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Syntactical drift  Posted on 07/14/2013
I’ve been a bit coy about my area of academic expertise on the blog up to now, but here is where I half-out myself: I am a person who used to study syntax. M and I thought we were pretty … Continue reading →
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Porch culture  Posted on 06/28/2013
This post is dedicated to J, L and Z, our first and best guides through American culture, whose fine porch swing is pictured above.  There was a porch on the house where I grew up, in the north of England, … Continue reading...
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Cake  Posted on 06/20/2013
I’m feeling emotional today after saying our first goodbye. So this is by way of a consolatory post where I remind myself that all is not lost: we may be losing some friends, but we are returning to the land … Continue reading...
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Log cabins  Posted on 06/07/2013
With a few months left in America, we started in April to tick off (or check off, as people here say) some trips that we felt sure were essential to a full American experience. First up: the log cabin. To … Continue reading →
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Repatriation  Posted on 05/31/2013
It’s coming. Our time in America is almost over. I’ve booked our flights, I’ve got a job starting in September, and I even have a man coming to give me a quote for moving our personal effects (I love how … Continue...
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A mother’s curse: the horror of the toploader  Posted on 02/19/2013
American washing machines are terrible. Let me count the ways. 1) They are enormous. This means they are invariably located in the basement. If you live in an apartment, standard practice is that there is a laundry room for the …...
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Valentine’s Day: it’s all about the children  Posted on 02/14/2013
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure it was supposed to be Christmas that was all about the children. Valentine’s Day, surely, is about the following: making single people feel desolate; charging couples a mint to go out...
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The Superbowl… in food  Posted on 02/05/2013
Everything that I ever posted is now, more or less, a hazy memory. Such has been my neglect of the blog. But I don’t think I ever posted about the Superbowl, despite our friend J’s earnest efforts to explain American …...
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Adventures with a baby 3: Halloween  Posted on 10/31/2012
What do a pirate, a monkey, a giraffe, a ladybird, a peacock, Micky and Minnie Mouse and a lobster have in common? That’s right. They are not remotely scary. Here is how two innocent Brits managed to misunderstand American Halloween...
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  • richrichie
    richrichie 24 May 2014 22:48:05

    I love Chicago. Winters can be a bit hush .

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