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I'm So Over This Cough  Posted on 06/24/2014
Yesterday, after going to the doctor for the second time in two weeks, I crept into bed during the day for the first time since coming down with this dreaded cough four+ weeks ago. All the coughing and feeling ill had finally caught up...
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Double Digits, OMG!  Posted on 06/17/2014
There was so much excitement leading up to Luke's birthday this year - I mean, this kid was eventually telling us the number of hours before he turned 10, sweet boy! And my heart melted. I wanted to bottle up that cute excitement and...
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Our Weekend in Hamilton  Posted on 06/10/2014
So it was the Queen's birthday weekend a couple of weekends ago and instead of throwing a 45th birthday party for me {oh hey, it was my birthday ;) }, we drove down to Hamilton to watch Sarah play in a water polo tournament. Because...
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Lately  Posted on 05/30/2014
Life's been feeling a bit overwhelming recently as we have so much on the go, so much planning to get done for various things and on top of all that: 4 out of 5 of us have succumbed to coughs and colds during the past couple of weeks...
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Mother's Day  Posted on 05/15/2014
I had the loveliest Mother's Day this year... ^^^ It started with coffee and a pain au chocolat. {Perfect.} ^^^ I got flowers and chocolates and cards and hugs and kisses. ^^^ Then my darling husband whipped up two pans full of...
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My Life Lately | iPhone Photos  Posted on 05/09/2014
We've had a good first week back at school {mostly because homework only begins next week - hah} - and for the most part we're ready for another busy school term and the inevitable colder weather that's coming our way...
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RIP Angelina  Posted on 05/07/2014
Our darling little mouse, Angelina, died last weekend. And man, do we miss her. She was such a friendly, inquisitive, sociable and energetic little soul who proved to be a very attentive mother, a born leader, a greedy eater and a brave...
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Tree Adventures  Posted on 05/05/2014
During the holidays we were lucky enough to have Lauren and Samantha come and spend a week with us here in Auckland. {They are the daughters of our family friends from South Africa who now live in Melbourne.} And those four teen girls had...
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Recently  Posted on 05/05/2014
Oh my, so you know how life can sometimes morph into a crazy-fest and you really mean to blog, but then you don't? {You even go so far as to take your daughter's laptop away with you on your trip, with every intention of getting...
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Easter Morning In Our Corner Of The World  Posted on 04/22/2014
This little guy has been sleeping in like a typical teenager these school holidays, but on Sunday morning the excitement of the Easter Bunny's visit and the lure of delicious chocolate hidden in the garden meant that he was up with...
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  • Jolene1
    Jolene1 29 July 2014 12:33:13

    please can you guys help me, we also looking to move to NZ from South Africa, we are desperate. we not sure how to do it though. please can someone guide me???

  • Faried Jassiem
    Faried Jassiem 19 December 2013 07:55:01

    Hi Bianca,its fantastic to see fellow South Africans do so well in NZ,my family and i have also decided to make the move from Cape Town to NZ,i am currently looking for work in NZ,i will probably come first once i get work and bring the family afterwards.
    Faried Jassiem,Cape Town

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