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Tickle Me Pink (not another colour from Crayola®)

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added on 30/06/2011 by: Amna_T_B
This blog is about my experiences being an expat wife who recently relocated to New Caledonia for the year. This blog is not an information repository of standard facts that can be found just about anywhere. Here, you'll find experiences that I've personally encountered living here that have tickled me pink. I hope they're able to paint a more interesting colour for my reader's stay on this tropical paradise of an island.
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The longest morning of my life started with ...  Posted on 01/12/2012
Some pretty keener plans.The plot was simple: run errands.The twist: must tote a toilet-training-toddler as side-kick.On our route, we had 4 destinations: Post-office, Doctor, Pharmacy (tentative) and finally some wholesome Grocery...
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Montessori: not just some middle-class voodoo  Posted on 01/05/2012
Warning: I'm starting 2012 on a soapbox as this post is all about why and how I Montessori, when it comes to Mazhé. I think it would be pertinent for any parent / parent-to-be / someone who knows a parent, to read on, make what...
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Farewell 2011, Whats'up 2012?!  Posted on 12/31/2011
It has been rather quiet on the blogosphere from my end as life is just that busy offline.Mazhé's creche broke for summer vacation in early December and he'll be having some serious Mama time for 2 months. 2 weeks in, no...
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Can you sing A La Claire Fontaine?  Posted on 11/30/2011
My 25 month old can ... sort of. And it's tickling me pink.This is a french nursery rhyme that he has been listening to - fanatically - since he was a wee 1 yr old. And now, he's ready to debut his rendition of it.Here's...
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November's already over?  Posted on 11/28/2011
Is it just me who feels like time's doing the proverbial swoosh-by? We're at the brink of December (which also means that Movember would mercifully be over ... and kudos to all the brave men who giddily donated their faces for a...
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Update on the Crèche scene ...  Posted on 11/17/2011
Some of you might have read my earlier blog post on our daycare-hunt for Mazhé when we arrived in New Caledonia.5 months and a fortnight later, things have changed quite significantly. Back in June, I was concerned to see...
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Why Wallis?  Posted on 11/08/2011
In September, I celebrated another year of life and 5 years of blissful matrimony. Which inherently implied that the pressure was on for my husband to deliver something that would sweep me off my feet to commemorate these milestones. And...
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Emirates Airlines: how doth I love thee?  Posted on 10/31/2011
I've never felt passionate about airlines ... unless, of course, if one forks some serious dough out of some future kid's college fund to travel above cattle/economy class. Until recently, after a touchy experience, I'm...
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The Cake(s)  Posted on 10/17/2011
My pride and joy (Mazhé) recently turned 2 yrs old and we had his grandparents (in-laws) in town to celebrate the milestone. Being the keener-mom that I am - with lots of spare time to boot - I decided to challenge myself, move the...
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