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Surburban Adventures

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added on 15/11/2011 by: gkj
This blog is about my family's life in Noumea, New Caledonia. Before we moved to Noumea I found very little information in English about life in Noumea, so I am doing my best to help fill the void. We moved to Noumea with a baby, a toddler and a preschooler, only Mr Husband spoke French. The transition has been tough but we love life in the Pacific! Drop by and say hello :)
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Remember me? Oh, and a tsunami warning!  Posted on 02/07/2013
Hi! It's been awhile... I haven't forgotten this little space. I've been thinking about what to do with it. Ages and ages ago I wrote about the direction of this blog. It first began because of the lack of English language...
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A day on the water  Posted on 10/07/2012
Mr 4 is good friends with a lovely boy who lives on a catamaran. They have a firm friendship (their name tags are always together on the board; the kids have to place them on the board every morning) and Mr 4 was so excited to spend today...
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What a day!  Posted on 10/06/2012
Today was a very special day and I want to say a big thanks to our lovely hosts. They are very warm and welcoming people (with charming teenagers). They put on a great feast, put up with the unholy noise of our family and showed us some...
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Getting my Aussie on in Nouméa  Posted on 09/30/2012
Right up front I'm going to admit that I'm a Collingwood fan (apologies if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Anyone still here? ;)Classic Aussie footware.To be honest I don't really follow Australian Rules...
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Happier in Nouméa  Posted on 09/28/2012
I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't feeling so happy in Nouméa. Right now I'm moving on. Not literally, we'll still be in Nouméa for awhile. I'm feeling good and happier, I'm learning to just...
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New Season  Posted on 09/13/2012
We thought our big tree was confused. New Caledonia is in the southern hemisphere which means that Spring arrived recently. But our big old tree is losing her leaves. So we decided she must be confused.Then I spoke to Marie and she said...
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And normality returns!  Posted on 08/23/2012
You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here. If you're a regular reader you may remember that I ended up in hospital with pneumonia in July. When I got home I was still feeling very weak and easily fatigued,...
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Sweet, sweet coffee (and where to buy it)  Posted on 08/02/2012
OK, that's meant to be "sweet, sweet donuts", and yes, I did spend a fair amount of my teenage years watching The Simpsons. But today it's all about coffee! Where to buy it and how happy I am to have found the good...
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A note about schooling  Posted on 07/27/2012
Just wanted to share a difference that I've noticed between Australian and French preschools. Lots of these Smiley faces in Australian preschools:Happy smiley face, top right corner.Not sure I've ever seen one of these frowny...
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Maré - Part 2  Posted on 07/26/2012
Remember way back when I promised to break up our trip to Maré into a number of posts? Well, I kinda got sidetracked (with good reason). But here is part two for you to enjoy. Just looking through the photos makes me smile. It truly...
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  • peter,262
    peter,262 31 August 2012 07:58:08

    Hi there i am searching for some contacts in NC , have lived in NZ for 3.5 years, right now in germany. I am a multiskilled person with a own distribution company and want to live and work in NC. Hope you can help me with regards Peter

  • Prince 25 April 2012 07:41:48

    This is soo cool. Great to get to know Kurt this much better. Hahah this is so funny to hear this after We made our fun coallb videos! So awesome! Kurt is a great guy. I thought of him when I got lost this week in the hills surrounding the Fushima Inari shrine. I was almost in tears but the adventures of Softy kept me going. Vloggin kept me going and made for some good personal moments of truths. I just might publish it. Lol!

  • gkj
    gkj 17 April 2012 01:29:14

    Hi Laurence,
    I don't work as we have three young children, the youngest of whom is at home with me full time. My husband got a job before we moved here. It can be difficult to find employment here. Do you speak fluent French? I know that there are often jobs for English speakers related to the cruise ships (tour guides on the buses, etc) but I don't know if it would be enough money as a sole income. There are also some jobs teaching English. If you are a French speaker then it will be much easier to find employment. Don't forget that the cost of living is very high in New Caledonia as most things are imported. Accomodation is also expensive. Everyone I know has secured a job before they arrived here, but I am sure there would be some people who have moved here and then found work :) I would also go and ask on the Francophone Nouvelle Caledonie forum :) Best of luck to you!

    LHBXL-GARD 15 April 2012 17:10:37


    I have a question for you,...Did you find a job easelly in Nouméa?? Our your husband get the job before moving to new Caledonia?? I need some help, I plan to move in one year if possible.. KR. Laurence

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