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The adventures of DnA

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added on 10/12/2011 by: surfbaby
Just a day to day blog about life in NZ and my life in general. From UK (Wales) moved over to NZ with my american partner in 2007. Got married in Queens town on top of a mountain, enjoy the work life balance and have settled into our new house after mainy months of DIY.
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Another painting done.  Posted on 02/24/2012
This painting has taken me since August, It's a painting of Lake Ohau in the south island.When I say it's taken since August, I have actually only spent about 4 days on it in total. I'm very pleased with it and think...
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My Surf poses  Posted on 01/30/2012
The above picture looks like the start to a cool surf session, a little on the small side, but it could belong in a surf magazine. But just wait a minute... Now you're wondering if it's paralympic surfing games on a small wave...
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Nadolig Llawen or Merry Christmas  Posted on 12/25/2011
Diane bought me a new surfboard for Christmas -- I haven't been this excited for years -- unfortunately there's no surf for a week! We went for a early morning paddle at our local beach!Notices how flat the sea is... booh!Above...
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Wales vs. South Africa  Posted on 09/17/2011
Aled and I were at the Wales vs. South Africa match last Sunday!For more pics, check out the American in Exile blog! Go Wales!
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Angela and Ceri's visit  Posted on 01/22/2011
My brother Ceri and his wife Angela visited New Zealand. They started off up North and stayed with my brother and family for a little while -- looks like they had an amazing time up there! Then they went traveling south and rendezvous-ed...
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My garden  Posted on 12/26/2010
My parents having been asking to see photos of my garden for a while! So here they are! not much to look at in comparison with theirs. Most of the vegetables have been grown from seeds that Nicole my sister in law has kindly given me,...
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Christmas BBQ  Posted on 12/24/2010
Happy Christmas/Nadolig llawen to every one. We decided to have a southern hemisphere Christmas feast this year! The Wellington weather was perfect, sunny and warm! This is our first Christmas in Wellington after over three years in New...
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The Coming of the Martians  Posted on 09/20/2010
One would think I'm talking about the ¨The War of the Worlds¨ by H.G. Wells but no, I'm talking about the recent visit of Uncle Martin.It was good to see him! I hadn't seen him for 2 years and he hadn't aged a...
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Lake Tekapo  Posted on 09/12/2010
We spent a week on the South Island and it was awesome! Snowboarding, hikes, gorgeous lakes and mountains, penguins -- what more can you ask for? For more pics and the whole story, check out the American in Exile blog.Road to Mt. CookLake...
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