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Cutty Sark, the ship turned museum  Posted on 09/29/2015
What is Cutty Sark? Cutty Sark is the name of a whisky, or a pub, or a hotel, or a legend. However, the original Cutty Sark was a tea clipper. What is a clipper? A very fast sailing ship. Cutty Sark was a cargo ship from 1869 to 1922....
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Toulouse, the ville rose  Posted on 09/21/2015
Toulouse is known as la ville rose for the pink bricks used to build the oldest buildings. It also has a large student population thanks to its many universities and colleges. I would call Toulouse la ville rose for the young. Toulouse...
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Via Janelli’s medieval homes in Cortona  Posted on 09/14/2015
Cortona dates back to the Etruscans, who left traces of their civilizations. Just like it happened all around Italy, then came the Romans and so on and so forth. A well-known street in Cortona is Via Janelli. It is famous for its medieval...
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Dinan, a Breton gem  Posted on 09/09/2015
Dinan is a walled town located in the department of Côtes-d’Armor, overlooking the River Rance, in the Brittany region. We visited Dinan during one of our incursions into France when we lived in Jersey. We took the ferry to...
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The lady on the plane  Posted on 09/01/2015
I make my way to seat 8 J on a new Boeing 788 from Buenos Aires to Dallas. Row 8 is all bulkhead seats. Mine is an aisle seat on the right hand side. I’m sharing the row with a middle-aged married couple. They look affluent. I take...
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Lucca  Posted on 08/30/2015
The city of Lucca is located in Northern Tuscany. Although it is surrounded by the lovely Tuscan hills, it is thankfully flat. This was good news for our feet. After traipsing and plodding our way through various hilltop towns in the area,...
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My Jersey – part II  Posted on 08/25/2015
This is part II of a memoir of the time we spent in Jersey, Channel Islands. This beautiful island is a hop,a skip and a jump from the coast of France in the English Channel. Read Part I here Walking is one of the best ways to know a...
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My Jersey – Part I  Posted on 08/20/2015
Jersey was a place I hardly knew anything about until my husband had to go there for work with me in tow. I didn’t know what to expect. We had previously lived in Argentina, where I am from originally, and in Dallas, Texas. This was...
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10 things to do in Buenos Aires  Posted on 08/15/2015
You’re in Buenos Aires now. Linger over coffee after your meal. There’s no rush. The waiter is not going to slap the check on the table while you’re still chewing on your food. This is also part of the meal and we call it...
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What to see in Volterra, Tuscany  Posted on 08/10/2015
Volterra. Velathri. Volaterrae. The area has appealed to settlers since the Neolithic Age for its advantageous location on top of a hill and natural resources. The Etruscans founded the town of Velathri on this hill and fortified it in the...
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