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Good Bye Pohnpei  Posted on 09/14/2012
Our time in Pohnpei has come to an end, how time flies and it has been 2 years since we arrived in the Garden Island of Micronesia or famous for Pohnpei. It's time to pack our stuff and move on to the next journey, going back to...
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5 months and solid  Posted on 07/01/2012
Today Ms. A is 5 months and 2 days old, how time flies when you are having fun and she's not a newborn anymore :(.I have been stalling to NOT give her solid because when she's on solid it means she's a big girl and I'm...
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Is Baby the Best Ice Breaker?  Posted on 06/06/2012
Based on my experience from 9 months pregnant and 4 months in the motherhood gig, I can tell that baby is the best ice breaker in the world.When I was pregnant strangers ask me how far along I am or they ask me whether it's a boy or a...
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Happy 4 Months  Posted on 05/29/2012
Time flies fast when you are having fun, I guess changing nappies every 4 hours (give or take), broken sleep, sleep for 4 hours max, wake up at 3am, dealing with a catnapper, overtired, screaming and squealing baby is fun, right?Ms. A is...
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Super Boobs Juice Has Super Power  Posted on 05/24/2012
One of the girl in my group share this and I just had to share it with the world.Read the original article here Other uses of breast milkWant to use your extra frozen breast milk for something useful? Using breast milk can benefit your...
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Small Victories  Posted on 05/23/2012
It's been awhile since my last post, things happened here and there and caught me to stop posting for awhile until I have time to type with my 2 hands.Yes, typing with my 2 hands is one of the things that I consider as a small...
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The Day I Fall in Love  Posted on 03/23/2012
29 January 2012 is the day I fall in love with you, the day I welcome you to the world and the day I hold you for the first time in my life little Ms. A.The journey begins when my water broke at 6.30am on 28 January 2012, we rushed to the...
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"Dear Non-Pregnant Person"  Posted on 11/23/2011
Dear Non-Pregnant Person, I hope you find these guidelines helpful in your interactions with pregnant women as failing to follow them may result in serious physical harm. If you are thinking, surely she doesn't mean me- then you...
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Trip to Nah Island  Posted on 09/11/2011
Last weekend was our turn to take the boat out, after got confirmation from 3 other couples, we booked Francisco as the boat driver and prepare stuff to bring include food for the picnic and snorkling gear.We decided to go to Nah island...
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