cagayan de oro but we are NOT about this city. Our sole purpose is to help those that live here or plan to move to the Philippines with information and issues they may face. It is a different world and things to be learned. Many things you may have never encountered before and differences in culture. Cost of living, where to stay, where to shop, etc are questions we can help you with. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Cagayan_de_oro_KanoGroup/info Looking back on my life, the one best decision I made was moving here. The second would be marrying Chielo. For once, I was in the right place, at the right time. I feel as though God was giving me a gift and somehow, only by the Grace of God, I took it. This may sound strange but I felt lead into what would be the best days of my life. I had closed my business and knew I wanted to travel. At first I thought I would go to Florida but then I started e-mailing with a girl in the Philippines. I checked into the airfare and found I could come here for 3 weeks with just my passport and a round trip ticket. I came here for 3 weeks and then went back to the States. Getting back it was cold, snowy and I had nothing to do. I thought of sitting by the pool at Chali Beach Resort looking at the ocean waves hit the rocks on the beach. My luck with marriage had not been good and I had been told that Filipinos made good wives. It was my intention to come here and hopefully find a girl to marry. I really had no idea that being here would cause me to want to stay. At first I was afraid of being kidnapped and I had concerns about health care. Now I have no more fears than when I lived in the States and the health care is good.
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