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added on 08/03/2009 by: dave925
Medellin Living chronicles an American's attempt to find work as an English teacher and further develop his online income and travel writing experience while discovering Colombia, learning Spanish, salsa dancing, and whatever else may arise.
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Bambu Glamping City Hostel: Glamping in Poblado  Posted on 06/11/2015
The term “glamping” is a recent edition to our lexicon. It is the words, glamour and camping combined. Two terms that are not traditionally synonymous with each other. Essentially it means you stay outdoors in a big posh tent,...
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Dame Tu Lengua Comes To Medellín  Posted on 06/05/2015
The first Saturday of May was the chosen date for the Dame Tu Lengua event in Medellín. After countless events in Bogotá, and several requests around the country, the organizers chose our beloved city. What is Dame Tu...
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J&C Delicias: Gourmet Arepas with Everything  Posted on 06/04/2015
The following is a guest post by Jennifer Castaño. Arepa is a staple food for Colombians; it’s like what bread is to the French and tortillas are to the Mexicans. It’s both traditional and versatile as it can be prepared...
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Geo Hostel: A Prime Location in Poblado  Posted on 06/03/2015
The owner of the Geo Hostel has done well on the location front. On the same road as favorite nightlife hangouts such as On the same road as popular bars such as El Social, next door to a plethora of restaurants (including Lenteja Express)...
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Iglesia de San Ignacio, a Historic Church in El Centro  Posted on 06/01/2015
Iglesia de San Ignacio is another of the notable and historic Roman Catholic churches in Medellín. This church was also recommended by one of our readers. The exterior of Iglesia de San Ignacio is Baroque, but the interior is...
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Massage Therapy by Leidy Madonna  Posted on 05/26/2015
A little over a year ago, I wrote about the amazing therapeutic work of Florence, a Californian who quickly established a positive reputation among expats and Colombians as a sports/massage therapist who isn’t afraid...
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  • PeterHe 24 September 2012 01:40:56

    Hi folks, I\'m Belgian living 40 minutes from Medellin in Marinilla. We have a restaurant with international cuisine, famous for having every day a different special.

    No real problems with drug cartels and such over here. I have lived 4 years in Medellin and now 2 years in Marinilla, never had a security issue whatsoever. You do not have to go looking for trouble, stay away from drugs and stay away from certain parts of town and you will be safe without problems, listen to the locals !

  • Dave 10 November 2011 13:32:08

    To Barry Belau -- No, I haven't looked into purchasing property in Medellin so I can't be of any help with this. Google "apartments in Medellin" and you'll find severa websites that rent and sell properties, several of which cater to foreigners (and are in English).

    To Debbie Bosley -- Thanks. 1. Of course if I had my way, I'd rather not live in a city with drug gangs, but this is true of any big city in the world, it's just that Medellin has the bad reputation as a result of Pablo Escobar. Gang and narco-violence is targeted at tourists, so yea, don't go looking for drugs and you'll generally be fine. BUT, regular street crime does happen -- most commonly, pickpockets and robbery. 2. The weather in Medellin is like that year round, yes. But Colombia is a big country, and it is much hotter on the coasts than in Medellin. Bogota can get quite cold at night. Same with the mountains. Every part of the country has a dry and wet season too.

  • Debbie Bosley 09 November 2011 15:03:09

    Hello Dave:
    I found your blog very interesting. I have 2 questions.
    1. Does it bother you that the Drug Cartel is in the same town? Or is it true that if you do not bother them, they will not bother you?

    2. Also, I was told that the weather and climate in Columbia is 60-75 degrees all year round. Is that true?

    Thank you. and Take Care.

  • bbelau26
    bbelau26 28 March 2010 05:23:36


    Do you know the laws about foreigners buying/owning real estate in Medellin? Or where on the net should I search for this question? Any advice would be much appreciated.. dying to visit Barry Belau

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