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Around here…  Posted on 03/23/2014
We blew bubbles under this tree. We cuddled. We visited. We practiced smiling. We did a little graffiti. Between those moments there was colic, and tears, and a first smile.  There was a little girl who has successfully night-time...
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going from one to two  Posted on 03/01/2014
From the moment the second line showed in all it’s purple glory, the thought had burrowed into the back of my head. The “how can I love another being as much as I love my daughter” thought. It’s a common burning...
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our first week  Posted on 02/20/2014
She’s finding her place… in our family in our home in our hearts.
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introducing violet….  Posted on 02/15/2014
Violet Sierra Kroezen 2/11/14 @ 6:46am  8lbs 5oz 20″ long Monday afternoon my lively girl and I headed over to our weekly “baby dr.” appointment. Unfortunately, Mat had come down with a cold that day, so I was in no...
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stopping time  Posted on 02/08/2014
That’s the story of my life…right there in black and white It’s likely these will be the last fleeting moments of carrying a life beneath my heart.  Savoring every last second.
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catching up  Posted on 01/27/2014
Life’s been quite interesting in the Kroezen house lately. We filmed for 3 different television stations – one of which will be following us around for a year.  It was so nice to be able to talk about how much our natural...
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baby it’s cold outside…  Posted on 01/12/2014
Today my bestest hosted a baby shower (or more specifically, a “diaper shower”) for Baby K #2. These cookies…possibly the best cookies I have ever had.  They were AMAZING.  (And they are purple, not blue) I also...
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paying it forward  Posted on 01/08/2014
Our days are filled with “teaching moments”.  Whether it’s measuring out the oatmeal and pouring it into the pot in the morning, or sensory play in the bathtub at night.  Sometimes, lessons are larger  and...
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How we did it….and so can you  Posted on 01/04/2014
It’s kind of ironic how about 6 months ago I spent hours going through the internet trying to remove my name.  I changed past posts on this blog (that started in 2008) to private, and took a different approach of sharing less...
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the aftermath  Posted on 01/03/2014
I have to say this here, because it is my space…my little corner of the internet that I generally keep free of negativity or out-right hatefulness.  I never expected our accomplishments to reach something as big as Yahoo –...
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