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added on 03/14/2015
I've been travelling the world for over 10 years, living in some pretty exotic and interesting places. This is my blog about the new countries I live in and my attempts to learn the local languages there. I post a lot about my time as an expat living in the Middle East especially.
added on 01/06/2014
   (Halfway Between Alexandria and Cairo)
Ahlan wa Sahlan - Welcome to my little slice of Egyptian Life! I laugh alot, and write from the perspective of an American woman who flushed twenty years of marriage to a mean, drunk, 'wasp' in favor of an incredibly interesting and loving Egyptian Muslim man I met online. He insisted to me by email that, "Sometimes, reality is more wonderful than any dream," and I was so ripe for the picking, I fell directly into his hand. It's been a joyride ever since! He moved to America with me, and we built a life, a house and a farm together in rural South Carolina, and then we packed as much of it as we could fit into a 20 ft. container and shipped it all to Egypt, where we are now building another life, another home, and, thankfully, our 5-story chicken farm here is already up and running! I've created this blog as a peaceful place to relax while on my wild joyride to Egypt. I share my favorite therapies here, between bouts of incredibly absurd drama going on around me in a small rural village in the middle of Egypt's Nile Delta Region. The highlight of Aisha's Oasis is the chronicle of my marriage to an Egyptian man after meeting him on the internet, and only 50 days of correspondence. I'm using my binders of printed emails as posts, so readers can watch the story unfold just as I did, and enjoy the whirlwind excitement of an internet romance that turned out more wonderful than any dream! Simultaneously, I'm sharing posts of what daily life is like for me in Egypt. You'll find love poems and recipes, and photos of my gardening, photos of the birds, my neighbors, their animals, and all the petty drama that erupts around here, as well as shortstories and artwork, pictures of the jewelry I love to create, and anything else I find interesting enough to share. We are currently remodelling my husband's family home, planting gardens on all three roofs, training young grapevines to cover a rooftop arbor we built together, raising pigeons, and feeding a few chickens in the backyard from the abundance of over ripe papayas I can't seem to keep up with now that the bananas are ripening, too! I guess this is my legacy - I'm attempting at a self-induced vulcan mind meld into the archives of wordpress.com because I don't want to die without unloading it somewhere! It's been a very exciting ride! If you'd like to believe me, start here: "My First Cup of Tea in the Oasis" at http://aishasoasis.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/my-first-cup-of-tea-in-the-oasis/ ;^)
added on 08/25/2013
I have been visiting Egypt since 1993 and visiting Siwa Oasis since 1995. In November 2010 I moved to Siwa to live. In January 2012 I moved to the Red Sea and Sinai, on the other side of Egypt, but I return to Siwa regularly.
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