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Convergence : 20100609  Posted on 06/09/2010
A while ago I separated my cycling from my Life And The Universe blog. This proved a little ambitious and Life And The Universe suffered. So having found out how to combine the blogs I've put everything together under one banner; Oh!...
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Save BBC Radio 6 Music  Posted on 03/08/2010
This is a radio station with no demographic. That is, unless that demographic includes everyone who loves music. For some reason the BBC believes that all tastes, other than classical music (Radio 3 is untouchable regardless of...
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Shiny Discs  Posted on 03/01/2010
Part of the pleasure of 12" BVDs - Black Vinyl Discs - is the scale of the artwork. CDs never really could compete in this aspect of the pleasure of owning a minor work of art in a gatefold. I mean, have you ever tried to read some of...
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HiFi : Source III : Home Music Server  Posted on 02/21/2010
The third source element in my music system is the digital music server.In a nutshell, all my music files are held elsewhere on my home network. Music is accessed via a laptop computer and the digital stream is fed out through a DAC to the...
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HiFi : Source II : Digital Disc  Posted on 02/21/2010
This article sets the digital disc playback into the scheme of things.So far I haven't explored the world of BluRay and other exotic disc systems, and at this stage I'm unlikely to given the success I'm starting to have with...
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HiFi : Source I : Turntable  Posted on 02/21/2010
I've covered the setting up of my turntable previously. This article is to put the turntable in context in my set up.The analogue trail consists of three elements:Cartridge: Ortofon 2M RedTurntable/arm combination: Pro-Ject Classic...
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Been Around World : Phonostage Visitors  Posted on 02/17/2010
I kept this list in the sidebar, but it's become unwieldy so here it is for the last time.Africa: Egypt : RSA : Johannesburg, Parow, Pretoria Asia: Hongkong : India : Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New...
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Pro-Ject Cherry Classic | Ortofon 2M Red  Posted on 02/17/2010
So far the Pro-Ject Cherry Classic turntable with its original Ortofon 510 cartridge have served well. But tucked away in a box somewhere around here has been an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Not a major expense, very cheap even by US hifi...
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