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Coconut Radio

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added on 17/10/2009 by: celestebrash
In French Polynesia when gossip is passed along from person to person we call it the coconut radio. This blog aims more for the truth in the form of vignettes, stories, recipes and insights from the islands and beyond.
 tags: Island Hopping, off the beaten path, Recipes

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The Historian  Posted on 04/29/2014
I’ve read lots of essays about why people write and they often start with something about how the writer couldn’t survive without writing, how it’s what keeps their soul alive and that they’ve been a writer as long...
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The Scent of the Jungle: An Olfactory Voyage in Guyana  Posted on 03/05/2014
The jungle had cooled slightly by late afternoon and my guide, a 21 year-old Wapishana Indian named Kevin thought we might spot some birds or monkeys if we went for a walk before sunset. A flat path covered in limp brown and black leaves...
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How I learned to never take rides from strangers  Posted on 08/28/2013
I just read an article that made me wince, not because it was bad, but because it so eloquently explained ideas I've wanted to write about for years. The article was "Dangers oftraveling while female" by Tara Isabella Burton...
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The Myth of Paradise  Posted on 05/04/2013
A few days ago I tweeted " I love you Tahiti but I gotta say that coming back to a sunny Portland is no bummer." I instantly lost around 15 followers. I'm not too concerned about losing that many Twitter fans but this made...
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My first travel adventure: Baja 1977  Posted on 01/07/2013
I'm guessing it was 1977. I was about six years old and my parents decided we'd caravan down to Baja in our 4WD for an off-road adventure with some good friends who had three kids around my age. We lived in the San Francisco Bay...
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Passports With Purpose Round Four  Posted on 11/29/2012
It's mind boggling that it's been three years since the launch of Passports With Purpose and the first time that I, in collaboration with Kamoka Pearls, have donated a Tahitian Pearl (or more) to the cause. And what's...
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