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Sojourn in the South Pacific

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added on 02/10/2012 by: Julie Harris
This blog on New Caledonia is for those of you who ever wondered what life on a tiny island in the South Pacific might be like. Tired of bracing winter winds, the stress of an inner city or simply dreaming of a life change? This is a blog about what happens when, in the words of Yogi Berrra, "you come to a fork in the road, [and] take it".

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New Caledonia Today  Posted on 08/04/2012
We've just landed in New Caledonia again after 5 years in Europe. This blog recounts our adventures in New Caledonia from 2005 to 2007 - a wonderful time. It is full of fantastic photos, tales of sea snakes and island life.For more up...
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New Caledonia Newcomer's Guide: 2008 edition  Posted on 11/27/2007
If you are looking for good, solid information on moving to and/or living in New Caledonia, I highly suggest the New Caledonia Newcomer's Guide. This free 26-page guide was updated, researched and compiled by a team of local...
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Setting up House in New Caledonia  Posted on 11/06/2007
Are you wondering what it is like to move across the world and set up house on a remote island in the South Pacific?Do you have specific questions about moving to New Caledonia?It's been a couple of years since we did it, but our...
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Horseback Riding in New Caledonia  Posted on 10/28/2007
Little did we know, one can (and should) go horseriding in New Caledonia. The terrain and the weather are perfect for it - and there are clubs for all levels. Plus, New Caledonia has what is left of the real outback cowboys, or so it seems...
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Kitesurfing Season in New Caledonia  Posted on 10/25/2007
Now is about the time of year when one sees a million and one kitesurfers in Noumea (right next to the Meridien Hotel). This video was shot in 2005 by Laurent Guiader, the year we stumbled on an International Kitesurfing...
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Looking to Buy or Sell Something in New Caledonia?  Posted on 10/18/2007
Try one of the various free online classified sites available in New Caledonia. You can buy or sell anything from a car to a boat to a baby bed to a computer. Okay, eBay and Craig's List are still to come to the South Pacific, but...
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Video: An Afternoon in Noumea  Posted on 10/15/2007
Many people ask me what New Caledonia is really like and are often surprised to learn that we have modern, French hospitals, good schools and a few big supermarkets. Life is not as backward on this little island in the South Pacific as one...
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Missing Anse Vata  Posted on 10/13/2007
Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.We miss this, of all places. This is the Anse Vata ... I've written about it several times before on this blog. This is a long stretch of beach in Noumea which is particularly windy, and particularly...
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  • Yanumas 26 April 2012 00:08:56

    I'm not Scottish myself but I like this song very much too! I dierovsced it thanks to a cover version by Amy Macdonald, which was really great.By the way, your blog is nice Ryan! It always reminds me of the good time I had in Edinburgh last year :)

  • kookie.xo
    kookie.xo 05 April 2010 16:00:00

    i love new caledonia:) <3

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