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Welcome to the adult’s table  Posted on 07/29/2014
I’m 30 years old today. When did that happen? But more importantly, when did my life do a complete 180 from constantly having to fight one up hill battle after another to finally giving me some grace? The beginning of the...
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home is where they are  Posted on 06/12/2014
  We’ll be leaving our home, if all goes as planned, almost 2 years exactly to the day we moved in.  What a beautiful life we’ve lived inside the walls of our very first home.  And while we’ve said all...
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someday it will all be worth it  Posted on 05/17/2014
We’ve all said it for one reason or another.  Sometimes we say it just to make ourselves feel better….we don’t really know whether or not we will ever actually make it to someday.  I’ve learned that I...
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happy birthday to my big girl!  Posted on 04/28/2014
A special little girl turned 3 years old on Saturday.  We had an early morning family cuddle in bed before starting the day with brunch with our favorites. My spoiled girl opened her gifts, and then it was off to Lucky Ladd’s...
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catching up…again  Posted on 04/23/2014
It’s been a whirlwind month.  Our tiniest little had a lip-tie revision about a month ago.  I had no idea what a lip-tie was, or that it could be causing her nightly colic and distress (and we were ALL distressed). We made...
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Around here…  Posted on 03/23/2014
We blew bubbles under this tree. We cuddled. We visited. We practiced smiling. We did a little graffiti. Between those moments there was colic, and tears, and a first smile.  There was a little girl who has successfully night-time...
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going from one to two  Posted on 03/01/2014
From the moment the second line showed in all it’s purple glory, the thought had burrowed into the back of my head. The “how can I love another being as much as I love my daughter” thought. It’s a common burning...
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our first week  Posted on 02/20/2014
She’s finding her place… in our family in our home in our hearts.
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introducing violet….  Posted on 02/15/2014
Violet Sierra Kroezen 2/11/14 @ 6:46am  8lbs 5oz 20″ long Monday afternoon my lively girl and I headed over to our weekly “baby dr.” appointment. Unfortunately, Mat had come down with a cold that day, so I was in no...
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