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My Father Disowned Me  Posted on 11/10/2013
I’m back after having taken off for a couple of months to make some legit money in the real world. It was a short contract with a U.S. military agency. I’m  still alive. Meantime, I had to quit squatting and …...
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I don’t believe this, I’m allergic to..  Posted on 07/04/2013
Jackfruit. A beloved fruit since my childhood in Thailand turns out to be a forbidden eat. Asian and ethnic food stores in the U.S. carry it subject to seasonal availability. Florida, for example, is now in summer experiencing afternoon...
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Morning Naps for Healthy Adults  Posted on 06/25/2013
I am a slacker taking a nap once or twice each week. Today is no different. It began with a morning nap after my two-mile walk around the neighborhood. The temperature started off in the low 70’s and crept up … Continue reading...
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Funny and Not-So-Funny Things about Ketu (and Rahu)  Posted on 05/27/2013
It may not be clear to you from the picture above. Here’s another depiction of traffic craziness and lawlessness. And our driver’s inexperience. My Ketu almost got me killed twice during these seven years. I can only speak for...
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A Yokee in Canada  Posted on 03/07/2013
“There are no such restaurateurs in Quebec or Montreal as there are in Boston. I hunted an hour or two in vain in this town to find one, till I lost my appetite. “ … “Have you any pies or … Continue reading...
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Ketu’s Refuge  Posted on 11/29/2012
What’s Ketu? In Thai, it’s Ket or เกตุ (pronounced without the vowel u). I stumbled onto the astrology aspect of Buddhism and Hinduism upon close perusal of the two religions, in addition to Vedic Yoga and...
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Buddhist Lent August-October 2012  Posted on 10/17/2012
After spending my summer traveling with Buddhist monks in India and Thailand, I came back to the States to observe my 3-month Buddhist Lent at the beginning of August. The Lent will conclude the last week of October. If your …...
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Thailand’s Roti and the Like  Posted on 09/09/2012
Roti? That’s an Indian flat bread you may think. You’re almost right. In Thailand where South Asian diasporas have lived throughout the kingdom for generations, roti, among many other dishes, is prepared to suit Thais’...
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Fun Ceremony at a Thai Buddhist Monk Ordination  Posted on 06/25/2012
I recently attended a Buddhist monk ordination in Nakornsawan province in Central-Northern Thailand. The two young brothers decided to become Buddhist monks to mark and celebrate their grandmother’s 70th birthday. In a typical...
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Maryland  Posted on 05/24/2012
I went to a Maryland suburb to visit a relative earlier this month. Downtown Silver Spring has changed so much since I lived there almost twenty some years ago. More revitalizations and more energy. New apartments and condos have replaced...
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