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Charlie & Barb's Ecuador Adventures

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Why leave the comforts of "home"?  Posted on 10/26/2011
By BarbBefore we continue to post the events regarding our trip to Ecuador and all things Cuenca - I thought I'd jot down some of my feelings as to why I'm moving. That's the question I get the most - so hopefully...
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A Day In Cuenca . . .  Posted on 10/04/2011
By CharlieJuly 19, 2011Luke & I walked down to the bakery again and bought a few pastries and cappuchinos. Sample of the bread you can buy at local bakeries all over townAfter breakfast, we headed over to a nearby mercado (they have...
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Exploration time  Posted on 09/07/2011
By CharlieJuly 18, 2011 - We wake up on Monday morning, our first in Cuenca, very grateful for the nights sleep. Luke and I go in search of coffee (Luke and Barbara can't live without it!). Turns out there's a bakery downstairs -...
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Our Flight to Ecuador  Posted on 08/17/2011
By Charlie7/17/2011 - Finally, after being up for nearly 24 hours, we boarded our plane and settled in. We're all extremely tired and the whole plane quiets down and sleeps soon after taking off. I awake around 5 am feeling as if I...
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The Airport  Posted on 08/16/2011
By Charlie See Cuenca at the southern end. 8400' high On 07/16/2011 the life changing trip to Cuenca, Ecuador begins. We've started our journey to see if this really is the place where we want to spend the rest of our lives. Soon...
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Learn the Language!  Posted on 08/10/2011
By BarbHere we are on our way! The adventure began by waiting at LAX for over 10 hours in their "oh so comfortable" chairs. All this because of a closure of the 405 - long story! We (Charlie - my husband and Luke - my son) were...
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Cuenca - as beautiful as they say!  Posted on 08/01/2011
By BarbIt has been awhile since our last post! We were busy getting ready for our first trip to Cuenca! Just back and still recovering from the long travel back home. I have lots to tell you and will sit down to organize my thoughts into...
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  • carlmiller1944
    carlmiller1944 20 February 2013 20:45:05

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to do as well upon my advent to Cuenca in July.
    My biggest concern is having all the proper documentation in a timely manner. My
    birthday is Feb 22 and I will be 69 YO. With the economy and conditions here, it\'s
    about time.
    Thank you again for your excellent blog.

    Carl Miller
    Austin, Texas

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