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Uvas!  Posted on 04/15/2014
I'm so proud of C! We were at Publix the other day and she pointed right at a bunch of grapes and yelled "Uvas!" I'm proud of her for speaking a Portuguese word (and for liking healthy snacks more than I did as a...
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Spanglish Baby  Posted on 04/10/2014
Spanglish Baby is a great website for bilingual parents. It is focused on Spanish-English bilingualism, but I have found many helpful hints on the site even though our household in Portuguese-English.Check it out: SpanglishBaby.com
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Book Review: Upa! Upa! Hip, Hop  Posted on 04/02/2014
When I was pregnant, I asked for lots of baby books. I registered on Amazon and I asked for almost every Portuguese baby book available - which was not many. Almost all of them were bilingual, English-Portuguese.There is some debate among...
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Citrus Lane Box: February 2014  Posted on 03/31/2014
Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies and young children. Every month the company sends three child-related products, plus one gift for mom or for the family. The cost depends on how many boxes you purchase at once, and what...
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The Pink Broom/A Vassoura Rosada  Posted on 03/28/2014
Every time C sees me sweep the deck, she grabs the other broom and tries to sweep too. Of course, a tiny person wielding an adult size broom is a chaotic scene and I worry she's going to hit herself in the head with the long handle....
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Can you tell which is candy?  Posted on 03/26/2014
Uau! This photo really scared me. Just the other day C spit out a rock. I never saw her put it in her mouth, but I'm happy it came out. Little ones are so quick to put just about anything in their mouths - especially if they think...
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Feed Me Words  Posted on 03/26/2014
An intervention program in Providence, R.I., uses a digital word counter to track language use in families, in an effort to close the “word gap” between children from low-income and affluent families. NYT PhotoHere is a really...
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Music in Black and White  Posted on 03/25/2014
It's a fact that babies like black and white images. While most people are painting their baby's nursery pastel pink or blue, babies are actually much more interested in contrast - black and white, or primary colors. You might...
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The Word Count: 16 months  Posted on 03/24/2014
C is at 16 months now and her language abilities are exploding! Every day I catch her saying a new word - of course, that word is usually in English.English Words of the Week:No!Up!More! (while making the sign for more, decidedly NOT...
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  • john2010
    john2010 15 May 2010 04:00:34

    Hi Leila, the pictures are incredible. Eu acho que voce fez um trabalho fantastico com esse blog. Greetz.John

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